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How to play old time radio shows with WinAmp

WinAmpAlthough Windows Media Player is the most widely used MP3 player, WinAmp is the by far the MP3 player of choice (and is a free download from WinAmp.com) for Windows computers.

Here is a step-by-step for playing the MP3 CDs in your with the program 'WinAmp' on your Windows PC computer (it's quite easy once you've done it once):

  1. Put in MP3 CD into the CDROM drive in your computer.
  2. Go to the lower left of your screen and choose: START MENU>PROGRAMS>WINAMP>WinAmp
  3. Once WinAmp window is open, make sure there is a window "WinAmp
    Playlist" open. If not, you can press control-W to open and close it.
  4. Inside the window "WinAmp Playlist," click the lower-left button, "ADD"
  5. Navigate to your CD drive (which is most likely in your D: drive) to do this you may have to go to the Desktop: My Computer: D:
  6. You should now see the contents of the disk - it may be just a single folder -- if so, open the folder and then inside the folder there should be a long list of .MP3 files
  7. Click on any MP3 file and click OPEN (or press control-A to select all files and then click OPEN)
  8. The file should now be listed in your playlist and just click the play button on the main WinAmp screen (it's the arrow > button of course!)
  9. The volume control is the slider bar just under the 'kps' and 'khz' text on the control window if you want to increase or decrease the volume

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