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What's cooking? Cooking Shows in Old Time Radio

In the Kitchen...
Old time radio shows featuring cooking, baking, and meal preparation were in high order during the height of the golden age of radio.

Cooking shows were a natural progression to try to capture the homemaker market, many of whom were at home all day taking care of the kids and the house. It was a natural progression to create female specific programming and cooking was just one piece of the programming pie.

Some of the shows are grouped under homemaking shows. Homemaking shows included a cooking element along with the housekeeping tips, child-rearing, and even laundry tips.

Some of the radio shows included recipes and meal plans. Try this meal presented on The Mary Lee Taylor Program on June 18, 1949 for example consists of braised round steak, fried potatoes and green beans, vegetable slaw, rolls and butter, vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, and coffee with milk and sugar. Yum!

We created a unique collection of Cooking Old Time Radio Shows sure to please anyone that likes to cook and loves to eat. This collection includes all surviving cooking programs including Betty Crocker, Martha Meade, The Mystery Chef, Mary Lee Taylor and some fun extras of Cooking themed episodes in programs such as Fibber McGee and Molly, Cavalcade of America, Burns and Allen, and so much more.

We hope you serve up some fine old time radio shows, cooked just right for your enjoyment.

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