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Jonathan Boswell : Old Time Radio in Iraq
Old Time Radio Memory:

I am51 years old: a little young to know the great days of radio, but I heard my mother talk about it a lot. Of course I've heard a few tapes in my past, and nostalgia programs. But a couple of years ago I bought a set of Jack Benny programs on MP3.

... in front of a famous memorial modeled after Saddam Hussein's arms
Well, suddenly long car trips weren't so tedious; around the house I wasn't glued to the TV, and there was a lot more laughter everywhere! I've collected a few other programs since then, and have developed a deep appreciation of this very important part of American culture. Also, I appreciate getting some really good entertainment without offensive and insulting language.

Here in Iraq, these things have been practically a lifesaver. Time sometimes hangs a little heavy, but then you just put on Jack, Command Performance, , Amos & Andy, Groucho Marx or Paladin to choose from.

So, many regards to other old-time aficionados, and thanks for what you do to preserve this part of Americana.

-Jonathan H. Boswell , born 1952

See also: Edward Rennie


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