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Scariest Old Time Radio Shows

Sometimes the scariest fright is what you cannot see, but only hear. Radio was known as the theater of the mind because your imagination adds a sprinkle of heebie-jeebies to every spooky tale.

Lights Out Suspense Quiet Please
Lights Out
Pull the sheets over your head and hide! There was plenty of gore and strangeness on Wyllis Cooper's Lights Out, and it got even stranger when Arch Oboler took over.
Suspense is the premier mystery-horror radio show with top name talent!
Quiet, Please!
Combine one of radio's most creative writers with the talents of a single actor and a late night time slot, and you have the ingredients for the deliciously creepy Quiet, Please.

Escape Whistler Inner Sanctum
A sister show to the classic Suspense, Escape drew upon great tales from literature to take listeners away from the everyday world.

The Whistler
The Whistler broadcasts are tales of mystery and terror, begun each week with the signature echoing footsteps and haunting whistled theme.

Inner Sanctum
The original creaking door horror anthology with jocular and sarcastic host, Raymond. "Pleasant Dreeeeeams, hmm?"


Creepiest Old Time Radio
Turn the lights down low and sit as close as you can to your sweetheart when this spookiest, scariest collection plays!

Pleasant dreeeeeeeams and happy listening!

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