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 Texaco Town

2 MP3 CDs - 78 episodes

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Vaudevillians found a natural home on Radio: Jim and Marian Jordan (Fibber McGee and Molly), Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Fred Allen, and Ed Wynn, just to name a few. Even this list of big Radio names can't begin to compare with the showbiz success.

Denna Durbin Texaco TownEd Wynn had become an "Over-Night" Radio star on The Fire-Chief in 1932, however his personal life and popularity began to implode by 1935. To replace their failing star and preserve their Tuesday evening slot, the Oil Company adopted a serialization of a Broadway extravaganza, Jumbo. The show was performed at the Hippodrome in New York City, and featured the elephant nightly placing his foot on Jimmy Durante's head (Jimmy Durante and Eddie were long time friends, having met in 1910, while Durante was a honky-tonk piano player and Eddie a singing waiter). Two weeks before the curtain went up, the serialized version came to the radio as The Jumbo Fire-Chief Program. The Broadway production of Jumbo folded after just 233 performances. On the radio the program became The Fire-Chief Concert with the same cast and orchestra (less Durante and the elephant). The radio show was dedicated weekly to a different location, with Texaco's home state of Texas saved for last. The Fire Chief Concert would eventually transform into The Texaco Star Theatre, musical variety shows with different hosts, eventually becoming vehicle for Fred Allen, and laterMilton Berle on television.

In the mean time the Jumbo cast was coming to the end of its usefulness was able to fill the bill. The show got a new orchestra, but kept Jimmy Wallington, who was the announcer since the Chase-Sanborn days. Another regular that came to the new show from the old was the garbled Greek of Harry Einstein's "Parkyakarkus" ('Park your Carcus,' or "Sit Down!")

Additions to the new show's company were child stars Bobby Breen and Deanna Durbin. Breen was born Nov 4, 1927, making him almost nine ; his voice and professionalism were far beyond his years, however.He played the part of Eddie's son, and in the tradition of Junior sidekicks, usually got the best of Eddie before launching into his song. Deanna Durbin came to the attention of Universal Studio's exec Rufus LeMaire. He felt that radio exposure would help Deanna's first movie Three Smart Girls. Eddie was impressed with her singing, but only agreed to put her on the premier of Texaco Town after LeMaire offered to pay her fees. She became a regular after listeners sent in more than 4,000 letters asking to hear the young girl with the operatic voice sing again. Her young age, the demands of her movie career, and the need to travel coast to coast for the broadcasts were an incredible burden on the young talent, but she remained good friends with Eddie and his family, and has had a long and successful movie and singing career. Durbin has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1722 Vine St, but does her best to avoid the spotlight these days.

Texaco Town is filled with the zaniness that the Variety Shows of former Vaudeville players are known for. Eddie adopted the plastic fireman's helmet used by Ed Wynn. The Texaco association would run until March 23, 1938. Eddie then moved on to Camel Cigarettes. In the fall Texaco Star Theater would have Adolph Menjou and John Barrymore as stars.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 39 shows - total playtime 19 hours 17 minutes

Texaco Town 360920 01 First Show
Texaco Town 360927 02 Radio Station Broadcast
Texaco Town 361004 03 Advertising
Texaco Town 361011 04 Missing Radio Show
Texaco Town 361018 05 Putting Texaco On Map
Texaco Town 361025 06 Female Elephant
Texaco Town 361101 07 Bobby Wants A Raise
Texaco Town 361108 08 Football
Texaco Town 361115 09 From New York Hippodrome
Texaco Town 361122 10 Script Is Stolen
Texaco Town 361129 11 Script Is Found
Texaco Town 361206 12 Guest Leslie Howard
Texaco Town 361213 13 Cast Goes On Strike
Texaco Town 361220 14 Rehearsing For Texaco Town Follies
Texaco Town 361227 15 Texaco Town Follies Act 1
Texaco Town 370103 16 Texaco Town Follies Act 2
Texaco Town 370110 17 Oscar Is Still Missing
Texaco Town 370117 18 No Music For Program
Texaco Town 370124 19 Camille
Texaco Town 370131 20 Eddies Birthday
Texaco Town 370207 21 Gangsters Take Over Show
Texaco Town 370214 22 Hamlet
Texaco Town 370221 23 Balancing Budget
Texaco Town 370228 24 Government Radio Show
Texaco Town 370307 25 On Town In Hollywood
Texaco Town 370314 26 At Cocoanut Grove
Texaco Town 370321 27 Renards Parents Visit
Texaco Town 370328 28 Guest Igor Gorin
Texaco Town 370404 29 Man From Harvard
Texaco Town 370411 30 Casting Gone With Wind
Texaco Town 370418 31 Russian 99915 B
Texaco Town 370425 32 Wallington Wants To Quit Show
Texaco Town 370502 33 On A Picnic
Texaco Town 370509 34 How Eddie Met His Costars
Texaco Town 370516 35 Eddies Book On Marriage
Texaco Town 370523 36 Housetohouse Broadcast
Texaco Town 370530 37 Show Aired To England
Texaco Town 370606 38 Eddie Stanley Meets Cast
Texaco Town 370613 39 Saymore Goes For Pinky

Volume 2: 39 shows - total playtime 18 hours 23 minutes

Texaco Town 370620 40 Fathers Day
Texaco Town 370627 41 Love Bug
Texaco Town 370704 42 Saymore Wants To Marry Pinky
Texaco Town 370711 43 Breach Of Promise Suit 1 St Half Only
Texaco Town 370718 44 Bribing Judge
Texaco Town 370725 45 Case Goes To Court
Texaco Town 370801 46 Trial Continues
Texaco Town 370808 47 Case Is Closed
Texaco Town 370815 48 Rehearsing Shakespeare On Pinkys Ranch
Texaco Town 370822 49 Preparing To Return To Hollywood
Texaco Town 370829 50 Shakespeare In Hollywood
Texaco Town 370905 51 Pinky Inherits One Million Dollars
Texaco Town 370912 52 At Gold Mine
Texaco Town 370929 53 First Show Of New Season
Texaco Town 371006 54 Prisoner Of Zenda
Texaco Town 371013 55 Jimmy Gets Acting Fever
Texaco Town 371020 56 Eddie Starts A Movie Company
Texaco Town 371027 57 25 Years In Show Business
Texaco Town 371103 58 French Movie Star
Texaco Town 371110 59 Men Fall For Fifi
Texaco Town 371117 60 Shooting Picture
Texaco Town 371124 61 Pinky Falls For Fifi
Texaco Town 371201 62 Movie Opens
Texaco Town 371208 63 Palm Springs Property 1 St Half Only
Texaco Town 371215 64 Good Humor Water
Texaco Town 371222 65 At Eddies Palm Springs Sanitorium
Texaco Town 371229 66 Guests Dave Rubinoff Tony Martin
Texaco Town 380105 67 Listener Poll
Texaco Town 380112 68 Snow White
Texaco Town 380119 69 Eddie Buys A Race Horse From Pinky
Texaco Town 380126 70 Renard Rides Eddies Horse
Texaco Town 380202 71 Race Against Jack Bennys Maxwell
Texaco Town 380209 72 School For Radio
Texaco Town 380216 73 School For Radio
Texaco Town 380223 74 Mutiny On Bounty 2 Nd Half Only
Texaco Town 380302 75 A Day At Eddies Radio School
Texaco Town 380309 76 Guest Gloria Swanson
Texaco Town 380316 77 25 Years In Show Business Again!
Texaco Town 380323 78 Last Show Of Series



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