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 Wyllis Cooper Collection

3 MP3 CDs - 135 episodes

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"Coffin in Studio B"
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Wyllis CooperWillis Cooper (who is the same person as Wyllis Cooper you sometimes see listed with the same biographical facts--he apparently traded the "i" for the "y" in 1940) is a peculiar and fascinating character in the history of American mass media.  He probably isn't as well known as a man of his talents should be, but he did leave behind a legacy of high-quality work which enjoyed a cult following.

Wyllis Cooper was the writer and creator of the quirky and spooky radio series Quiet Please and Lights Out.  He had a knack for puzzling, thought-provoking, disquieting stories of invisible creatures, hallucinations (of talking flowers, for one handy example) and other scary flights of the mind.

Wyllis Cooper's macabre imagination was bred in the heart of America--he grew up in a small Illinois town called Pekin.  From there it was one of the last places you'd expect a future horror/mystery writer to develop, the U.S. Cavalry.  Willis Cooper served in the Signal Corps in WWI, and upon returning stateside, made a very odd transition, the one to work as an advertising copy writer.  From there, a gentler switch to radio show Lights Outwriter.

In 1934, Wyillis Cooper went to the windy city and creating his howling, suspenseful show Lights Out.  The program aired at midnight and created a spare, haunting sound. It was also quite adventurous in terms of the brutal fates to which it subjected its characters.  They would boil in a ladle of steel or devoured by a giant amoeba. Cooper left the show in 1936, but it lived on.  In fact, the program actually used some of his old, unproduced scripts after he departed.  

He spent times on both coasts doing some screenwriting.  But in 1947, he dipped back into his earlier medium, radio, creating another horror and supernatural show, Quiet Please.  Like Lights Out, everything about it was quiet in a nearly menacing way.  Cooper's brilliant scripts were narrated by Earnest Chappel, a former game show announcer who affected a truly creepy demeanor with his dull, gravelly delivery.

The uncompromising nature of Cooper's commitment to mind-bending, truly affecting science fiction ensured that his programs would win over listeners and draw critical acclaim.

Cooper was born at the right time, developing as a writer in the days when sound effects and appeals to the sense of hearing were paramount, due to radio's dominance.  He did write for television and films, but we love him for his pioneering radio work, which you can now enjoy this comprehensive collection.

See also: Arch Oboler Collection.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 49 shows - total playtime 33 hours 58 minutes

Arthur Hopkins Playhouse 440510 04 C Philadelphia Story
Cloak Dagger 500730 10 Swastika On Windmill
Crime Club 470424 22 Topaz Flower
Lights Out 450721 Reunion After Death
Lights Out 450825 Man In Middle
Lights Out 460713 Coffin In Studio B
Lights Out 460720 Haunted Cell
Lights Out 460727 Battle Of Magicians
Lights Out 460803 Revenge Of India
Lights Out 460810 Ghost On Newsreel Negative
Lights Out 470716 Death Robbery
Quiet Please 470615 002 Ive Been Looking For You
Quiet Please 470622 003 We Were Here First
Quiet Please 470629 004 Ticket Taker
Quiet Please 470720 005 Cornelia
Quiet Please 470727 006 I Remember Tomorrow
Quiet Please 470803 007 Inquest
Quiet Please 470810 008 Bring Me To Life
Quiet Please 470910 014 How Are You, Pal
Quiet Please 471006 018 Not Enough Time
Quiet Please 471013 019 Camera Obscura
Quiet Please 471027 021 Dont Tell Me About Halloween
Quiet Please 471103 022 Take Me Out To Graveyard
Quiet Please 471110 023 Three
Quiet Please 471117 024 Kill Me Again
Quiet Please 471124 025 In Memory Of Bernadine
Quiet Please 471201 026 Come In, Eddie
Quiet Please 471208 027 Some People Dont Die
Quiet Please 471215 028 Little Fellow
Quiet Please 471229 030 Rain On New Years Eve
Quiet Please 480105 031 Little Visitor
Quiet Please 480112 032 Room Where Ghosts Live
Quiet Please 480119 033 Bakers Dozen
Quiet Please 480126 034 Green Light
Quiet Please 480202 035 Pathetic Fallacy
Quiet Please 480209 036 Red And White Guidon
Quiet Please 480216 037 Whence Came You
Quiet Please 480223 038 Wear Dead Mans Coat
Quiet Please 480301 039 Sketch For Screenplay
Quiet Please 480308 040 Never Send To Know
Quiet Please 480322 042 Night To Forget
Quiet Please 480405 044 I Always Marry Juliet
Quiet Please 480412 045 Twelve To Five
Quiet Please 480419 046 Clarissa
Quiet Please 480426 047 13 And 8
Quiet Please 480503 048 How Beautiful Upon Mountain
Quiet Please 480510 049 There Are Shadows Here
Quiet Please 480517 050 Gem Of Purest Ray
Quiet Please 480524 051 In House Where I Was Born

Volume 2: 50 shows - total playtime 23 hours 25 minutes

Quiet Please 480614 054 Not Responsible After 30 Years
Quiet Please 480628 055 Let Lillies Consider
Quiet Please 480705 056 Wahine Tahiti
Quiet Please 480719 057 As Long As I Live
Quiet Please 480726 058 Man Who Stole Planet
Quiet Please 480802 059 Its Later Then You Think
Quiet Please 480809 060 Thing On Fourble Board
Quiet Please 480816 061 Prestochangeo, Im Sure
Quiet Please 480823 062 3000 Words
Quiet Please 480906 064 Third Mans Story
Quiet Please 480913 065 Symphony In Minor
Quiet Please 480919 066 Anonymous
Quiet Please 480926 067 Light Lamp For Me
Quiet Please 481003 068 Meet John Smith, John
Quiet Please 481010 069 Beezers Cellar
Quiet Please 481017 070 And Jeannie Dreams Of Me
Quiet Please 481024 071 Good Ghost
Quiet Please 481031 072 Calling All Souls
Quiet Please 481107 073 Adam And Darkest Day
Quiet Please 481114 074 Evening And Morning
Quiet Please 481121 075 One For Book
Quiet Please 481128 076 My Son John
Quiet Please 481205 077 Very Unimportant Person
Quiet Please 481226 080 Berlin, 1945
Quiet Please 490102 081 Time Of Big Snow
Quiet Please 490109 082 Portrait Of Character
Quiet Please 490130 085 Northern Lights
Quiet Please 490206 086 Tap Heat, Bogdan
Quiet Please 490213 087 Valentine
Quiet Please 490220 088 Where Do You Get Your Ideas
Quiet Please 490227 089 If I Should Wake Before I Die
Quiet Please 490306 090 Man Who Knew Everything
Quiet Please 490313 091 Dark Rosaleen
Quiet Please 490320 092 Smell Of High Wines
Quiet Please 490327 093 Time To Be Born, And Time To Die
Quiet Please 490417 096 Shadow Of Wings
Quiet Please 490508 099 Other Side Of Stars
Quiet Please 490515 100 Little Morning
Quiet Please 490521 101 Oldest Man In World
Quiet Please 490528 102 In House Where I Was Born
Quiet Please 490604 103 Tanglefoot
Quiet Please 490611 104 Hat, Bed, And John J Catherine
Quiet Please 490618 105 Pavanne Of Girl With Flaxen Hair
Quiet Please 490625 106 Quiet Please
Whitehall 511118 Blitz Murder Case
Whitehall 511209 Murder Of Duncan Fraizer
Whitehall 511216 Man Who Murdered His Wife
Whitehall 511223 Heath Row Affair
Whitehall 520106 Murder Of Charles Brooks
Whitehall 520113 Cashmeer Is Murdered

Volume 3: 36 shows - total playtime 17 hours 53 minutes

Whitehall 520120 Donald Simes
Whitehall 520127 Murder Of Phillip Avery
Whitehall 520203 Peter Williams Case
Whitehall 520210 Arthur Freeman
Whitehall 520217 Late Mrs Harvey
Whitehall 520224 Murder Of Peter Aimery
Whitehall 520302 Murder Of Margaret Ashley
Whitehall 520309 Dr Dunken Allen
Whitehall 520316 Thomas Applebee
Whitehall 520323 Black Gladstone Bag
Whitehall 520330 Murder Of Bloody Belgium
Whitehall 520413 Fatal Bath
Whitehall 520420 Mrs Manerva Bannerman
Whitehall 520427 Francis Nichelson
Whitehall 520504 William George Greenley
Whitehall 520511 Marge Tate
Whitehall 520518 Sidney Wolf
Whitehall 520525 Maggie Roulinson
Whitehall 520601 Murder Of Winaford Hogg
Whitehall 520608 Strange Bonfire
Whitehall 520615 Homemade Handbag
Whitehall 520622 Murder Of Mrs Anna Battersbee
Whitehall 520629 Weed Eradication
Whitehall 520706 Murder Of Mr Sweet
Whitehall 520713 Anguish
Whitehall 520720 Unidentified Woman
Whitehall 520727 Magenta Blotting Pad
Whitehall 520803 Murder Of Morra Brady
Whitehall 520810 Missing Clarinet
Whitehall 520817 Dugal Henry
Whitehall 520824 Murder Of Lady Madge Johnson
Whitehall 520831 Madden Family
Whitehall 520907 Eaton Brothers
Whitehall 520914 Winchester Bottle 022322
Whitehall 520921 Inoperative Wireless
Whitehall 520928 Electric Torch



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