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Old Time Radio Memory: Bob Taylor: Remembering Jean Shepherd

Jean Shepherd once told me that his parents named him Jean to piss him off in later years and then he gave his great laugh.

I worked Jean several times on 2 meters on the KQ1L repeater in Buckfield Maine on 146.88. He had a summer place in Oakland Maine and I know he use to get away some times for the weekend.

Once I asked him what was happening today and he said he was going to sit in front of the hardware store and watch the prices on the wheel barrows change.

I talked to him when he was either going to the place he owned or coming for the weekend. Remembering those times I recall he had a dog, I use to hear it barking in the back ground.

He and another old radio and tv guy Joel Dulberg use to talk about people they knew in New York radio and tv of by gone days.

It was very interesting. I talked to Joel several times, he did sound on 60 minutes.

An old friend who runs the radio shack in Wolfeboro New Hampshire, Art Buckner Jr. told me about Joel so I listened for him and one day we all got in to an old rag chew, Joel, Jean and I. Art's father Art Buckner Sr. use to work for CBS in the 50s. It's to bad he doesn't get on the radio much.

-Bob Taylor, July 30, 1954

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When I was in high school in the early 60s I spent a good part of each night--instead of doing my homework--listening to Jean Shephard out of WOR in New York (Saturday nights from the Limelight.)


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