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Increase your Health by Listening to Old Time Radio Shows!

Prevention Magazine recently sited a study in which participants spent ten minutes twice a day recalling positive memories. After only one week, they reported having a greater sense of well-being and happiness and even improvements in their blood work tests. There are also a number of studies reporting the beneficial effects of music therapy for Alzheimer’s patients. Although there are no direct studies relating old time radio and memory, many customers testify that old time radio has a similar effect.

Customers often write about the positive effects of old time radio on a family member or friend with memory impairment. From anecdotal evidence it seems that old time radio helps those with Alzheimer’s disease or memory issues. Many Alzheimer’s patients are able to recall long-term memories and listening to old time radio helps them to access positive memories.

One customer reported that his mom with memory impairment was able to recall exact details from a Jack Benny episode—right down to the punch lines! Another customer said his aunt enjoyed the old time radio shows so much that the nursing staff asked if they could share the programs with the rest of the ward. The shows were enjoyed by many of the patients and even prompted a lively discussion. My great aunt also passed away from complications of Alzheimer’s disease, but she enjoyed listening to music and it was something she and her children could do together.

There are many friends and family members that would enjoy some old time radio comedies or musical happy time with you. Most of all people with memory impairment still need companionship and love.

Whether the shows bring back fond memories or you're creating new ones by sharing old time radio with younger folk, please visit OTRCAT.com today and enjoy an episode or two from the thousands of recordings available online for free. I would recommend positive comedy shows like Jack Benny, Bergen and McCarthy, Fibber McGee and Molly, and Phil Harris and Alice Faye.

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You are quite right. The old radio broadcasts are the most heart warming ! I shall look at your catalog again and see what I can find that I can afford. Keep your chin(s) up,!


This was a wonderful, heartfelt article.


My friend's dad has late-stage Alzheimer's Disease, and listening to OTR gets him to a place he really enjoys.


Thanks! This was very very interesting as I approach seventy.


Ah, you are doing wonderful work. I have your old Dragnet compilation -- bought it about five years ago, I think -- and will want to upgrade it.


I do prefer to listen online rather than purchase CD's I used to years ago. By the way, we used to live in Lenexa.


Fantastic. I'm very excited about both having this to offer to our nursing homes and to help you get the word out so that others might benefit.


OTR has become part of my morning and evening. Switching off the tv has "liberated" me. And just before bedtime, it relaxes me. I'm an even bigger fan now, than I was in the Fifties.


This reminds me of how otr helped me as a clinical social worker with my my patients. in 1986 I was working as the primary therapist for a community mental heath agency providing services to the Private proprietary homes for adults on Staten Island NY These adult homes were homes for frail elderly and discharged chronic long term psychiatric patients who had been hospitalized for many many years. They were socially isolated and I was tasked to involve them in group therapy activities. I loved OTR and started collecting Gunsmoke, and other radio programs primarily for my 7 year old son and to listen to in the car driving upstate to our weekend home. There were few options available before computers and discs, so I went to the Library which had media collections - transcriptions of radio programs on LPs., and combed the tape series I would find in the Wiz and other record stores. I would tape the shows, and draw my own cover art and I began to bring them in to the homes for groups of seniors to listen to for a half an hour then have a discussion for a half an hour. I was remarkable to hear these isolated and solitary folks began to speak with each other and tell stories of their youth and listening experiences. Some recalled the episodes I played from their original airing. Today I put my ear buds in , and play Johnny Dollar, Racket Squad and Marlow at night to fight insomnia and lull myself to sleep nightly ( except when I listen to Shep). I'm glad it is so easy to find these programs from you today.


Learning that old-time songs and music are enabling Alzheimer's and other memory loss patients to "Come Alive" is delightful news! Preparing tailored playlists would certainly be a challenge, especially finding sources of recordings.


The "positive" you are talking about is ingrained in the very heart of old time radio! It is meant to inspire a "good vibration". The feeling is of great value and while I am to young to have "treasured memories". They are still a treasure to me to uncover!


I love my cd & mp3 we play them every night. I never found out what happen with my order so I purchase a lock mail box call the boss. I will be ordering just as soon as the new boss mail box is complete. thank you


My intention when I bought the musicals and variety shows is to make some for where my mother lives. She's in an old folks home and I thought too, that they would be benefical for them. As soon as I get my new computer and figure out how to put just two on a disc I will start taking some in. I like listening to detective shows while I walk on the treatmill. Thank you.


I believe in what you write about the value of music (and probably old radio-shows.) As I have never heard the shows before I use them as pure enjoyment. I have not had the time to really check out the shows.


My father enjoyed listening to the recordings near his passing. He often mentioned the programs to me. He especially enjoyed the ones about the gentleman that raised orchids.


Thank yu for the notes ! You are quite right. The old radio broadcasts are the most heart warming ! I shall look at your catalog again and see what I can find that I can afford.


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