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 Strange Doctor Weird

1 MP3 CD - 29 episodes

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"The Man Who Talked with Death"
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Strange Dr Weird
Horror and Mysterious Melodrama (1944 - 45)

Maurice Tarplin"Good evening. Come in, won't you? Why, what's the matter? You seem a bit nervous."

Noted by Dunning as "a poor man's Mysterious Traveler," this spooky series teamed Mysterious Traveler's voice, Maurice Tarplin. Along with one of its writers, Tarplin had developed his killer pun skills as the Mysterious Traveler, whose creepy intro's made that more famous show tick nervously. Tarplin and Arthur probably felt that a second body of work was worth a try. After all, they might make a killing.

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Of course, old time radio was littered with macabre MC's a favorite was Raymond, the insouciant host of Inner Sanctum Mysteries, and who could forget that cackling crone Old Nancy, the "witch of Salem" who hosted the Witch's Tale? Robert C Arthur

Tarplin plays The Strange Doctor Weird as though he had hung with that fine actor Boris Karloff. He appeared on Inner Sanctum Mysteries often in the early 1940s,and Boris Karloff hosted the short-lived Creeps By Night in 1944, as well as making many monstrous appearances on other shows.

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The Strange Dr. Weird's concoctions are stitched together parts of supernatural, bits of gore, innuendoes of dread, organ obligattos and the acting skulls, er, skills of the Mutual regulars. Adam Hats, a name as ironic as some of the plots in this cemetery of thrills, paid the bills for the chills.

Mad organ work. Chilling sounds in the night. Echoes of doom. The Doctor is in. "Just look for a house on the other side of the cemetery the house of Dr. Weird."

"Perhaps you'll drop in on me again soon?
I'm always home. Just look for the house on
the other side of the cemetery...
the house of Dr. Weird!"

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29 shows - total playtime 5 hours 54 minutes

Strange Dr Weird 441107 01 House Where Death Lives
Strange Dr Weird 441114 02 Summoning Of Chandor
Strange Dr Weird 441121 03 Journey Into Unknown
Strange Dr Weird 441128 04 Murder Comes Home
Strange Dr Weird 441205 05 Death In Everglades
Strange Dr Weird 441212 06 Man Who Talked With Death
Strange Dr Weird 441219 07 White Pearls Of Death
Strange Dr Weird 441226 08 Standin For Death
Strange Dr Weird 450102 09 Tiger Cat
Strange Dr Weird 450109 10 Murder Ship
Strange Dr Weird 450116 11 Beauty And Beast
Strange Dr Weird 450123 12 Survival Of Fittest
Strange Dr Weird 450130 13 Man Who Lived Twice
Strange Dr Weird 450206 14 Dark Wings Of Death
Strange Dr Weird 450213 15 Secret Room
Strange Dr Weird 450220 16 Knife Of Death
Strange Dr Weird 450227 17 Murder Will Out
Strange Dr Weird 450306 18 Voice Of Death
Strange Dr Weird 450313 19 Two Faces Of Death
Strange Dr Weird 450320 20 Man Who Knew Everything
Strange Dr Weird 450327 21 He Woke Up Dead
Strange Dr Weird 450403 22 Devils Cavern
Strange Dr Weird 450410 23 When Killers Meet
Strange Dr Weird 450417 24 Dead Mans Paradise
Strange Dr Weird 450424 25 Ghost Ship
Strange Dr Weird 450501 26 Man Who Played Dead
Strange Dr Weird 450508 27 Picture Of A Killer
Strange Dr Weird 450515 28 Last Show Revenge From Grave
Strange Dr Weird 450522 29 One Million Bc



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