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 Vincent Price Collection

2 MP3 CDs - 120 episodes

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"Vincent Price on Suspense: Three Skeleton Key"
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Vincent Price

Anthology (1911 - 93)

Vincent Price on the radio, circa 1955When you associate the names "Elvira" and "AliceCooper," you would think that their peers would be a bunch of gothic ruffians. Would you be surprised if one of their peers was Vincent Price? Indeed, to some in the radio world, he was known for his suave persona, catching thugs and evildoers while having enough time to cuddle with the damsel. To others, he was the cause of many nightmares, on the silver screen and through the air waves.

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Vincent Leonard Price Junior., also known as Bink, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, to the owner of the National Candy Company, Vincent Price Senior. After graduating from Yale University with a Bachelor's Degree in Art History, now in his early 20s, he left the States and headed for Europe to attend Graduate School in Vienna at Courtauld Institute. It was in Vienna where Vincent was beckoned to the stage in order to play the Judge in "Chicago." From here, he appeared in the pre-Broadway smash "Victoria Regina" with Helen Hayes. The show was so successful that it was sent straight to Broadway. In 1938, Vincent headed west to Hollywood. Immediately, Vincent landed a role in "Service De Luxe." After many successful roles, his ultimate Hollywood fate would soon reach him.

Vincent Price Publicity PhotoVincent's breakthrough performance, and his calling role, came when the script for "the House of Wax," a low-budget horror flick, landed in his lap. After the movie's unexpected success, Price went on to star in many spine-tingling horror movies, such as "The House on Haunted Hill" (1958), "House of Usher"(1960), "Pit and the Pendulum" (1961), and "The Abominable Dr. Phibes"(1971).

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Vincent Price in top hat and bowtieIn 1983, Price's did the overture voice in Michael Jackson's famous song, "Thriller." Price was not limited to scary roles. In 1986, Price was cast as Professor Ratigan in Walt Disney Pictures "The Great Mouse Adventure," which he later went on to proclaim was his most favorite role of all time, mainly due to two original songs written exclusively for Price. He was also an avid gourmet chef, writing many Cookbooks on Culinary mastery. Vincent Price's final role was in 1990 where he played the gentle and kind inventor of "Edward Scissorhands." In the film, even though his frailty was very evident, he rose to the occasion, and delivered a great performance.

Disk 1 of this collection represents a collection of some of Price's unusual guest appearances and sound clips in a variety of old time radio shows from Bob and Ray to his great performances in Suspense. The second disk contains Vincent Price's star role in the well-known detective series, The Saint.

For more radio horror personalities, see also: Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, and Peter Lorre. For more brainy detectives, see also: Softboiled Detectives.

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Volume 1 - 58 shows - total playtime 22 hours 59 minutes

13th Juror
Thirteenth Juror 490423 What Happened John Wilkes Boothe

Bob & Ray

CBS Radio Workshop
CBS Radio Workshop 560406 11 Cinderella
CBS Radio Workshop 570421 62 Son of Man

Columbia Presents Corwin
Cpc 450717 Undecided Molecule

Command Performance
CP471130 353 Vincent Price Kay Starr Joan Davis

Duffy's Tavern
Duffy510126 Actors Club at the Tavern-Vincent Price

Escape 108 500131 Present Tense
Escape 114 500317 Three Skeleton Key
Escape 129 500630 Bloodbath

Hollywood Star Playhouse
HSP 510205 042 Calculated Risk
HSP 510920 09 Hour of Truth

Hollywood Star Time
HST 460203 Shock

Jack Benny
JB490206 Don Signs a New Contract

Lux Radio Theater
lux440306 The Letter
lux450205 470 Laura
lux461007 Dragonwyck
lux470217 560 Devotion

Alice Cooper & Vincent Price - Black Widow
Alice Cooper Vincent Price-Theawake
Faust'O-Vincent Price
Vincent Price Boys
Vincent Price Interview
Vincent Price Mushrooms
Vincent Price Roastpork

Obsession Paranoia With Vincentprice

Philip Morris Playhouse
Philip Morris Plyhs 022549 Leonas Room

Rudy Vallee
Rudy Vallee 380414 Maurice Evans

Screen Guild Theater
Sgp 450423 242 Flesh And The Fantasy
Sgp 460401 On Borrowed Time
Sgp 501005 475 Champaign For Ceasar

Sealtest Village Store
Sealtest 470320 Village Store

Stars Over Hollywood
Stars Over Hollywood 501230 06 Continental Cowboy

Spns067 431123 Death Of Charles Umberstein Vint Price
Spns094 440601 Fugue In C Minor Vincent Price
Spns210 460912 Hunting Trip
Spns317 481202 Hands Of Mr Ottermole
Spns688 570303 Present Tense
Spns702 570609 Green And Gold String Vincent Price
Spns724 571110 Pit & The Pendulum
Spns753 580601 Rave Notice Vincent Price
Spns773 581018 Three Skeleton Key Vincent Price
Spns811 590719 Occurence At Owl Creek Bridge

The Croupier
Croupier 490921 The Roman

Theater of Romance
Theater of Romance 451009 067 Angel Street

Treasury Star Theater
Treasury Star 072 with Vincent Price
Treasury Star 081 with Vincent Price

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar
YTJD 580202 574 The Price of Fame Matter

Volume 2 - 62 shows - total playtime 28 hours 29 minutes

Saint 471015 Mr Important
Saint 471029 Mr Richie's Loss
Saint 471217 Saint Goes Underground
Saint 480303 Case of Unhappy Homocide
Saint 480526 Case of Blond Who Lost Her Head
Saint 490731 Conley Silver Mine
Saint 490814 Old Man's Car
Saint 490918 Color-Blind Killer
Saint 491106 Unhappy Homocide
Saint 491107 Prove I Did It
Saint 491113 Fake Amnesia Killer
Saint 491225 Nineteen Santa Clauses
Saint 500000 Real Gone Guy
Saint 500108 Cake That Killed
Saint 500122 Case of Lonesome Slab
Saint 500611 Sinister Sneeze
Saint 500618 Music Murder
Saint 500702 Search for a Killer
Saint 500709 Contract out on Saint
Saint 500716 Death of Saint
Saint 500723 Fighter's Contract
Saint 500730 Author of Murder
Saint 500806 Corpse Said Ouch
Saint 500813 Dossier on a Damsel
Saint 500827 Cupid and Corpse
Saint 500903 Baseball Murder
Saint 500910 Horrible Hamburger
Saint 500917 Ghost That Giggled
Saint 500924 Dossier on a Doggone Dog
Saint 501029 Wanted a Husband
Saint 501105 Kidnapped Daughter
Saint 501112 Return of Harry Morgan
Saint 501119 Plot in Prison
Saint 501126 Terrible Tintype
Saint 501203 Young Detective
Saint 501210 Monkey
Saint 501217 Fight
Saint 501224 Christmas Eve Problems
Saint 510107 Alive Dead Husband
Saint 510114 Actor
Saint 510121 Tuba
Saint 510204 Carnival
Saint 510211 Missing Bridegroom
Saint 510218 Noon Deadline
Saint 510225 Amnesia Victim
Saint 510304 Furniture Move
Saint 510311 Shipboard Mystery
Saint 510318 Bookstore Murder
Saint 510325 Intruder
Saint 510401 College Campus Threat
Saint 510408 Hawthorne House Mystery
Saint 510415 Mayor's Son
Saint 510422 Missing Gun
Saint 510429 Missing Husband
Saint 510520 Red Rose
Saint 510527 Military Instructor
Saint 510603 Train
Saint 510624 Peter Great
Saint 510701 Cowboy
Saint 510708 Missing Angel
Saint 510715 Nursemaid
Saint xxxxxx Diamonds in Cake


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