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 Life with the Lyons

2 MP3 CDs - 117 episodes

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Life with the Lyons

Life with The Lyons was a popular old time radio show that featured a real-life family playing themselves. It premiered on November 5, 1950 and starred Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon along with their real-life children, Richard and Barbara (who is infamous for her line, "I'll die. I'll just die."). It also starred Molly Weir as Aggie MacDonald (the housekeeper) and Doris Rogers as Florrie Mainwright (the nosy neighbor) as well as their dog, Skeeter. It first appeared on the radio as "Hi, Gang!" which aired from 1940 to 1949. "Life with The Lyons" was a hit as a TV show, several movies, a play, and seven Royal Command Performances.

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Life with the LyonsBebe Daniels was the brains behind the show, writing the script and coming up with ideas for each show by exaggerating true events that really happened to their family. The show was so close to what was going on in their real lives that when the family moved in real life, their actor counterparts moved as well; on the television show, their new house had the samey color scheme in each room as the house that they went home to each evening.

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Bebe, chief scriptwriter and genius wife, began her acting career at a young age. By the age of four she often acted in her parents' company. Leading lady in the silent film, "Lonesome Luke," she played opposite Harold Lloyd. She acted in almost 200 comedies with Lloyd and Snub Pollard in only a period of 4 years and did all of her own stunts. She was then discovered by Cecil B. De Mille (of Lux Radio Theater fame) while dancing in a restaurant and offered a great deal more money, ten times what she was previously making, to come to Paramount Studios. She met Ben Lyon in 1930 when they starred together in "Alias French Gertie." They soon married, had a daughter and adopted a boy. Soon after, she began writing and producing the domestic sitcom, Life with The Lyons.

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Volume 1 - 82 shows - total playtime 39 hours 38minutes

LWTL 501105 Voyage Home
LWTL 501112 Fairy Cakes
LWTL 501119 Is There A Doctor In The House
LWTL 501231 Under The Table
LWTL 510107 It's A Man's World
LWTL 510121 Ben Bluebeard
LWTL 510128 Ben Does It Again
LWTL 510204 That Old Friend
LWTL 510205 That Old Friend
LWTL 510304 Ben Holds The Baby
LWTL 510927 Home Again
LWTL 511004 Life Of The Party, The
LWTL 511122 It's A Wise Father
LWTL 520103 Fine Romance, A W Dick Bentley
LWTL 520110 Wife's Birthday, The
LWTL 520117 Family Trouble
LWTL 520124 Tree Of Knowledge
LWTL 520306 Rocks In Your Garden
LWTL 520313 Home Sweet Home
LWTL 520320 Upper Set, The
LWTL 520512 Duel & A Song, A
LWTL 521114 Home Again
LWTL 521121 Hole In The Road
LWTL 521128 Mr Jones Is Missing
LWTL 521205 Duel & The Son, A
LWTL 530227 Royal Show
LWTL 530306 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
LWTL 530313 How To Be A Good Father
LWTL 531119 Nature Boy
LWTL 531126 Let The Men Do It
LWTL 531203 Come To The Fair
LWTL 531210 No Rest For Ben
LWTL 531217 Christmas Shopping
LWTL 531224 Twas The Night Before Christmas
LWTL 531231 Who Gave Me That
LWTL 540107 Once Upon A Mime
LWTL 540114 Love Sneaks Up On Richard Lyon
LWTL 540121 Fathers Day
LWTL 540128 Let The Kids Do It
LWTL 540418 I Hear You Calling Me
LWTL 540425 Unlucky Winner, The
LWTL 550127 My Hat

LWTL 560126 Robins Birthday
LWTL 560202 For Men Only
LWTL 560209 Comic Valentine, The
LWTL 560216 Intruders, The
LWTL 560301 Law & The Lyons, The
LWTL 560322 Come Back Little Bebe
LWTL 560405 Double Trouble
LWTL 560412 Young & Foolish
LWTL 560419 Garden Fete, The (Robert Beattie)
LWTL 560426 It's Not Goodbye
LWTL 561111 Here Comes The Bride
LWTL 561118 Way To A Mans Heart, The
LWTL 561125 How Now Brown Cow
LWTL 561209 Barbara Buys A Bargain
LWTL 561216 Dont Give Me That
LWTL 561223 And A Merry Christmas To All
LWTL 561230 Star Is Born, A
LWTL 570106 Bend & Be Beautiful
LWTL 570113 It's A Snap
LWTL 570120 You Are My Lucky Star
LWTL 570127 House Divided
LWTL 570324 Goin' Fishing
LWTL 570331 It's Mothering Sunday
LWTL 580202 Barbara's Dinner
LWTL 580209 Rising Son, The (w Ted Ray)
LWTL 580216 Dial Special Branch
LWTL 580223 Keep Moving
LWTL 580413 First Fight, The
LWTL 580413
LWTL 590130 Voyage Home, The
LWTL 590202 Man From Texas, The
LWTL 590213 Lyon, Cub Reporter
LWTL 590220 Murder In Mind
LWTL 590227 Hold That Man (rpt)
LWTL 590303 Put A Light In The Window (rpt)
LWTL 590313 Set An Extra Place
LWTL 590313 Set Another Place
LWTL 590320 Confused Cupid
LWTL 590327 Scroungers, The
LWTL 590403 This Was Your Wife

Volume 2 - 35 shows - total playtime 17 hours 4 minutes

LWTL 580918 (TV) Who's Your Lady Friend
LWTL 581114 (TV) Danger, Woman At Work
LWTL 581128 (TV) Guest In The House, A
LWTL 590410 Teddy Trouble
LWTL 590417 New Address, The
LWTL 590501 Trouble In Camp
LWTL 590508 Strike It Rich
LWTL 590515 Saying Goodbye W Vic Oliver
LWTL 590524 Colonel's Dilemna, The
LWTL 600115 (TV) Confused Cupid, The

LWTL 600122 (TV) Teddy Boys' Picnic
LWTL 600219 (TV) Tease For Two
LWTL 600224 Meddler, The
LWTL 600302 Unwelcome Guest, The
LWTL 600304 (TV) Chip Off The Old Blockhead
LWTL 600311 (TV) Nelson Touch, The
LWTL 600318 (TV) Sauce For The Goose
LWTL 600406 Weaker Sex, The
LWTL 600413 Stranger From Sorrento, The
LWTL 600417 House That Ben Built, The
LWTL 600522 Insure It
LWTL 600601 Big Fiddle, The
LWTL 600608 My Four Legged Friend
LWTL 610127 Sorry, The Lyons Engaged
LWTL 610203 External Triangle, The
LWTL 610210 Barbara's Birthday
LWTL 610217 Thanks For The Memory
LWTL 610224 Lyon In Sheeps Clothing
LWTL 610303 Along Came Patrick Barr
LWTL 610310 Dogs Tale, A
LWTL 610317 Whats Buzzin Cousin
LWTL 610324 No Holiday For Strings
LWTL 610421 Tree For Two
LWTL 610512 On The Wrong Side Of The InLaw
LWTL 610519 Roaming Scandals (Last Show)


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