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How to load and play old time radio MP3s in my Sansa Disk Player

SansaMany listeners are familiar with transferring shows through Windows Media Player to their SANSA MP3 PLAYER, but this is not necessary as the OTRCAT MP3 CD has episodes already in MP3 format (no "ripping" is necessary, you can simply copy and paste the files through Windows to your player).

Here's a step by step procedure on how to transfer the radio shows from a OTRCAT MP3 CD to your SANSA MP3 PLAYER using a Windows PC computer:

  1. Plug the SansaPlayer into your computer (using the USB connector)
  2. Select "Open device to view files using Windows Explorer" on initial connection (If this doesn't appear automatically you may have to open My Computer > Your Sansa Player )
  3. Double click the Sansa player
  4. Double click the Music folder and leave this window open
  5. Insert the OTRCAT MP3 CD into your computer CD-Rom drive
  6. In Windows, locate the MP3 CD (which is typically your D: drive, but you may have to go to the My Computer > CD Drive)
  7. Select the MP3 episode files on the MP3 CD you'd like to transfer to your MP3 player
  8. Copy the MP3 episodes by selecting the menu Edit > Copy (or Control-C)
  9. In the previously opened Sansa Music window, now paste the MP3 files into your player by selecting the menu Edit > Paste (or control-V)

Once the transfer is complete your SansPlayer should now have all the episodes ready for away from the computer listening!

There are thousands of old time radio episodes at OTRCAT.com you can listen to online.


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