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Top Selling Old Time Radio - How Many Do You Have?

Old time radio shows are not only enjoyable but also highly collectible and valuable heirlooms to preserve history. If you are new to old time radio or you're a long time collector, there are radio shows that are an important and dynamic part of radio history that belong in your radio listening library.

These shows are the jewels in the crown of radio history and would make a perfect gift. Pass these collections onto your kids to continue the appreciation of American broadcasting.

Johnny Dollar CBSRMT Gunsmoke Jack Benny

Johnny Dollar
"The freelance investigator with the action-packed expense account" was one of the best and final old time radio detective series of the golden age of radio.

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
Created after the Golden Age of Radio, this popular and long-standing mystery radio program includes almost 1400 episodes.

This series is considered by many to be the greatest classic radio show of all time. William Conrad is Matt Dillon in this classic western old time radio show.

Jack Benny
Everyone's favorite penny pinching miser with more laughs and better quality sound.

Lux Radio Jack Webb Dragnet Suspense Fibber McGee and Molly

Lux Radio Theater
Featuring the greatest Hollywood stars doing one-hour versions of their biggest motion pictures.

The series covered crimes ranging from check fraud, petty theft, and bunko detail to more sensational topics like murder, drug abuse, and taboo topics. With a semi-documentary style, realism would be the show's feature.

Suspense is the premier mystery-horror radio show with top name talent!

Fibber McGee and Molly
Laugh with Jim and Marian Jordan as Fibber McGee and Molly in this classic radio sit-com.

FDR Bob Hope Superman Escape

FDR Fireside Chats
With his Fireside Chats, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt used the power of radio to speak directly and intimately to the American people through some of the darkest periods of the Nation's history.

Bob Hope Collection
Bob Hope is one of the best loved entertainers of all time and was in the business for a very long time. Bob never forgot that he was there for the audience, not the other way around, especially when it came to the G.I.s.

The Adventures of Superman
From 1939 right up into the atomic 1950's, Superman was on call in Metropolis. He fought the good fight through WWII, facing Nazi spies and Japan-based spies and saboteurs and he uncovered run-of-the-lab evil-genius types.

A sister show to the classic Suspense, Escape drew upon great tales from literature to take listeners away from the everyday world.

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