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 Jimmy Stewart Collection

2 MP3 CDs - 87 episodes

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"Lux Radio: Its a Wonderful Life"
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Jimmy Stewart

Jimmy Stewart MicBorn the son of a hardware store owner, Jimmy grew up atop Vinegar Hill in Indiana, Pennsylvania. As a young child, he enjoyed giving magic shows and plays in his parents' basement and sliding down the staircase on an Oriental rug. Under the watchful eye of the neighborhood barber, Jimmy learned to play the accordion, which helped him slip his little foot into the show business door.

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Before breaking into Broadway plays, James Stewart played an accordian in a tearoom. His little-known skill was featured in the 1955 film The Man from Laramie.
After getting a degree in architecture during the depression, Jimmy became resident accordionist with the University Players from Falmouth, Massachusetts. He went on Broadway with them in "Good-Bye Again and "Carrie Nation. After working a brief stint at the family hardware store, Jimmy played in several more Broadway plays and hot footed it to Hollywood to play in his first film in 1935, "Murder Man with Spencer Tracy. He was in 24 films during the next four blissful Hollywood years.

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Jimmy always loved the radio and appeared in many shows over a period of 66 years. He frequently made appearances on Lux Radio Theater, including a dramatization of "It's a Wonderful Life. He also played many parts in Screen Guild Theater. The show ruled that all actors donated their salaries to the Motion Picture Relief Fun to help support the Motion Picture Country Home that housed retired actors. Stewart also hosted Good News of 1938 and 1939, which was an outlet to promote MGM stars' new pictures and personalities.

Jimmy StewartBefore going overseas to serve in the Army Air Corp during WWII, Stewart made several radio appearances in various shows in support of the war. One popular show was We Hold These Truths, which celebrated the 150 th birthday of the Bill of Rights in 1941. Over 60 million Americans tuned in to hear the show, setting a record for the largest radio audience. Stewart gave a speech and presented the Pres, FDR, on the show.

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In 1948, James Stewart made his homecoming performance on Theater Guild of the Air in "The Philadelphia Story." He also appeared in several variety shows such as Bing Crosby and Bob Hope's shows. In the 1950s, he went on to star in a popular western radio show, Six Shooter. From his humble accordion-wielding-hardware-and-doorknob-selling beginning to his glorious days as a great film and radio star, James Stewart has become one of the most well known and loved Pennsylvanians of all time.

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Jimmy Stewart Collection Disk 1 - Guest Appearances and Special Performances
46 shows - total playtime 28 hours 23 minutes

Bill Stern 480723 e456 Jimmy Stewart Subs
Bill Stern 501020 572 12th Anniversary Show
Bing Crosby 480310 James Stewart
Bing Crosby 491214 012 Chesterfield w C Richards & J Ste
Bob Hope 530128 W Jimmy Stewart
Cavalcade Of America 451112 453 A Sailor Who Had To Have
Family 470213 e001 Flight from Home
Good News 371223 008 Rosalie
Good News 371230 009 w Myrna Loy
Good News 380210 015 w Frank Morgan
Good News 390302 062 w Joan Crawford 0scratchy Dis
Guest Star 023 James Stewart
Hollywood Hotel 361218 One In A Million
Lux 370614 137 Madame X
Lux 410210 294 The Moon's Our Home
Lux 420720 361 The Philadelphia Story
Lux 451105 501 Destry Rides Again
Lux 470310 563 It's a Wonderful Life
Lux 471215 Magic Town
Lux 490829 666 June Bride
NBCUT 490508 039 Red Badge Of Courage
Plays For Americans 420315 07 Letter At Midnight
Radio Fillers 32 Born to Dance (1936) Jimmy Stewart
Reader's Digest 480318 106 One Way To Broadway
Red Cross Jimmy Stewart & Bob Hope
Screen Guild Theater 390312 010 Tailored By Toni
Screen Guild Theater 400211 043 Single Crossing
Screen Guild Theater 400929 054 Shop Around the Corner
Screen Guild Theater 470317 339 Philadelphia Story
SDP 490508 e018 It's a Wonderful Life
SDP 491209 e046 Call Northside 777
SDP 500106 e050 Magic Town
SDP 510329 e096 Next Time We Love
Sealtest 490526 35 James Stewart
Silver Theater 371003 (01) First Love Part 1
Silver Theater 371010 (02) First Love Part 2
Silver Theater 371017 (03) First Love Part 3
Silver Theater 371024 (04) First Love Part 4
Silver Theater 381023 (04) Up from the Darkness Part 1
Silver Theater 381030 (05) Up from the Darkness Part 2
Silver Theater 390122 (17) Misty Mountain Part 1
Silver Theater 390129 (18) Misty Mountain Part 2
Spns341 490519 Consequence
Spns361 491201 Mission Completed
Theat Of Rom 451120 073 No Time for Comedy
We Hold These Truths411215 Bill of Rights Day

Jimmy Stewart Collection Disk 2 - Complete series of SIX SHOOTER -
41 shows - total playtime 20 hours 26 minutes

Six Shooter 00 520413 Hollywood Star Playhouse
Six Shooter 00 530715 Audition Program
Six Shooter 01 530920 Jenny
Six Shooter 02 530927 The Coward
Six Shooter 03 531004 The Stampede
Six Shooter 04 531011 Silver Annie
Six Shooter 05 531018 Rink Larkin
Six Shooter 06 531025 Red Lawson's Revenge
Six Shooter 07 531101 Ben Scofield
Six Shooter 08 531108 Capture Of Stacy Gault
Six Shooter 09 531115 Escape From Smoke Falls
Six Shooter 10 531122 Gabriel Starbuck
Six Shooter 11 531129 Sheriff Billy
Six Shooter 12 531206 A Pressing Engagement
Six Shooter 13 531213 More Than Kin
Six Shooter 14 531220 Britt Ponset's Christmas
Six Shooter 15 531227 Cora Plummer Quincy
Six Shooter 16 540103 A Friend In Need
Six Shooter 17 540110 Hiram's Goldstrike
Six Shooter 18 540117 The Silver Buckle
Six Shooter 19 540124 Helen Bricker
Six Shooter 20 540131 Trail To Sunset
Six Shooter 21 540207 Apron Faced Sorrel
Six Shooter 22 540214 Quiet City
Six Shooter 23 540221 Battle At Tower Rock
Six Shooter 24 540307 Cheyenne Express
Six Shooter 25 540314 Thicker Than Water
Six Shooter 26 540321 Duel at Lockwood
Six Shooter 27 540401 Aunt Em
Six Shooter 28 540408 General Gillford's Widow
Six Shooter 29 540415 Crises At Easter Creek
Six Shooter 30 540422 Johnny Springer
Six Shooter 31 540429 Revenge At Harness Creek
Six Shooter 32 540506 Anna Norquest
Six Shooter 33 540513 The Double Seven
Six Shooter 34 540520 The Shooting Of Wyatt King
Six Shooter 35 540527 Blood Relations
Six Shooter 36 540603 Silver Threads
Six Shooter 37 540610 The New Sheriff
Six Shooter 38 540617 When The Shoe Doesn't Fit
Six Shooter 39 540624 Myra Barker



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