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 High Adventure

1 MP3 CD - 27 episodes


"East Side Beat"
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George SandersNone of the Old Time Radio networks had a hold on romantic adventure like the Columbia Broadcasting System. The other networks certainly made the attempt to get a foot hold in the genre, but it would have been difficult for anyone to compete with his like The Whistler, Suspense, and Escape.

High Adventure is sometimes billed "The Mutual Network's answer toEscape!" In fact, the Mutual anthology premiered on Mar 1, 1947. There were audition episodes for Escape at the end of Feb and the middle of March, 1947, but the program did not begin regular broadcast until July. Some reviewers consider Escape to be Suspense's little brother. In that line of thinking, High Adventure could be thought of as a distant cousin.

Mutual started the show in the Saturday evening, 9:30 time slot, and bounced it around until Jan 21, 1949, when the show moved to Old Spice AdSunday afternoons on NBC (Mutual Network shows were notorious for developing a following and then moving to one of the more established networks). They landed Old Spice Aftershave as a sponsor.

The High Adventure scripts were based on original stories, in contrast to the many adaptations found on Escape. The shows used little subtlety in reaching towards a masculine audience. The stories were written an a realistic, remarkably believable style. High Adventure was the defining moment in the protagonist's life, and the outcome of the story would often hinge on his strength of character as much as his luck or expertise.

The episodes feature the music of the High Adventure orchestra, but the music takes a backseat to the language of the characters and the sound effects in establishing an extraordinarily realistic atmosphere. The realism is the most striking element of High Adventure. A major league baseball catcher and pitcher in one episode play for a fictional team, but the pennant race and locker room interaction are highly believable. In another episode, the hiss of air-compressors and the clanging of brass dive helmets in a deep-sea diving episode take the listener to the deck of the boat in the sunny Caribbean. Listeners hear a cross-country semi-truck going through its upshifts.

NBC dropped High Adventure at the end of the 1950 season. Mutual retooled the show in Jan, 1953. The new version of the program featured George Sanders as narrator.  This collection contains both the US and South African broadcasts.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

27 shows - total playtime 12 hours 4 minutes

High Adventure 470322 004 Waysville
High Adventure 480407 055 Barrier
High Adventure 481204 Flood Tide, Ebb Time
High Adventure 500409 Inside Story
High Adventure 500507 Wild Pitch
High Adventure 500924 East Side Beat
High Adventure 501008 Metamorphicide
High Adventure 530120 Bottom Of The Hill
High Adventure 540216 191 Cold Storage
High Adventure 540330 197 Walks Like A Man
High Adventure Sa 690614 Critical Point 001
High Adventure Sa 690614 Critical Point
High Adventure Sa 690628 Tea Kettle 001
High Adventure Sa 690712 Fireflies And Gunfire 001
High Adventure Sa 690719 Magazine At Delhi 001
High Adventure Sa 690726 Keeper Of Tomb 001
High Adventure Sa 690809 Arctic Treasure 001
High Adventure Sa 690809 Arctic Treasure
High Adventure Sa 690823 River Of Evil
High Adventure Sa 700131 Drums Along River
High Adventure Sa 730111 Madness In Air
High Adventure Sa 730612 Assignment In Moscow
High Adventure Sa 731029 Where Do We Find Such Men
High Adventure Sa Day Of Jackdaw
High Adventure Sa East Side Beat
High Adventure Sa Flood Time Ebb Time
High Adventure Sa Inside Story



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