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 John Nesbitt Collection

3 MP3 CDs - 48 episodes

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John Nesbitt (DISK 1 ONLY) Special Appearances
John Nesbitt (DISK 2 ONLY) Passing Parade
John Nesbitt (DISK 3 ONLY) Willson-Nesbitt Summer Show

"John Nesbitt in Calvalcade of America: Immortal Blacksmith"
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John NesbittJohn Nesbitt is a popular radio and TV personality in the 1940s to the 1950s. He was an excellent narrator, announcer, actor, producer, and screenwriter. His fame earned him two stars in Hollywood; the one at the south side of Hollywood Boulevard was for radio and the other, at the west side of 1700 block of Vine Street, was for film. John Nesbitt is known for his radio programs Passing Parade, and The Wilson-Nesbitt Summer Show.

John Nesbitt was born on August 23, 1910 in Victoria, British Columbia. His distinct, clear, and well-modulated voice was developed through his daily interaction with his father who had a hearing disability. It was John’s role to speak clearly and enunciate words accurately for his father to understand well. This constant practice proved beneficial to John when he auditioned for an announcer’s job in a San Francisco radio station. The range of his speaking voice also matched the kind of microphone the station was using at that time.

John’s interest for good stories began when he was still a teenager. At 14, he was already collecting stories from his travels. His father also left him a trunkful of news clippings of strange stories from various parts of the world. Many of these became topics of his very popular radio program Passing Parade.

John NesbittJohn Nesbitt’s Passing Parade is a 30-minute radio program that began airing over NBC Radio in February 1937. Hosted by John Nesbitt himself, the show focused on strange events that were either little known or a common knowledge. Included in many of these shows are stories that are or related to historical events. John Nesbitt had a staff of 14 people who were tasked to research about the stories and gather more facts surrounding such event. In 1938-1949 The Passing Parade was produced on film for MGM. In the 1960s, the films were edited and aired as 15-minute docu-dramas on TV. A few of the aired radio episodes are summarized below.

John NesbittJohn Nesbitt has a long time friend named Meredith Willson.  In the summer of 1942 they came up with a new show for radio that in Nesbitt’s words had "no formality, no fanfare, no hoopla, just as if you were having a musical party in your own home...”. The show was similar to The Passing Parade. The main difference was the inclusion of music played by Meredith Willson. John Nesbitt related stories that had a patriotic theme while Meredith Willson played what they referred to as lost melodies. The origin, composer, and background information about these melodies were first relayed before the audience were treated to the captivating notes of these melodies.

The John Nesbitt collection include sall known available appearances in other radio shows:

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Volume 1: Special Apperances:
16 shows - total playtime 7 hours 45 minutes
Calv 490920 622 Troublesome Jane
Calv 490927 623 Immortal Blacksmith
Fibber McGee 420623 0331 Packing For Vacation Locked Suitcase
Ft 480219 054 Future Is Yours
Johnsons Wax Program 420728 05 Liberty Bell March
Johnsons Wax Program 420804 06 Semper Peratus
Johnsons Wax Program 420811 07 Wings On High
Johnsons Wax Program 420818 08 Yankee Doodle Dandy March
Johnsons Wax Program 420901 10 Manhattan Beach March
Johnsons Wax Program 420908 11 Youre Grand Old Flag
Johnsons Wax Program 420915 12 My Ten Ton Baby And Me
Johnsons Wax Program 420922 13 Hands Across Sea
Radio Readers Digest 470724 Prisoner Of Night
Screen Guild 421221 123 Juggler Of Our Lady
Westinghouse Prg 430000 021 Love Me & W
Westinghouse Prg 441224 Juggler Of Our Lady
Volume 2: The Passing Parade
21 shows - total playtime 4 hours 47 minutes

Passing Parade 000000 09 Story Of Franz Anton Mesmer
Passing Parade 000000 10 Elizabeth Woodcock
Passing Parade 000000 17 Story Of Typhoid Mary Par
Passing Parade 000000 18 Story Of Typhoid Mary Par
Passing Parade 000000 19 Two Alchemists Who Tried To Cre
Passing Parade 000000 20 Woman Who Was In Coma For N
Passing Parade 000000 23 Wild Jack Howard
Passing Parade 000000 24 Man Who Discovered Troy
Passing Parade 000000 47 Story Of Mount Palomar Tele
Passing Parade 000000 48 Story Of Mount Palomar Tele
Passing Parade 430713 Landing On Sicily
Passing Parade 431200 Special Story Of Christmas Seals
Passing Parade 440606 Dday Special
Passing Parade 490000 Empire State Crash
Passing Parade 490000 Great Spenders
Passing Parade 490000 Incredible Courage Of Common Men
Passing Parade 490000 Jekyll & Hyde
Passing Parade 490000 Johnstown Flood
Passing Parade 490000 Morro Castle Disaster
Passing Parade 490000 Prisoner Of Night
Passing Parade 490000 Small Incidents

Volume 3: Wilson Nesbitt Summer Show:
shows - total playtime 5 hours 20 minutes

Willson-Nesbitt Summer Show 420630 01 Passing Parade
Willson-Nesbitt Summer Show 420707 02
Willson-Nesbitt Summer Show 420714 03
Willson-Nesbitt Summer Show 420721 04
Willson-Nesbitt Summer Show 420728 05
Willson-Nesbitt Summer Show 420804 06
Willson-Nesbitt Summer Show 420811 07 Wings On High
Willson-Nesbitt Summer Show 420818 08 Yankee Doodle Dandy March
Willson-Nesbitt Summer Show 420901 10 Manhattan Beach March
Willson-Nesbitt Summer Show 420908 11
Willson-Nesbitt Summer Show 420922 12 A Letter To Adolf Hitler



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