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 Thirty-Three Half Moon (33 Half Moon)

1 MP3 CD - 45 episodes


"Green for Danger"
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33 Half Moon came out of South Africa and was a radio sensation in its day. “Assignments Unlimited” was the name of the PI firm in this airwaves success. The Chief Investigator, Aubrey Mason, guaranteed successful completion of all cases...which was a tall order since most their cases were the uncommon. The voice of Mason was Michael Todd, an extremely popular actor in South Africa. During its run in 1965-66, the show was written by Adrian Steed and then Douglas Laws. The private investigation office was at 33 Half Moon Street.

Parson’s Pride (5-6-65)
The theme music opened up with a feel of Sam Spadesque resonance. Aubrey Mason began to narrate the dossier of Parson’s Pride. His description of the new client, Mrs. Angela Parsons, was like listening to an Emcee describing the latest runway walk-on for a beauty pageant. Mrs. Parsons entered and began to describe the loss of a diamond earring. While at a local restaurant, she lost it into an air duct and finds that it is currently inaccessible in its present position in the venting. This  is where Mason comes in...Mrs. Parson’s asks Mason to retrieve what the restaurant staff and vent experts refuse to aid her in. What the PI doesn’t know is that he has not been given quite the whole...or true story.

A Bag of Coal for Mr. Lazenby (6-10-65)
What is this about Mr. Lazenby that seems so curious? Mr Lazenby visits Mason and is seeking
Lorie drivers to deliver coal for his manufacturing business. He mentions that his lories have been involved in recent accidents, causing his business to suffer by not having coal delivered.Lazenby wants Mason’s man to drive a coal lorie to Lazenby...1965 Radioand find out what is happening to his business. mason gets his man Cannon to handle the job. However, the job has a bit more to it than what  Lazenby first lets on.

Green for Danger (8-26-65)
Marge Willis enters Assignments Unlimited making a rather mousy impression upon Aubrey Mason. She reflects that her husband got run over by a lorie and is out of commission for a while and she needs someone to impersonate her old man. Apparently Mr. Willis is involved in the  vendor business and Cannon is assigned to handle a marketing cart. It isn’t quite the project Cannon would have sought after, but he does it. Boy, does he do it.

33 Half Moon AIRED for a couple of years and gained a fan base that stayed loyal. Aubrey Mason was hard-pressed to turn down any assignment...no matter how out of the box it may seem to be. Want something done...head over to 33 Half Moon Street.

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

45 recordings - total playtime 18 hours 4 minutes

33 Half Moon Street 650506 01 Parsons Pride
33 Half Moon Street 650520 02 Chips For Fish Monger
33 Half Moon Street 650527 03 A Kitten For Mr Katz
33 Half Moon Street 650603 04 King And Cauliflower Ear
33 Half Moon Street 650610 05 A Bag Of Coal For Mr Lazenby
33 Half Moon Street 650617 06 A Blackjack For A Black Leg
33 Half Moon Street 650624 07 Swan Song For Mr Singh
33 Half Moon Street 650701 08 Saved By Gong
33 Half Moon Street 650708 09 Bannon And Bogey Cat
33 Half Moon Street 650729 10 Hemp For Hangman
33 Half Moon Street 650805 11 Moon And A Million
33 Half Moon Street 650812 12 Confidential Cargo
33 Half Moon Street 650819 13 A Widow In Black
33 Half Moon Street 650826 14 Green For Danger
33 Half Moon Street 650902 15 Man Who Thought Too Much
33 Half Moon Street 650909 16 Dive Deep For Death
33 Half Moon Street 650916 17 Reluctant Camel
33 Half Moon Street 650923 18 Two Sides To Shamrock
33 Half Moon Street 650930 19 Short Term Ghost
33 Half Moon Street 651007 20 Food For Dragon
33 Half Moon Street 651014 21 One Is A Litter
33 Half Moon Street 651019 22 Requiem For A Rat
33 Half Moon Street 651026 23 Death Of A Lifer
33 Half Moon Street 651102 24 Shannon And Show Boat
33 Half Moon Street 651109 25 No Bells For Bride
33 Half Moon Street 651116 26 A Toll For Ringer
33 Half Moon Street 651123 27 Climb To Depths
33 Half Moon Street 651130 28 Triple Crossed
33 Half Moon Street 651207 29 A Room To View
33 Half Moon Street 651214 30 Overture For An Overcoat
33 Half Moon Street 660104 33 Seal Of Dorian
33 Half Moon Street 660111 34 Sammy Brodies Magnum Opus
33 Half Moon Street 660118 35 Butcher Who Got Chop
33 Half Moon Street 660125 36 Receiver Of Death
33 Half Moon Street 660201 37 No Money For Honey
33 Half Moon Street 660208 38 Temporary Husband
33 Half Moon Street 660215 39 Killer Killed Twice
33 Half Moon Street 660222 40 Brass For Broker
33 Half Moon Street 660301 41 Lively Spirit
33 Half Moon Street 660308 42 House That Seamus Built
33 Half Moon Street 660315 43 Norse Opera
33 Half Moon Street 660322 44 Ring Of Roses
33 Half Moon Street 660329 45 Girl In Ascot Hat
33 Half Moon Street 660405 46 Three For Omnibus
33 Half Moon Street 660412 47 Curse Of Silver Charlie



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