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Each CD contains presumed PUBLIC DOMAIN old time radio shows. If you are the current copyright holder of a specific recording on the website you believe to not be in PUBLIC DOMAIN, please notify OTRCAT and the series will promptly be removed from the website. OTRCAT will not knowingly offer copyrighted material.

OTRCAT does not offer these public domain old time radio shows for sale nor does it claim any ownership; proceeds received are not in any way a payment for the programs themselves, but are for the service of delivery of these shows from the private collection.

Proceeds from the website offset the price of machinery, supplies, and growing old time radio collection; every month OTRCAT also sends out free CDs of old time radio shows to various low-income retirement homes, centers for the blind, and American field troops based in Iraq and Afghanistan in hopes they will enjoy the nostalgia of these classic radio recordings.

While the shows are public domain, the website and contents within are not, but are c 1999-2018 OTRCAT INC. All Rights Reserved. No portion of the copyrighted material, including but not limited to OTRCAT.com, the OTRCAT image, and any and all other information used, or contained within the OTRCAT.com site may be reproduced, distributed, sold or otherwise used without the express written consent of the copyright holder.