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 It Pays to Be Ignorant

2 MP3 CDs - 77 episodes

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"Married Men Live Longer"
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It Pays to Be Ignorant
Quiz Show Spoof (1942 - 51)

IT PAYS TO BE IGNORANT - tonight at 8 pm 30 minutes of hilarious fun IT PAYS TO BE IGNORANT the only quiz program with a a completely dumb board of experts presented by Philip MorrisDuring the height of radio, quiz shows were the staple of the radio community. From Quiz Kids to Information, Please, radio was saturated with 30-minute shows that pinned contestants versus contestants in a battle for intellectual supremacy. So, when It Pays to be Ignorant came along, it provided a breath of fresh air for the radio society; but the show was unlike any other quiz show transmitted through the airway.

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As much a comedy show as a quiz show, It Pays to Be Ignorant was the buffoon's version of a quiz show. The three quizinheimers were George Shelton, Lulu McConnell and Harry McNaughton. The quizmaster was Tom Howard. As Dunning summaries in his "On the Air, The Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio," The three nitwits who made up the "board of experts" spent most of the time trying to figure out what the questions were, between rambling monologues, irrelevancies, and rude interruptions. The questions were as moronic as the panel." Although Dunning is not amused, the show was very popular for nearly a decade, and kept the nation laughing along with the live broadcast audience.

 Harry McNaughton
Harry McNaughton
For a half-hour each week the show careened along its way, haphazardly maintaining the semblance of quiz while really offering a vaudeville celebration of the best ways to get off a joke or zinger before the next guy.

There was a young writer named Ruth, who was the daughter of a vaudevillian, Tom Howard. When her radio program director boyfriend Bob Howell came up with the goofy idea of a radio panel show like "Information, Please," but with experts dumber than the contestants, Ruth ran with it, thinking that her dear old Dad, might get a part if Bob ever actually got to do the show. The show was picked up by Mutual. The "expert panel" parts finally did go to three drawn from the ranks of vaudeville. Lulu's McConnell's character was abrasive in demeanor and raucous in tone. Tom Howard's gravel voice was equally rank as the quizmaster. Harry McNaughton was an Englishman who made a vain attempt at propriety, and always failed. George Shelton had been Tom Howell's partner on the stage, and still got off a running patter. The three "experts" were like the Three Stooges doing a quiz show, but less formal.

yTom Howard
Tom Howard

The show was panned as it got started, but the public thought it was a hoot. Not the owl kind of course. Actually, it barely paid to be ignorant on the show, as the questions were pulled from a dunce cap, fumbled with, and if answered correctly, the winnings were so little as to be positively hilarious. But who cared what the answers were? The chaos of the show might now be considered positively prescient, as the devolution of formal entertainment, and ad lib humor are both still very popular today in our new century of multimedia choices. As for Bob and Ruth Howell, they got married sometime during a crazy dream come true, and together they laughed happily ever after.

"Information, Please," the lampoonee, is also available for your auditory perusal. For more free-form humor, please see You Bet Your Life, I'm Sorry, I'll Read that Again, and The Goon Show, which can be found at the bottom of the I'm Sorry page, and even more obscure, two rare episodes of The Jack Webb Show is part of the Jack Webb Collection.

For more quiz show fun, see also: The Game Show Collection, Twenty Questions, You Bet Your Life, Quiz Kids, and Information Please.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 50 shows - total playtime 24 hours 7 minutes

IPTBI 431004 What Beverage Do We Get From Tea Leaves
IPTBI 440110 What Is a Cubist
IPTBI 440117 Snow Storm
IPTBI 440207 What Is A Longnette
IPTBI 440414 What Is ANightmare AFRS
IPTBI 440421 How Do You Keep The Back Door From Slamming AFRS
IPTBI 440428 When Is AWatermelon AVegetable AFRS
IPTBI 440714 How Do You Keep Milk From Souring AFRS
IPTBI 440804 What Color Is the Old Grey Mare
IPTBI 440818 What Is An Optimist
IPTBI 440825 What Is An Optimist AFRS
IPTBI 440901 What Didthe Dog Say AFRS
IPTBI 440908 How Can You Tell AJersey Cow AFRS
IPTBI 440915 What Doesa Candy Salesman Sell AFRS
IPTBI 440922 Whyis Marriage Like Taking ABath AFRS
IPTBI 440929 Why Do Some People Eat With Their Knives AFRS
IPTBI 441006 Why Do People Eat Garlic AFRS
IPTBI 441013 Do Married Men Live Longer Than Single Men AFRS
IPTBI 441020 Why Does AChicken Cross The Street AFRS
IPTBI 441027 Can ALetter Box AFRS
IPTBI 441103 Whatisa Swimming Pool AFRS
IPTBI 441110 What Happens When You Eat Garlic AFRS
IPTBI 441117 Whyis Kissing AGirl Like Openinga Bottle of Olives AFRS
IPTBI 441201 Whatisa Gentleman AFRS
IPTBI 441208 What Kindofa Person Lives The Longest AFRS
IPTBI 441215 Whatisa Duck AFRS
IPTBI 441222 What Is ABlotter AFRS
IPTBI 441229 Whatisa New Years Resolution
IPTBI 450105 What Do We Call The Inhabitants Of Egypt AFRS
IPTBI 450209 What Do You Call AMan Unlucky In Love AFRS
IPTBI 450223 What Is A Flirt AFRS
IPTBI 450323 Why Is ARoom Full Of Married People Empty AFRS
IPTBI 450406 Do You Believe In Clubs For Women AFRS
IPTBI 450427 What Is ADetour AFRS
IPTBI 450500 What is a Revolver AFRS
IPTBI 450511 Is It Bad Luck To Postponea Wedding AFRS
IPTBI 450525 What Is Liberty AFRS
IPTBI 450601 What Is AShyster Lawyer AFRS
IPTBI 450622 What Is AFemale Bachelor AFRS
IPTBI 450629 What Isthe Difference Betweena Married Mananda Bachelor AFRS
IPTBI 450706 What Is ABigamist AFRS
IPTBI 450720 Who Was Rip Van Winkle AFRS
IPTBI 450803 What Are Millionaires AFRS 1 stpart
IPTBI 450824 What Is Etiquette AFRS
IPTBI 450907 What Is Love AFRS
IPTBI 450921 Whenisa Watermelona Vegetable AFRS
IPTBI 451005 What Is AWindow AFRS
IPTBI 451012 What Is Alimony AFRS
IPTBI 451019 What Is ACowhide Used For AFRS
IPTBI 451109 How Does AStove Feel When Its Full Of Coal

Volume 2: 27 shows - total playtime 12 hours 54 minutes

IPTBI 451123 What Is A Window Screen AFRS
IPTBI 451130 What Is ARussian Dancer AFRS
IPTBI 451207 Whatis AMotherin Law AFRS
IPTBI 451221 What Isthe Color Ofthe Little Red Schoolhouse AFRS
IPTBI 460104 What Did The Baggy Pants Leg Say To The Other AFRS
IPTBI 460104 What Is AHospitable Dog AFRS
IPTBI 460111 Why Are Women Like The Ocean AFRS
IPTBI 460208 What Is ABargain Sale AFRS
IPTBI 460215 How Much Milk Willa Quart Bottle Hold
IPTBI 460222 What Does ABee Get In Flowers
IPTBI 460301 What Is AFox AFRS
IPTBI 460308 What Happened In 1776 AFRS
IPTBI 460517 What Is ANightclub AFRS
IPTBI 460628 Where Dothe Bugs Go In Their Wintertime AFRS
IPTBI 460830 Whatisa Bargain Sale AFRS
IPTBI 470124 What Is a Misleading Figure
IPTBI 470307 What Are Women Wearing In Shoes This Year
IPTBI 470328 Whatisa Dentist
IPTBI 480205 Why Do Wedding Bells Ring
IPTBI 480918 What Is ABlotter
IPTBI 481023 Why Is A Man Likea Worm
IPTBI 481030 What Is A Love Seat
IPTBI 490123 How Can You Makea Woman Keep Her Mouth Shut
IPTBI 500913 Why Is AMan Like AWorm
IPTBI 510704 What Happens Whena Race Track Gets Flooded
IPTBI 520106 What Is A Mother In Law Sandwich AFRS
IPTBI 520113 What Happans Whena Racetrack Gets Flooded AFRS



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