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Heatwave Old Time Radio Shows

Hot Thermometer

When the weather outside heats up, so does the drama, crime, and even comedy in old time radio! Please enjoy these steamy old time radio shows free to download from the Heat Wave Collection. Old Time Radio FanRead about each episode and enjoy a cool glass of lemonade in front of a fan!


Archie Andrews - (Comedy)

"Suffering from Heat " from August 7, 1948
Archie's dad is all steamed up on a hot day while Archie and Jughead try to keep him cool!



Fibber McGee - (Comedy)

"Selling Umbrellas During a Heatwave " from April 1, 1952
Fibber McGee has a get rich quick scheme selling umbrellas!




Suspense - (Horror/Mystery)

"Inferno" from October 16, 1960
On a cross country drive, a young couple is deserted in the desolate desert heat.



Sleep No More - (Horror/Mystery)

"August Heat " from November 28, 1956
An artist caught in a heatwave finds a gravestone with his name already engraved!


Enjoy all these show sand more
tales of summer heat from the
Heat Wave Collection on MP3 CD!

Heat Wave CD


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