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 Mel Blanc

1 MP3 CD - 42 episodes

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Mel Blanc
Comedy (1946-47)

Mel Blanc voice is still heard around the world every day, thanks to the constant replay of the great Warner Brothers cartoons. Best known as the voice of Bugs Bunny, Blanc did a host of other cartoon characters as well including Porky Pig, Foghorn Leghorn, Tasmanian Devil, Pepe Lew Pew, Marvin the Martian, The Roadrunner ("Meep Meep"), and Woody Woodpecker.

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Mel Blamc Sawing a MicrophoneIn radio, his talents were in high demand for characters and vocal sound effects, and he was on many shows in old time radio, including Burns and Allen, Judy Canova Show, and especially the Jack Benny Show, where he was a regular for decades. On the Benny show, he played a car (Benny's fabled Maxwell), a railroad announcer (the famous Cu-ca-mongaroutine), the parrot Polly and the Little Mexican, Sy. "Si, Sy" and many other "soundeffects."

Mel Blanc, best known for as the voice of Bugs Bunny, was allergic to carrots.

Mel got the chance to do his own show at the height of his Bugs and Benny stature, and the show sounds like it was made in the Benny mold. Mel plays himself as a young, somewhat innocent small town character, but because of Bugs, that really doesn't work as well as it did for Dennis Day, another Benny regular to did his own old time radio show. Mel makes Bugs sounds like a street-smart wise guy, so it's hard to forget Bugs when you're listening to Mel being an innocent nerd.

Mel Blanc AdOf course, Blanc does many wacky voices on the show, one of which is Zookie, who is the assistant to "Mel" on the show. The "Mel" of the show runs a fix-it shop that allows for many strange and silly sounds in the shop, too. There's a romantic angle, with Mary Jane Croft playing Mel's girlfriend Betty Colby. Joe Kearns plays Betty's father as the gruff old man. The show featured many regular characters including Hans Conried, Bea Benaderet, Alan Reed, Earle Rose, and Jim Backus.

Kooky characters tend to show up often, and in all those funny sounding characters and objects, we have our most satisfying Mel Blanc. He was a one-of-kind actor, for in him, with a nod to Lon Chaney, we had the "man of a thousand voices."

See also, Mel Blanc's quiz program: Are You a Genius? See also: Paul Frees

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42 shows total playtime - 16 hours 40 minutes

MBlanc 460903 BirthdayCardMixup
MBlanc 460910 TheEfficiencyExpert
MBlanc 460917 MelBakesAPrizeWinningCake
MBlanc 460924 MrColby'sWaterHeater
MBlanc 461001 Mel and the Muscle Meter
MBlanc 461008 TheFishingRod
MBlanc 461015 ThePostman'sBall
MBlanc 461022 BettyRhodesVisitsTheShop
MBlanc 461029 TheCommunityChestShow
MBlanc 461105 MelBreaksTheNewRadio
MBlanc 461112 LodgeInvitation
MBlanc 461119 TheAstrologer
MBlanc 461126 Mel'sThanksgivingDinner
MBlanc 461203 MelAndBettyElope
MBlanc 461210 Betty's Christmas Present
MBlanc 461217 ChristmasShoppingWithBetty
MBlanc 461224 MelPlaysSanta
MBlanc 461231 ZebraOfTheYear
MBlanc 470107 TheBrokenCarusoRecord
MBlanc 470114 ForeignRelatives
MBlanc 470128 the masqurade costume
MBlanc 470204 Betty's Suitors
MBlanc 470211 Mel's Birthday
MBlanc 470218 The Missing Slice of Bread
MBlanc 470225 the vaudeville team
MBlanc 470304 CouncilmanColby
MBlanc 470311 TheArtCritic
MBlanc 470318 TwoLovesHasMel
MBlanc 470325 MissUggaUggaBoo
MBlanc 470401 AprilFools
MBlanc 470408 EasterEggHunt
MBlanc 470415 SocietyParty
MBlanc 470422 LiteraryDiscussion
MBlanc 470429 JamesMasonMovies
MBlanc 470506 OilStock
MBlanc 470513 SupermarketJournalEditor
MBlanc 470520 TrialSeperation
MBlanc 470527 TheFrenchInteriorDecorator
MBlanc 470603 ToRentASummerCottage
MBlanc 470610 TheChinesePhilospher
MBlanc 470617 ShowAtTheMarket
MBlanc 470624 MissingSliceOfBread



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