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 Milton Berle Show

1 MP3 CD - 45 episodes


"Good Health"
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Milton BerleComedy (1936 - 49)

Milton BerleMilton Berle, born Mendel Berlinger in 1908, was well known for his television shows that spanned from the 1950s all the way up to the mid 1960's. Known as "Uncle Miltie," his success started at the age of 5 when his mother put him on the street to perform dance routines and comedy skits; usually impersonations of Charlie Chaplin were at his disposal. It was from here that, one day, a talent agent discovered him, and immediately put Berle in silent films. Berle became a silent film commodity, starri2ng in over 50 films, with such actors as Charlie Chaplin, Marie Dressler, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Marion Davies and Mabel Normand. It was soon time for little Berle to unleash his wave of comedy on television.

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Milton Berle doing Card TricksDuring an experimental broadcast in New York City, in 1928, Milton Berle became the first person that the world has ever seen through the television! This set off a chain of events that led to the rise in "Miltonism."

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Instantly, audiences around the world fell in love with "Uncle Miltie's" recipe for great, bellowing laughs. Although it wasn't readily apparent to his radio listeners, he always opened his show by making an entrance in a different costume each week. Every week, his television show would do battle with another early television super giant, I Love Lucy. This didn't faze "Mister Television" because his best friend was Lucille Ball. There were even rumors that Lucy and Milton actually dated. Lucy came out one day and said that a "romantic relationship with [Berle] was impossible because [Milton's] mother, Sarah, was always around."

In 1984, Milton was one of the first seven to be inducted into the new Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame. Even after all these years, "Uncle Miltie" still entertains us with his goofy persona.

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42 shows - total playtime 18 hours 19 minutes

Milton Berle In The Middle Of The House
Milton Berle Yellow Submarine
Milton Berle 102747 051A
Milton Berle 102747 051B
Milton Berle 470805 22 The Great Outdoors
Milton Berle 470812 23 Summer Sports
Milton Berle 470819 24 Relaxation
Milton Berle 470826 25 Railroads
Milton Berle 470902 26 South America
Milton Berle 470909 27 American Farmers
Milton Berle 470916 28 Salute to Radio
Milton Berle 470923 29 Automobile Industry
Milton Berle 470930 30 Salute to Brooklyn
Milton Berle 471007 31 The Old West
Milton Berle 471014 32 New York Theater
Milton Berle 471021 33 Good Health
Milton Berle 471028 34 U S Navy
Milton Berle 471104 35 Football
Milton Berle 471111 36 Washington, DC
Milton Berle 471118 37 Opera
Milton Berle 471125 38 Thanksgiving
Milton Berle 471202 39 Public Servants, Unsung Heros

Milton Berle 471209 40 Prize Fighting
Milton Berle 471216 41 The Department Stores of America
Milton Berle 471223 42 Salute To Christmas
Milton Berle 471230 43 Salute to new years
Milton Berle 480106 44 Salutes Winter Sports
Milton Berle 480120 46 Wall Street & High Finance
Milton Berle 480127 47 Salute To New York City
Milton Berle 480203 48 Salute to Gambling
Milton Berle 480210 49 California
Milton Berle 480217 50 Communications Industry
Milton Berle 480224 51 Woman's Rights
Milton Berle 480302 52 Literature
Milton Berle 480309 53 Income Taxes
Milton Berle 480316 54 Politics
Milton Berle 480323 55 Coming of Spring
Milton Berle 480330 56 Horse Racing
Milton Berle 480406 57 Salute To Motoring
Milton Berle 480413 58 last show Health
Milton Berle 560403 TV Audio From Aircraft Carrier
Milton Berle 560605 w Elvis Presley


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