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 Time Out with Allen Prescott

1 MP3 CD - 9 episodes


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This program from the 1940's, Allen Prescott introduced music and a "valuable" lesson from life to the radio listening audience. If Felix Knight was not sending hearts over the top with his croons or the Novatones bringing the light music to the forefront, then Mr. Prescott had words of wisdom for America. These programs were not meant to be in depth discussions with the political leaders or celebrities of the day, nor were they breakfast soaps that followed Aunt Jane dishing the latest gossip with the neighbor over the hedge. These short and easy going montages were simply there to allow you to have a break in the day while being serenaded to and learn something new in the way of trivia. The insight by Allen prescott was not academic level science, but rather cracker-barrel gab that made its way over the airwaves.

Allen Prescott Time Out Old Time Radio ShowIn "Fireplaces" (10-15-45): Along with the latest tunes, Allen Prescott shares with the listener about how to create a good fire in the fireplace. Uncle John would tell you that you had to have a good back log to create a strong fire. Nice Nellie would create paper fans to help build a fire, but refused to light it because it looks so good. These type of folks are examples that Allen likes to explain the personalities that make a fire, or in some cases do not. His argument is that some people build their fires without concern to proper procedure, but even go to lengths to not develop a proper fire...so you simply look upon it. The Novatones come in with "Drums in my Heart". This melody brings you to your feet to want to dance...but Prescott chimes in that “Time Out” is over. So, do you have the wherewithal to make a proper pleasing fire for your hole in the wall? If not...maybe you better listen to this program again.

In "Girls Who Run True to Form" (10-22-45) Felix Knight's velvet throat sings "Moonlight on the Ganges." Oh how the ladies must wish they were in India as they hear him warble out his tunes. Then Ted Steel and the Novatones bring you "Noah" in their instrumental harmony. The music just keeps popping along bringing you to that festive mood after a hard day at the 'Five and Dime''. Allen Prescott got a 'telephone' call and seems to be entranced by good news of Time Out. "Juanita" seems to be a particular favorite of Felix as he echos her name into the night. Once again Allen opens up his handbag of airwave wisdom and started to delve into the world of 'girls'. Sadie is a girdle puller-downer. She pulls down on each side to be balanced. The collar fusser will play with her collar constantly. Allen loves to portray stereotypes of all types of the feminine persuasion...creating personalities from their clothing manipulations. His comedy could raise a hoot and a holler across the country.(Except for the Berthas and Sadies that plan the immediate termination of the host.)

These examples of some of the shows of Time Out serve to remind us that nothing or no one was safe from being the subject of Allen Prescott.  After your 15 minutes with his music and wisdom, you were refreshed for a new day. That was a good Time Out.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

9 shows - total playtime 2 hours 8 minutes

Time Out 451015 013 Fireplaces
Time Out 451022 014 Girls Who Run True To Form
Time Out 451126 019 What Every Young Girl Should Know
Time Out 451224 020 Looking For Keys
Time Out 460000 001 Youre One
Time Out 460000 002 Music To Sleep On
Time Out 460000 013 All Of South Is Wonderful
Time Out 460000 014 People Like You
Time Out 460114 023 House Cleaning



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