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Soft-Boiled Detectives of Old Time Radio

Soft Boiled Detectives

During the 1930s and 1940s popularity of Hardboiled Detectives using realism and solving crime with fists, one-liner quips, and violence flourished. Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe, and Johnny Dollar all solved mysteries while taking a few checks to the chin and bonkin' to the noggin in the process. 

However, some listeners were interested in crime solving with a little less…ah-hem…blood and a little more brains.  Soft Boiled Detectives often discovered clues through their own wits, charm, and deductive reasoning skills. Often the audience solves the crime alongside the protagonist.

Soft Boiled
Softboiled Detectives
An OTRCAT Original collection, a soft boiled detective or classic detective uses more brain and less brawn to solve the most baffling of crimes.

The Adventures of The Saint (starring Vincent Price)

Vincent Price as The Saint would rather toss off a witty remark than engage in fisticuffs, but his suave charm nets as many pretty girls as any hardboiled dick. 


Nero Wolfe
The Adventures of Nero Wolfe
Nero Wolfe may have been one of the most eccentric detectives in fiction, but he was also one of the most effective.

Thin Man
Adventures of the Thin Man
This series follows an ex-detective, Nick Charles, and his sophisticated, glamorous, wealthy wife, Nora Charles, on their escapades to unravel mystery where ever it may lie by sleuthing and solving murders; billed the "happiest married couple in radio."

Abbots Ad
Adventures of the Abbotts
The Adventures of the Abbotts stars Claudia Morgan and Les Damon as the husband and wife detective team, Jean and Pat Abbott. In each episode, Jean helps her husband, a well-renowned San Franciscan private eye, to solve yet another mystery. 

Nick Carter
Nick Carter, Master Detective
Look Smart, Patsy! Detective Nick Carter now has better audio and additional episodes! 

Hercule Poirot
Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot
Hercule Poirot is the greatest detective ever? Certainly a gripping favorite from Agatha Christie!

Fat Man
The Fat Man
Although he is a product of pulp-writer Dashiel Hammett, it is hard to say whether The Fat Man is a hardboiled or softboiled detective. Either way, his stories make for some delicious mysteries.

Looking for More
Searching for more? 
Want more detective old time radio shows?

Grab your magnifying glass and sleuth hat, because it's time to sniff out a slew of
slippery stories of crime, detectivity, and atomic espionage! 

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