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 Telephones In Old Time Radio

4 MP3 CDs - 173 episodes

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Gracie Allen Answers Phones
Although the world may not have realized it at the time, the world got a lot smaller on Mar 10, 1876. On that day,  Alexander Graham Bell spoke the words “Watson come here! I want to see you!” into his invention, the telephone.

Phone lines and the voices that they carry bring people together from incredible distances. Yes, the dot-and-dash telegraph spanned the continent years before, but that did not carry the intimacy or immediacy of an actual human voice. What is even more significant is that the technology developed to make the telephone system dependable and universal was also the basis for the electronics revolution we take for granted today, including radio, TV, Cable TV, computers and the Internet. OTR fans should know that the very first “broadcast dramas” came into Paris homes in the 1890s over a device called the Theatrophone, basically a telephone line connecting the parlor to the local playhouse.

Although the voice on the line may be from a stranger trying to sell you something, or it could be the welcome voice of a lost loved one. However, there is always the possibility that the disembodied voice could be full of menace. This is a common device on Horror programs. One of the all time great radio plays is “Sorry, Wrong Number”. Agnes Moorehead shares her fright like no one else can in a story that could only take place with the old-fashioned party line telephones. On Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Raymond shares the tale of a disembodied voice calls a young woman and tells her that she will be dead within four hours.

On television's police procedural dramas, audiences cannot help but marvel at the way the cops are able to take advantage of the latest in cellular phone and GPS technology to get the bad guys. During the Golden Age of Radio, things were more difficult. Kids today may never never seen a phone booth, let alone understand how it could be used in police work. Sgt Joe Friday on Dragnet did have a radio in his car, but he also had to call into the station several times during each episode. Sometimes a crime is committed over the phone, like the night that Detective Danny Clover on Broadway is My Beat gets a call from a woman who is afraid that her husband will kill her, then hears him commit the foul deed and then takes his own life.

There is no reason to think that the telephone is always an instrument of bad news and despair. In the right hands,  it can be a lot of fun. Jack Benny and the gang have their own version of “Sorry, Wrong Number”, not to mention his regularly featured switchboard operators. Back to the law enforcement angle, when Jack lands in jail, his only hope is his one phone call, if only Jack will part with the dime!

Our man at 79 Wistful Vista may have said best when he proclaimed “I'm paying the use of that telephone, it ain't paying for me!” The phone was one of Fibber's favorite running gags when we got to hear one side of the conversation that began “Hello? Oh, it's you Mert...” Talking to the operator is a foreign concept in the day of speed dialers and cell phones, but she was pretty important to The Great Gildersleeve when he was expecting an important call after he was replaced as the water commissioner. Actually, there would have been no problem if The Great Man had not torn the wire from the wall in frustration over all the water commissioner calls he was receiving.

The telephone collection includes old time radio shows from all genres that will be sure to ring a bell.
Sorry Wrong Number with Agnes Moorehead

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 44 recordings - total playtime 16 hours 48 minutes

5 Min Chicago To Denver Line Telephone Circuits
Ask Dr Science Telephone Cords
Bb 480825 189 Robertson Poisons Wife Beverly Over Telephone
Behind Mike 401013 05 Sundown On Veldt
Behind Mike 401020 06 Radio Sneezing
Behind Mike 410323 27 Lee Deforrest Story
Big Jon And Sparky 019 Telephone Mix Up
Big Jon And Sparky 057 Sparkys Telephone Troubles
Big Sister 440607 Day After D Day
Big Story 501206193 DictionaryTelephone Line Lead To Killer
Bimb 500821 048 Tom & Alice Corey Suicide
Bimb 500821 048 Tom And Alice Corey Suicide Pact
Bob & Ray 590807 30 Wally Ballou And Family
Bob Burns 431230 New Years Eve Show
Boston Blackie 460122 Disappearing Body
Boston Blackie 460212 Congdon Ransom
Boston Blackie 470422 119 Millicent Bromley Kidnapped
Burns Allen 480219 25 Keeping George From Making Decisions
Casey 470220 E173 Twenty Minute Alibi
Cecil Sally 0095 Cecil Scares Sugarpie Up Telephone Pole
Chandu 321012 158 Yogi Warns Chandu
Chandu 481110 098 Call From Paris
Chandu 481201 113 Nadji Leaves
Chandu 481208 118 Phone Call From Robert
Chandu 481210 120 Gomez Spotted
Chandu 490121 150 Dinner Invitation
Chase 521102 23 Long Distance
Chesterfield Supper Club 491201 M. Amsterdam, G. Jessel V
Claudia 480305 115 Claudia And Telephone
Command Performance 420329 E005 George Jessel Connie Boswell
Confession 530906 10 George S Andress
Crime Does Not Pay 500508 31 Don't Write, Telephone
Destination Freedom 500702 E097 Kansas City Phone Call
Dragnet 490728 Big Missing
Dragnet 520214 E140 Big Phone Call
Eb & Zeb 321003 105 Eb & Zeb Phone Schultzenheimer For L
Eddie Cantor Its Time To Smile 410219 021 Dr M Sayle Taylor
Eleventh Hour One Hour To Midnight
Epic Casebook Inspector Carr Crossed Telephone Lines
Father Knows Best 540204 189 Telephone Mix Up
Fibber 391017 0218 Raking Leaves
Fibber 410107 0269 Hundred Dollar Bill
Fibber 450417 0436 Bank Statement
Fibber 471118 0528 Telephone Call

Volume 2: 39 recordings - total playtime 16 hours 37 minutes

Fibber 500411 0620 Running General Store
Fibber 530602 0736 Lost Cat Ad
Fibber 531209 0788 Missed Call
Fibber 531210 0789 Party Line Blocks Call
Fibber 540208 0831 Mcgees New Dial Phone
Fibber 540521 0904 Mcgees New Private Phone Book
Fibber 540919 0990 Your Three Minutes Are Up
Fibber 540927 0996 Fibbers Thwarted Phone Call
Fibber 560322 1381 Rerun Telephone Mystery
Ft 540203 356 Man Who Bought Phone Company
Ft 550223 409 Midnight
Ft 550518 421 Every Good Boy Does Fine
Gang Busters 550514 0891 Tapped Telehonewire Tap Gus Sickel
Great Gildrslv 441022 140 Important Phone Call
Hear It Now 510105 04 Fall Of Seoul Korea
Hollywood Star Playhouse 510702 063 Envelope
Hollywoods Open House 09 Telephone Call Constance Bennet
Honest Harold 510117 Going To New York
Hop Harrigan 470821 1274 Riddle Of Ghostly Avengers #16
Inner Sanctum 410107 001 Amazing Death Of Mrs Putnam
Inner Sanctum 441129 Voice On Wire
Inner Sanctum 450828 234 Dead Mans Deal
Inner Sanctum 470623 Over My Dead Body
Inner Sanctum 491017 Image Of Death
Inner Sanctum 520720 Listener
Iwcf 530729 67 Line Is Busy
Jack Benny 481017 665 Sorry Wrong Number
Jack Benny Program 360119 203 Jack And Johnny Are In Jail
Jack Benny Program 360209 206 Benny Of North West Mounted
Jack Benny Program 400121 358 Gladys Zybisco Is Discussed
Jack Benny Program 450513 551 Jack Is Going To San Francisco
Jack Benny Program 471005 624 Jack Back Sun Valley Vacation
Jack Benny Program 540516 886 Jack Date Undrgrnd Restaurant
Let George Do It 490314 Motif Is Murder
Life Of Riley 440213 005 Telephone Story
Lor 480117 184 Telephone Is Rationed Walking Man Contest
Luigi 490206 021 Telephone Company
Luigi 490227 024 Luigi Needs Drivers License
Telephone Conversation 690720 Apollo 11 Astronauts On Moon

Volume 3: 43 recordings - total playtime 21 hours 14 minutes

Luigi 490206 Luigi Receives Erroneous Phone Bill
Luigi 490227 Luigi Needs Drivers License
Luigi 491227 New Years Phone Call
Lux 410908 316 Tom Dick And Harry
Lux 450514 483 Alexander Graham Bell
Lux 500109 685 Sorry, Wrong Number
Mail Call 430630 044 George Jessel, Paulette Goddard
Mama Blooms Brood 340000 61 New Neighbors
Meet Meeks 480911 Telephone Party Line Trouble
Mr District Attorney 530405 035 Case Of Dead Reporter
Mr District Attorney 530426 038 Case Of Silent Killer
Mr Keen 500126 Telephone Book Murder
Mr Keen 500406 Murdered Detective
Mr Keen 510817 Poisoned Sandwich Murder Case
Murder At Midnight 470407 28 Line Is Dead
Nero Wolfe 400700 Last Laugh Murder Santos Ortega
Nick Carter 480912 357 Great Impersonation
Night Beat 500410 010 I Know Your Secret
Night Beat 500731 026 City At Your Fingertips
Our Miss Brooks 501015 101 Bookie
Philip Morris Playhouse 490513 Four Hours To Kill
Philo Vance 491129 073 Thundering Murder
Police Hq 17 Telephone Suicide
Proudly We Hail 521019 211 Operation Rescue
Proudly We Hail 530705 248 Cable Job
Quiet Please 480919 066 Anonymous
Radio City Playhouse 480703 A01 Long Distance
Radio City Playhouse 480823 A08 Long Distance
Radio Hall Of Fame 450107 058 Now And Then
Railroad Hour 520114 172 I Married An Angel
Ripleys Believe Not 420124 001 Empr Brazil Dev Telephone
Rochester Show 500218 Willie Johnsons Big Deal
Security Agent Usa 490901 Tom Bennett
Shadow Of Fu Manchu 390909 108 Midnite Meeting Great Pyramid
Stories American Sc 481213 Dial Phone Invented By Undertaker
Superman 451127 E0847 Atommaninmetropolis15
Superman 460405 1247 Story Of Century
Superman 461213 E1120 Phonysongpublishingcompany,the
Superman 470117 E1145 Phonyinheritanceracket,the11457
Suspense 481118 315 Sorry, Wrong Number 2787243s
Town Hall Tonight 360219 072 Fatal Shot
Town Hall Tonight 380622 073 Telephone Weddings
Truth Consequences 471116 Instructions For Milking Cow

Volume 4: 47 recordings - total playtime 18 hours 33 minutes

Suspense 430525 043 Alt Sorry, Wrong Number
Suspense 430525 043 Sorry, Wrong Number
Suspense 430821 054 Sorry, Wrong Number
Suspense 450906 157 Sorry, Wrong Number
Suspense 481118 315 Sorry, Wrong Number
Suspense 491103 357 Search For Isabell
Suspense 500112 367 Four Hours To Kill
Suspense 500928 396 Fly By Night
Suspense 520324 466 Murder Of Necessity
Suspense 540524 553 Weekend Specialdeath
Suspense 600306 843 Sleep Is For Children
Suspense 610806 888 Bells
Suspense 620902 941 Death Of Alexander Jordan
Theater Five 640930 043 Very Private Phone Call
This Is Your Fbi 510504 318 Profiteers
True Adv Of Jr Gmen 360803 028 Light Signal
Truth Consequences 471018 Glee Club
Truth Consequences 471025 Crackers In Mouth
Truth Consequences 471101 Hot Seat
Truth Consequences 471108 Squirtless Seltzer Bottle
Truth Consequences 471129 Sing Rockabye Baby
Truth Or Consequences 471018 00x La Glee Club
Unexpected #100 Mercy Killing Barry Sullivan
Unit 99 571122 14 Incomplete Phone Call
V&s 400124 Y Y Flirch Best Looking Man
V&s 400614 Freedomlast Day Of School
V&s 400704 Mr Sludge Calls His Mother
V&s 410530 0000 Five Men From Maine
V&s 410601 Calling Long Distance
V&s 431110 Phone Call Interuptions
V&s 440612 Professor Russelltutor
V&s 451129 Uncle Fletcher Arranges Phone Calls
Voxpop 391214 New York Ny
Whisperer 510729 04 Policeman In Danger
Whistler 450910 172 Phone Call From Death
Whistler 460805 219 Bullet Proof
Whistler 490313 354 Search For Maxine
X Minus One 550522 Knock
X Minus One 561031 073 Sam, This Is You
You Bet Your Life 580303 Secret Word Room
You Win 530000 Telephone Quiz
Ytjd 561024 505 Phantom Chase Matter
Ytjd 600103 672 Hapless Ham
Ytjd 600508 689 Phony Phone
Ytjd 611217 771 Phony Phone Matter
Ywb 501122 3173 Jacq Probes Daddy Anthony & Horace Meet
Ywb 501221 3194 Jacq Steele Winds Up Farm Of Bruce Weldon



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