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 Peter Lorre Collection

1 MP3 CD - 60 episodes


"Peter Lorre in Mystery in the Air: Black Cat"
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Peter Lorre

Peter Lorre, born László Löwenstein in Rosenburg, Hungary, actually ran off from home and joined a traveling Vienna acting troupe when he was only 17 years of age. Peter Lorre publicity photoDuring his 7-year stint with the troupe, young Peter became a student of the very famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. He also was cast in Fritz Lang's "M" as the psychopathic child killer (Peter Kürten). His work in the film was so incredible, that the then rising Nazi party used his image in "M," unwittingly, on their famous Anti-Semitic poster for their infamous propaganda film, "The Eternal Jew."

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Peter Lorre and microphoneSome might remember Peter Lorre from his role in "the Maltese Falcon" where he played Joel Cairo. Others remember him from the very famous "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" episode, co-starring Steve McQueen, where a deranged killer goes around the country with his collection of pinky-fingers from his victims. But, did you know that Peter Lorre was the very first James Bond Villain? Did you also know that his famous accent was the inspiration for the cartoon character Ren from "Ren and Stimpy?" But it was his befriending of the famous Spooky Trio, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, and Vincent Price, that earned him eternal praise from society. Their friendship lasted their whole lives as they usually co-starred in each others movies, old time radio shows, and television shows. According to Vincent Price, during Bela Lugosi's funeral, where Lugosi was clad in his famous Dracula costume, when Peter Lorre gazed upon 'Dracula'/Bela, he leaned over to Price and said "Do you think we should drive a stake through his heart just in case?" Indeed, Lorre was just saying it in jest, probably to better cope with his grief due to the loss of his very dear friend. It was Vincent Price that read the eulogy at Peter Lorre's funeral in 1964.

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The collection that follows represents Lorre's great appearances on various old time radio shows. This disks also including his famed 1947 summer series, Mystery in the Air and Nightmare. Also included on the disk are some interesting publicity photos of Lorre. See also: Mystery Playhouse

For more radio horror personalities, see also: Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, and Boogeymen in Comedy: Screamstars Playing for Laughs Collection

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60 shows - total playtime 26 hours 41 minutes

Amos & Andy
Amos Andy 431105 Locked Trunk's Secret

Big Show
Big Show 520309 Richard Eatham Lorre Joe Frisco

Big Town
Big Town 490426 The Hunter

Bing Crosby
Bing Crosby 471112 Peter Lorre Kay Thompson

Bob Hope
Bob Hope 470513 Peter Lorre, Martha Tilton

Command Performance
CPUSA 450419 Peter Lorre

Dinah Shore
Birdseye 460509 With Peter Lorre

Duffy's Tavern
Duffy431019 Missing Salami Sandwich Case-Lorre

Fred Allen
Fred 430103 Peter Lorre One Long Pan vs Mr Moto
Fred 440604 65 Killers
Fred Allen 391004 001 Search For Dr Livingston

GI Journal
GI Journal 440712 Bing Crosby Linda Darnell

Hollywood Fights Back
Hollywood Fights Back 471026

Inner Sanctum
Inner Sanctum 410525 Death Is a Joker
Inner Sanctum 430307 Black Seagull
Inner Sanctum 441206 Color Blind Formula

Jack Benny
JB410309 Murder at Racquet Club
JB460224 Palm Springs Shopping
JB460324 I Stand Cond

Martin & Lewis
Martin Lewis 490508 With Peter Lorre

Molle Mystery Theatre
MMT 440411 031 Criminal at Large
MMT 441212 1063 Bottle Imp
MMT 441226 1065 The Letter

Mr and Mrs North
MrMrsNorth Frisby Klisby Case

Mystery in the Air
Mita 470814 Ep 07 Lodger
Mita 470821 Ep 08 Horla
Mita 470828 Ep 09 Beyond Good And Evil
Mita 470904 Ep 10 Mask Of Medusa
Mita 470911 Ep 11 Queen Of Spades
Mita 470918 Ep 12 Black Cat
Mita 470925 Ep 13 Crime And Punishment

Mystery Playhouse
MP Hermits Cave Mr Randalls Discovery
MP Molle Mt Man In The Velvet Hat
MP Molle Mt The Cask Of Amontillado
MP Molle Mt Yours Truly Jack The Ripper
MP Mr & Mrs North Gangster Douglas Grant
MP Mr DA Backstage Murder Al Graham Murder
MP Nero Wolfe Last Laugh Murder
MP The Thin Man Murder In The Record Shop
MP The Whistler Doctor Prescribes Death

Nightmare Ad Animal Army
Nightmare Ad Boa Constrictor
Nightmare Ad Chopped Up
Nightmare Ad Drown The Wife
Nightmare Ad Electrocute The Wife
Nightmare Chanceofaghost
Nightmare Coincidence
Nightmare Theleech

Screen Guild Theatre
SGT 430920 Maltese Falcon
SGT 450416 Mask Of Dimitrios

Skippy Hollywood Theater
Skippy Hollywood Theatre 386 Mr God Johnson

Spike Jones
Spotlight Review 481210 w Peter Lorre

Spns021 421215 Til Death Do Us Part Peter Lorre
Spns025 430119 Devils Saint Peter Lorre
Spns038 430420 Moment Of Darkness
Spns071 431223 Back For Christmas Peter Lorre
Spns101 440720 Of Maestro And Men
Spns156 450830 Nobody Loves Me

Texaco Star Theater
Texaco 440604 The Killers



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