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 Old Gold Comedy (Harold Lloyd Comedy Theater)

1 MP3 CD - 30 episodes

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"The Lady Eve"
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Old Gold

It seems strange, but movies and radio turned out to be a great match for each other. They really shouldn't been. Radio depends on sound and dialogue to deliver the story. Moving pictures depend on, well, pictures. In the end, the important part of both media is the stories and the skill with which they are presented.

Old GoldThe idea of adapting stories from the movies for radio plays worked remarkably well for several programs, notably Academy Award Theater, Skippy Hollywood Theater, Screen Guild Theater, Screen Directors' Playhouse, and the long running Lux Radio Theater.

The Old Gold Comedy Theatre was an attempt to capitalize on a similar format. All of these programs benefited from the use of the movie stories. The name of the picture would have been familiar to listeners, and so attract audiences. Listeners also got to enjoy many more movies over the radio than they would have been able to see in their local movie palace, especially listeners for whom the movie palace was not all that local. The movie based shows were also an effective means of advertising the pictures themselves.

Old Gold AdvertisementOld Gold Old Time Radio ShowAdvertising was the driving force behind commercial radio, and The Old Gold Comedy Theatre is an unabashed attempt by the Lorillard Tobacco Company to make their product seem attractive, fun, and refreshing. Comedy Theatre used a couple of different tactics to differentiate itself from the other movie anthology programs. Film pioneer Cecil B. DeMille hosted Lux Radio Theater. Comedy Theatre enlisted the services of silent film star Harold Lloyd. Lloyd's career can be compared to that of his contemporary, Charlie Chaplin. Although Chaplin's films were more commercially successful, Lloyd was more prolific, releasing 12 feature films during the 1920's to Chaplin's three.

DeMille's radio role was largely that of scholarly and dignified presenter, whereas Harold Lloyd became part of the action, participating in the "play within a play" commercials, as well as introducing the plays.

The biggest factor to set Old Gold Comedy Theatre apart from the other movie anthology shows was its concentration on Screwball Comedies. The screwball comedy became popular during the Great Depression with its fast pace, farcical situations, and romantic "Boy And Girl Fall In Love Against The Odds" themes.

The comic film adaptations were well written for the radio, but the half-hour format made it necessary to cut a significant amount of either the humor or the story from the final script. All too often, too much of each was lost. The other factor that hobbled Comedy Theatre was that Lloyd, who was a genius in silent films, had a fear of the live microphone. Although most critics agree he improved as the season progressed, the show only lasted one year.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

30 recordings - total playtime 14 hours 49 minutes

Old Gold 441029 01 Palm Beach Story
Old Gold 441112 03 True To Life
Old Gold 441119 04 Vivacious Lady
Old Gold 441126 05 Clarence
Old Gold 441203 06 Take A Letter Darling
Old Gold 441217 08 Lucky Partners
Old Gold 441224 09 Bachelor Mother
Old Gold 441231 10 Room Service
Old Gold 450107 11 Lady Eve
Old Gold 450114 12 Nothing But Truth
Old Gold 450121 13 Showoff
Old Gold 450128 14 Appointment For Love
Old Gold 450204 15 My Favorite Wife
Old Gold 450211 16 A Girl A Guy And A Gob
Old Gold 450218 17 Milky Way
Old Gold 450225 18 You Cant Ration Love
Old Gold 450304 19 Standing Room Only
Old Gold 450311 20 Magnificent Dope
Old Gold 450318 21 A Lady Takes A Chance
Old Gold 450325 22 Brewsters Millions
Old Gold 450401 23 Major And Minor
Old Gold 450408 24 A Slight Case Of Murder
Old Gold 450422 25 Nervous Wreck
Old Gold 450429 26 Scatterbrain
Old Gold 450506 27 Hired Wife
Old Gold 450513 28 She Loves Me Not
Old Gold 450520 29 Boy Meets Girl
Old Gold 450527 30 June Moon
Old Gold 450603 31 Having A Wonderful Crime
Old Gold 450610 32 Tom Dick And Harry



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