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 Squad Cars

2 MP3 CDs - 71 episodes

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"Hit & Run Taxi Driver"
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South African Police Drama

old time radio pictureIn the tradition of Dragnet, Calling All Cars, Lineup, and the other police drama comes South African Squad Cars. With vivacious music and a flare for drama, this show depicts police work in the most sensational form possible. Watch out assaulters and hitchhikers because the Squad Car may be coming for YOU!

South Africa's Springbok Radio has made a significant contribution to the fans of old-time radio. One of Springbok's most popular shows was, and is, Squad Cars. To put it in context for OTR fans, Squad Cars is very similar to Dragnet.

People familiar with Dragnet know that the show was a dramatization of real cases from the Los Angeles police department. Squad Cars was the same kind of show. It featured dramatizations of cases from the South African police. The show first aired in 1968 beginning on Sunday nights eventually settling in on Friday nights until it ended in 1985.

A television spinoff and a movie but neither of those did well at all. In case you want to look them up, the movie, Flying Squad, was released in 1974 and the television show, Big City Heat, debuted in 1978. In an interesting turn of events, fans preferred the radio show instead.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 35 shows - total playtime 15 hours 37 minutes

Squad Cars SA 680629 Oil Drum Case
Squad Cars SA 680804 Diamond Smuggling
Squad Cars SA 680809 Pirelto's Pursuit
Squad Cars SA 680818 Burglary Alert
Squad Cars SA 680825 Never too Old to Die
Squad Cars SA 680906 Fraud From Down Under
Squad Cars SA 680913 Telltale Suitcase
Squad Cars SA 680920 Real Cool Cars Man
Squad Cars SA 680927 Lift Bank Robbers
Squad Cars SA 681206 Bloody Thumb Print
Squad Cars SA 690207 Jewel Robbers
Squad Cars SA 690301 The Accomplice
Squad Cars SA 690530 Kidnap
Squad Cars SA 690606 Jealousy Pays Off
Squad Cars SA 690613 Townsview Post Office Robbery
Squad Cars SA 690627 63 Year Old Crook
Squad Cars SA 690808 Burglar Alarm Service
Squad Cars SA 691003 Gas Poisoning
Squad Cars SA 691104 Murder at A Shop
Squad Cars SA 691128 Hitch Hikers
Squad Cars SA 691205 Reporter Assaulted
Squad Cars SA 691212 Paid To Kill
Squad Cars SA 700424 Levin's Speargun
Squad Cars SA 710000 Keep Her Quiet
Squad Cars SA 720915 Tracy But Not Dick
Squad Cars SA 720922 Amateur Bank Robbers
Squad Cars SA 720929 Heavy Debt To Pay
Squad Cars SA 721006 Small Town Safe-break
Squad Cars SA 721013 Nuts about Birds
Squad Cars SA 721020 Blue Denim Dustcoats
Squad Cars SA 721027 X-X-Y Factor
Squad Cars SA 721103 Hammer Basher
Squad Cars SA 721117 Grease Monkey Robbers
Squad Cars SA 721124 Du Preez's Folly
Squad Cars SA 721201 Dennis and Carlos

Volume 2: 36 shows - total playtime 15 hours 55 minutes

Squad Cars SA 721208 Settling the Captain
Squad Cars SA 721222 Billy Ryan's Temper
Squad Cars SA 721229 Living it Up
Squad Cars SA 730105 Not Such Good Samaritans
Squad Cars SA 730112 Zululand for Easy Pickings
Squad Cars SA 730119 The Baag
Squad Cars SA 730126 Van Biljon's Theory
Squad Cars SA 730202 Great Rodriguez
Squad Cars SA 730209 Stabbing Sam
Squad Cars SA 730216 Thieving Beastly Animals
Squad Cars SA 730223 Watches for next to Nothing
Squad Cars SA 730302 Jake's Revenge
Squad Cars SA 740104 The Bank Job
Squad Cars SA 740111 Starkey's Travellers Cheques
Squad Cars SA 740118 Sunday Night Job
Squad Cars SA 740201 Jewellery Boys
Squad Cars SA 740208 No Handouts For Mac
Squad Cars SA 740215 Super Safecrackers
Squad Cars SA 740222 Big Cigarette Heist
Squad Cars SA 740301 Petty Blackmail
Squad Cars SA 740308 Silver's Release
Squad Cars SA 740531 Bachelor Girl Bait
Squad Cars SA 740607 Caulder Kidnap
Squad Cars SA 761029 Ship of Drugs
Squad Cars SA 770408 Little Girl Lost
Squad Cars SA 830318 IDB And Murder
Squad Cars SA 850517 Instant Cash
Squad Cars SA 850628 Car Theft Syndicate
Squad Cars SA Death In The Bath
Squad Cars SA Pilot Bird Sanctuary Nvr Broadcast
Squad Cars SA xxxxxx China Town Store Robbery
Squad Cars SA xxxxxx Clothing Company Murder
Squad Cars SA xxxxxx Hit & Run Taxi Driver
Squad Cars SA xxxxxx Stomped to Death
Squad Cars SA xxxxxx Wages of Sin is Death
Squad Cars SA xxxxxx Will She Jump



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