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 Nick Carter Master Detective

2 MP3 CDs - 123 episodes

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"Death After Dark"
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Lon Clark as Nick Carter

Detective series (1943 - 55)

Nick CarterNick Carter played for over ten years, and gave radio detectives fans another deductive hero to tail. The half-hour unfolds as a straight, dramatic narrative, with clues littering the scenes, so that a plausible solution was possible for the alert listener. Nick came on at the end of the show to add it all up correctly.

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Lon Clark was Nick throughout the run, and did him as a pretty serious straight-ahead guy, like a hound on the trail.After all, he had his master's status to uphold. Helen Choate played Nick's assistant, Patsy Bowen until '46, then Charlotte Manson. Patsy was Nick's smart, witty sidekick who took no guff from Sgt. Masterson, played byEd Latimer. Sgt. Masterson was the typical workman-like homicide cop (the type goes right back to Lestrade of Sherlock Holmes)who looked to Nick to shed a little light.

Nick Carter radio showThe detective team had a "legman" in Scubby Wilson, a reporter who tailed Nick and Patsy on the cases. John Kane did Scubby as the brash, ready-and-willing young man who was out to get the story, and knew Nick Carter would deliver the goods which he could then scoop.

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That Nick was a Master Detective came from the fact that as a character he first appeared in the pulps, where the billing made a little more sense. On the old time radio show, fine organ work pumps ups the action, though the sound effects are minimal.

For more brainy detectives, see also: Softboiled Detectives. See also Chick Carter, Boy Detective in Rare Detectives and Crime Compilation.

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Volume 1 - 63 shows - total playtime 40 hours 31 minutes

Nick Carter 430706 013 Echo Of Death
Nick Carter 430927 025 The Glass Coffin
Nick Carter 431004 026 The Flying Duck Murders
Nick Carter 431018 028 State's Prison Evidence
Nick Carter 431025 029 An Angle On Murder
Nick Carter 431103 030 Body On The Slab
Nick Carter 431110 031 Drug Ring Murder
Nick Carter 431117 032 The Substitute Bride
Nick Carter 431225 037 Nick Carter's Christmas Adventure
Nick Carter 440108 039 Double Disguise
Nick Carter 440115 040 Nine Hours To Live
Nick Carter 440122 041 Records Of Death
Nick Carter 440129 042 The Unwilling Accomplice
Nick Carter 440205 043 The Corpse In The Car
Nick Carter 440212 044 Missing, Harold Ascort
Nick Carter 440219 045 Death After Dark
Nick Carter 440226 046 Dead Witnesses
Nick Carter 440304 047 Death In The Pines
Nick Carter 440325 050 Drums Of Death
Nick Carter 440401 051 The Professor's Secret
Nick Carter 440408 052 Murder By Magic
Nick Carter 440415 053 A Cat Brings Death
Nick Carter 441008 152 The Numbers Murder
Nick Carter 441015 153 Slingshot Murders
Nick Carter 441022 154 Murder On MAd Mountain
Nick Carter 441029 155 Funeral Wreath
Nick Carter 441105 156 Death In The Pool
Nick Carter 441112 157 Murder In The Night
Nick Carter 441203 160 Death Plays The Lead
Nick Carter 441224 163 Murder Goes To College
Nick Carter 441231 164 Murder In A Decanter
Nick Carter 450107 165 Monkey Sees Murder
Nick Carter 450114 166 Murder By Fire
Nick Carter 450121 167 Death By Richochet
Nick Carter 450128 168 Eye For Eye
Nick Carter 450204 169 Ready For Murder
Nick Carter 450218 171 Mind over Murder
Nick Carter 450225 172 Four Rings of Death
Nick Carter 450304 173 Poison With A Past
Nick Carter 450311 174 Webs Of Murder
Nick Carter 450325 176 Death Behind The Scenes
Nick Carter 450429 181 Witch of Dondenburg Mountain
Nick Carter 450506 182 Case of the Vanishing Lady
Nick Carter 450520 184 Mystery of the Hangman's Wood
Nick Carter 450527 185 Haunted Rocking Chair
Nick Carter 450701 Case of the Man Who Lived Too Long
Nick Carter 450729 Unwritten Letter
Nick Carter 450812 196 Hanging Paperhanger
Nick Carter 450909 200 Talking Tree
Nick Carter 450930 203 Case Of the Howling Horse
Nick Carter 451230 216 Legend of Shakespeare's Ghost
Nick Carter 460106 217 Wandering Corpse
Nick Carter 460224 Witness Saw Nothing
Nick Carter 460402 229 Eight Records Of Death
Nick Carter 460409 230 Disappearing Corpse Amosnap
Nick Carter 460416 231 Nine Hours To Live
Nick Carter 460423 232 Case Of The Little Old Ladies
Nick Carter 460521 236 The Case Of The Poker Murders
Nick Carter 460528 237 Case Of The Demented Daughter
Nick Carter 460604 238 The Dictaphone Murder
Nick Carter 460611 239 Clumsy Forgeries
Nick Carter 460618 240 Case Of The Make Belive Robbery
Nick Carter 460825 250 Extra Husbands

Volume 2 - 60 shows - total playtime 26 hours 10 minutes

Nick Carter 460901 251 Case Of The Red Goose Murder
Nick Carter 460915 253 Case Of The Blue Mink
Nick Carter 461103 260 Case Of The Insufficient Bank Acc
Nick Carter 461222 267 Case Of The Imitation Robbery
Nick Carter 470119 271 GoldHeaded Cane
Nick Carter 470126 272 Case Of The Persistant Beggars
Nick Carter 470202 273 Case Of The Careless Employees
Nick Carter 470323 280 Crystal of Prophesy
Nick Carter 470413 283 Chemical Chickens
Nick Carter 470420 284 Case Of The Lucrative Wrecks
Nick Carter 470427 285 Case Of The Luminous Spots
Nick Carter 470504 286 Case Of The Missing Thumbs
Nick Carter 470629 294 The Sunken Dollar
Nick Carter 470713 296 Case Of The Missing Piano Player
Nick Carter 470804 299 Missing Thumb
Nick Carter 470907 305 Bearded Queen
Nick Carter 470921 306 TwoFaced Firemaster
Nick Carter 471012 309 Hermit Thrush
Nick Carter 471019 310 Case Of The Perfect Alabi
Nick Carter 471123 315 Case Of The Barefoot Banker
Nick Carter 471130 316 Case Of The Jewelled Queen
Nick Carter 471207 317 Case Of The Explored Alabi
Nick Carter 471214 318 Priceless Prose
Nick Carter 471221 319 Case Of The Policy Makers
Nick Carter 471228 320 Case Of The Missing Street
Nick Carter 480104 321 Devil's Left Eye
Nick Carter 480111 322 Case Of The Graveyard Gunman
Nick Carter 480125 324 Case Of TheInvisible Treasure
Nick Carter 480201 325 Case of the Classical Clue
Nick Carter 480307 330 Case Of The Absent Clue
Nick Carter 480314 331 Case Of The Last Old Timer
Nick Carter 480321 332 Case Of The Magic Rope
Nick Carter 480328 333 Case Of The Martyred Rat
Nick Carter 480404 334 Case Of The Star Of Evil
Nick Carter 480411 335 Case Of The Henpecked Husband
Nick Carter 480425 337 Case of the Fatal Redhead
Nick Carter 480509 339 Case Of The Nmeless Blonde
Nick Carter 480516 340 Case Of The Salesman Of Death
Nick Carter 480523 341 Case Of The Tatooed Cobra
Nick Carter 480530 342 Case Of The Littlest Gangster
Nick Carter 480613 344 Case Of The Unexpected Corpse
Nick Carter 480620 345 Case Of The Flowery Farewell
Nick Carter 480627 346 Case Of The King's Apology
Nick Carter 480801 351 Case Of The Midway Murders
Nick Carter 480815 353 Case Of The Professional Beggar
Nick Carter 480822 354 Case Of The Red Arrow
Nick Carter 480829 355 Case Of The Falling Eyes
Nick Carter 480905 356 Case Of The Quiet Romemate
Nick Carter 480912 357 Great Impersonation
Nick Carter 480919 358 Case Of The Homly Bride
Nick Carter 480926 359 Case Of The candidate's Corpse
Nick Carter 481010 361 Case of the Unwanted Wife
Nick Carter 481017 362 Case of the Double Frame
Nick Carter 481024 363 Case Of The Bull And The Bear
Nick Carter 481031 364 Case Of The Wrong Mr Wright
Nick Carter 481107 365 Case Of The Forgetful Killer
Nick Carter 481114 366 Case of the Clue Called X
Nick Carter 490918 410 Case Of The Vanishing Weapon
Nick Carter 491225 424 case Of The Phantom Shoplifter
Nick Carter 510930 516 Case Of Murder On The Mound



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