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 Scarlet Pimpernel

1 MP3 CD - 50 episodes


"Madame Susan"
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Historical adventure series from the novel (1952 - 53)

Produced in London, and first appearing as the summer replacement for The Cavalcade of America, this radio drama is a wonderful recreation of the novel. The role of the Pimpernel is played by the actor Marius Goring, best known as composer Julian Craster in the movie classic, "The Red Shoes."

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Scarlet PimpernelThe Scarlett Pimpernel is set in England and France, 1792. The French Revolutionary Government precipitates the awful September massacres, and news of the Reign of Terror and political and social anarchy in France is just beginning to filter across the Channel. Sir Percey Blakeney, an English aristocrat, takes up the challenge of working in the heart of France for his country. He adopts a foppish, effete demeanor to allow him to work the circles of power. Meanwhile his real efforts are shadowy, and his identity is only known under a solemn oath of secrecy to his immediate followers, the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel. They save the falsely accused, often aristocrats, from 'Mam'zelle Guillotine,' while evading detection by those who would gladly give them the good doctor's swift blade.

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Producer Harry A. Towers fine cast and rousing orchestral scoring and excellent sound effects make for excellent old time radio entertainment. As is standard for British radio drama, the acting is exemplary. The script is tightly written, and stays very close to the dialogue of the original Baroness Emmuska Orczy novel of 1905.

This show will be a delight for devotees of the Scarlet Pimpernel movies, lovers of history and listeners to books on tape who have found that single solitary reader concept somewhat uninspired.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

50 shows - total playtime 22 hours 8 minutes

SP Ep 01 Madame Susan Fl~hb
SP Ep 02 Duke De Montreu~kb
SP Ep 03 Jean Pierre Lam~ob
SP Ep 04 Escape of Duche~sb
SP Ep 05 Emily Rumbolt's~wb
SP Ep 06 Rescue Servants~0c
SP Ep 07 Sir Percy Imper~4c
SP Ep 08 French Ambassad~8c
SP Ep 09 Susan Lemoreau
SP Ep 10 Robbing and Kil~ec
SP Ep 11 A Traitor at th~jc
SP Ep 12 Lt Jean Soule S~mc
SP Ep 13 Blackmailing En~qc
SP Ep 14 Madelaine DeLon~uc
SP Ep 15 Viscount DeVill~xc
SP Ep 16 Plot to Murder ~2d
SP Ep 17 Disguised as a ~8d
SP Ep 18 Tricked by Marc~ad
SP Ep 19 Rescue of Admir~ed
SP Ep 20 Andre Pinard, F~hd
SP Ep 21 Helping Spanish~ld
SP Ep 22 Rescue English ~pd
SP Ep 23 Tony Dewhurst i~ud
SP Ep 24 League Guards J~xd
SP Ep 25 A Break in the ~2e
SP Ep 26 Murder on the B~5e
SP Ep 27 Set a Trap for ~8e
SP Ep 28 Reward for Capt~be
SP Ep 29 Countess Lucill~fe
SP Ep 30 The General's N~je
SP Ep 31 New Recruits Ne~me
SP Ep 32 Man in the Mask
SP Ep 33 Mayor Wrongfull~te
SP Ep 34 Margot Verculot~0f
SP Ep 35 Rescue an Old F~4f
SP Ep 36 Sir Basil North~8f
SP Ep 37 Janet's Young Man
SP Ep 38 Margot Veradot ~ef
SP Ep 39 Butcher of Paris
SP Ep 40 Allies
SP Ep 41 Rescue of Dr. M~nf
SP Ep 42 Chain is Broken~rf
SP Ep 43 Sir Percy has B~uf
SP Ep 44 General's Son
SP Ep 45 A Firing Squad ~2g
SP Ep 46 Affairs of the ~5g
SP Ep 47 A Love Triangle~9g
SP Ep 48 Secrets and the~bg
SP Ep 49 In Pursuit of C~eg
SP Ep 50 Ghosts of Marti~ig



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