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 America Town Meeting of the Air

2 MP3 CDs - 31 episodes

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"How Should Democracies Deal with Dictatorships"
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America Town Meeting of the Air

Each week from 1935 to 1956, over 1,000 groups met to listen to America's Town Meeting of the Air.  A forerunner of today's live talk shows, American's Town Meeting featured famous newsmakers, writers, poets, scientists, government officials and many more people who discussed current issues and other important topics.

America Town Meeting of the AirThe show was presented with a live audience from the New York City Town Hall and was sponsored by the League for Political Education. The live audience participated in the debates with the panelists, often contentiously. The panelists themselves often got into shouting matches, sometimes threatening to make it physical.

The purpose of the show was to get people thinking and get them interested in current events. The first show topic was "Which Way America? Communism, Fascism, Socialism or Democracy?" . Other topics discussed included whether the US should enter World War 2, is there truly freedom of the press in the US and many more controversial and informative topics.

The show was moderated by George V. Denny, Jr. who was the executive director of the League. He encouraged the loud audience participation and debate. What he wanted more than anything was for people to keep an open mind about the issues. However, he sometimes encountered audience members who would only wanted to criticize and not listen to other views instead of participate in a true debate on the pros and cons of the topic.

See also: University of Chicago Roundtable, CBS World News Today, Democracy in America, Speaking of Liberty and Living in an Atomic Age with philosopher, Sir Bertrand Russel, and I Can Hear it Now (Edward R. Murrow).

America's Town Meeting

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 16 shows - total playtime 14 hours 53 minutes

ATHMoA 350614 Will Demands Of Organized Labor Promote Recovery
ATHMoA 351205 Has New Deal Promoted Or Retarded Business Recovery
ATHMoA 351212 Personal Liberty & Modern State
ATHMoA 351219 Should We Plan For Social Security
ATHMoA 360319 Supreme Court & Constitution
ATHMoA 360402 Will Unionization Promote Industrial Recovery
ATHMoA 360416 Will Machine Dominate Man
ATHMoA 361105 Public Opinion & Town Meeting Idea
ATHMoA 361126 What Does Public Want In Music
ATHMoA 380203 What Does Democracy Mean
ATHMoA 381201 Is An Economic Plan For World Peace Available
ATHMoA 381208 How Should Democracies Deal With Dictatorships
ATHMoA 390112 Do We Have A Free Press
ATHMoA 390216 Reinhold Niebuhr On Progress In Technology & Morality Excerpt
ATHMoA 390302 Are Schools Doing Their Job
ATHMoA 391019 Real Issues In European War

Volume 2: 22 shows - total playtime 15 hours 10 minutes

ATHMoA 391116 Should We Ignore Racial Differences
ATHMoA 391123 What Does American Democracy Mean To Me Excerpt
ATHMoA 391207 Can Business & Government Work Together Today
ATHMoA 400118 Does America Need Compulsory Health Insurance
ATHMoA 400125 Should Presidents National Defense Program Be Adopted
ATHMoA 400307 What Should America Do For Joads
ATHMoA 400411 Essential Differences Between Republican & Democratic Parties
ATHMoA 401212 We Preparing To Defend
ATHMoA 401226 Youths Role In Defense Of Democracy
ATHMoA 411113 What Kind Of Peace Must We Have Clip
ATHMoA 460117 What Does Returning Gi Expect At Home Excerpt
ATHMoA 461024 Earl Browder On Relationship Between Communists & Organized Labor Excerpt
ATHMoA 461031 Should US Open Its Doors To Displaced Persons Now
ATHMoA 470403 Should Communist Party Be Outlawed In Us Partial
ATHMoA 470410 Do We Really Elect Our Own President First Quarter Only
ATHMoA 470923 Should We Accept New Fashions For Women
ATHMoA 471007 What Can We Do To Improve Race & Religious Relationships In America
ATHMoA 480323 Should Presidents Civil Rights Program Be Adopted
ATHMoA 480622 Are You Preparing To Grow Old Successfully
ATHMoA 490607 Lemuel Boulware On Profit Sharing Excerpt
ATHMoA 491220 Will A $100 Pension Provide Real Security
ATHMoA 520527 Who Are Troublemakers In Our Democracy Incomplete



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