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How to Download .zip and play mp3 files on your iPad or iPhone iOS 9

Once you've purchased your old time radio download from OTRCAT.com, you can use your iPad (with iOS 9) to play the shows:
  1. Install iZip from the Apple Store
  2. Use a web browser to login to your account

  3. Click any yellow DOWNLOAD button to download the files to your iPad [the progress bar will compress the mp3 files into a single .zip file then download]
  4. Click 'Open in "iZip"' to open the zip-file in iZip
  5. Click "OK" in the dialog "Would you like to extract all files?"
  6. Then you will now see all the mp3 files from the zip-archive in the left panel of iZip.  Tap (click) on any mp3 file in the left panel, it will be played in the Audio Player.

Current Apple restrictions will not allow you to synch the mp3 files from a .zip file on your iPad to iTunes.  However you can download the .zip file to a computer then synch the mp3 from the computer to iTunes.

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