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"Chester's Mistake"
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(1952 - 61)

Sam EdwardsGunsmoke, on radio from 1952-1961, is perhaps the greatest radio drama of all - not just the best western radio drama. It is a perfect example of all the elements of creative broadcast radio coming together week after week to create a place and time in your mind (Dodge City, mid-1880's or so), populated with living people who you grow to know personally and care about. Chester, Doc, Kitty and Matt Dillon, US Marshal, "the first man they look for, and the last they want to meet." become as real to us as our neighbors.

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The cast featured Parley Baer as Chester, Howard McNear (who went on to be Floyd the Barber on TV's Andy Griffith Show) as Doc, and Georgia Ellis as Kitty, The weekly supporting casts were always well drawn and believable. Producer/director Norm Macdonnell, the creative genius who made the show what it was, always took care that everything sounded just right.

William Conrad, already a major radio actor with terrific work on Escape, was at first overlooked as being ubiquitous. But they tested him anyway, and he was Matt Dillon right from the start. The role became Conrad's greatest achievement, and must be considered as perhaps the best portrayal of show character ever heard on radio. Conrad was distraught that he wasn't considered to play Matt Dillon on TV, being short and heavy, but he went on to a solid career in TV (best remembered for the series Cannon).

Sound engineers Ray Kemper, and Tom Hanley, along with producer and director, Norman Macdonnell
Sound engineers Ray Kemper, and Tom Hanley,
along with producer/director Norman Macdonnell.
The old time radio show is Gunsmoke at its most creative and varied. The gritty dialog of the superb scripts, the honest acting, sound effects and music makes Dodge as real as any place ever created on radio. For example, Kitty's saloon scenes featured a real honky-tonk "pieannah" being played live in a crowd of extras as the show was transcribed. Gunshots were the authentic weapons recorded and carefully mixed. The staff was the best in the business.

Happily, we have the whole run of the old time radio show, so "the story of the violence that moved west with young America, and the story of a man who moved with it" will live on.

See also: Best of Gunsmoke Collection for some of OTRCAT's favorite epsiodes of this classic western show.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1 - 80 shows - total playtime 39 hours 18 minutes
Guns 490611 1st Audition Show Dillon Goes Gouge Eye
Guns 490713 2nd Audition Show Dillon Goes Gouge Eye
Guns 520426 ep001 Billy The Kid
Guns 520510 ep003 Jaliscoe
Guns 520524 ep005 Slades Saloon
Guns 520531 ep006 Carmen
Guns 520607 ep007 Buffalo Killers
Guns 520705 ep011 Never Pester Chester
Guns 520712 ep012 Boughten Bride
Guns 520719 ep013 Doc Holiday
Guns 520726 ep014 Gentlemans Disagreement
Guns 520802 ep015 Renegade White
Guns 520809 ep016 Kentucky Tolmans
Guns 520816 ep017 Lynching
Guns 520823 ep018 Shakespeare
Guns 520830 ep019 Juniper Tree
Guns 520906 ep020 Brothers
Guns 520913 ep021 Home Surgery
Guns 520920 ep022 Drop Dead
Guns 520926 AUD The Railroad
Guns 521003 ep024 Cain
Guns 521010 ep025 Hinkado
Guns 521017 ep026 Lochinvar
Guns 521024 ep027 Mortgage
Guns 521031 ep028 Overland Express
Guns 521107 ep029 Tara
Guns 521114 ep030 Square Triangle
Guns 521121 ep031 Fingered
Guns 521129 ep032 Kitty
Guns 521206 ep033 I Dont Know
Guns 521213 ep034 Post Martin
Guns 521220 ep035 Xmas Story
Guns 521227 ep036 Cabin
Guns 530103 ep037 Westbound
Guns 530110 ep038 Word Of Honor
Guns 530117 ep039 Paid Killer
Guns 530124 ep040 Old Lady
Guns 530131 ep041 Cavalcade
Guns 530207 ep042 Cain
Guns 530214 ep043 Roundup
Guns 530221 ep044 Meshougah
Guns 530228 ep045 Trojan War
Guns 530307 ep046 Absalom
Guns 530314 ep047 Cyclone
Guns 530321 ep048 Pussy Cats
Guns 530328 ep049 Quarter Horse
Guns 530404 ep050 Jayhawkers
Guns 530411 ep051 Gonif
Guns 530418 ep052 Bums Rush
Guns 530425 ep053 Soldier
Guns 530502 ep054 Tacetta
Guns 530509 ep055 Buffalo Hunter
Guns 530516 ep056 Big Con
Guns 530523 ep057 Print Asper
Guns 530530 ep058 Fall Semester
Guns 530606 ep059 Sundown
Guns 530613 ep060 Spring Term
Guns 530620 ep061 Wind
Guns 530627 ep062 Flashback
Guns 530704 ep063 Dirt
Guns 530711 ep064 Grass
Guns 530718 ep065 Wild West
Guns 530725 ep066 Hickock
Guns 530801 ep067 Boy
Guns 530808 AUD Sky
Guns 530808 ep068 Sky
Guns 530815 AUD Moon
Guns 530815 ep069 Moon
Guns 530822 ep070 Gone Straight
Guns 530829 ep071 Jesse
Guns 530905 ep072 Sutler
Guns 530912 ep073 Prairie Happy
Guns 530919 ep074 There Wasnt A Horse
Guns 530926 ep075 Fawn
Guns 531003 ep076 How To Kill A Friend
Guns 531010 ep077 How To Die For Nothing
Guns 531017 ep078 Yorky
Guns 531024 ep079 Buffalo Hunter
Guns 531031 ep080 How To Kill A Woman
Guns 531107 ep081 Stolen Horses
Volume 2 - 80 shows - total playtime 36 hours 16 minutes

Guns 531114 ep082 Professor Lute Bone
Guns 531121 ep083 Custer
Guns 531128 ep084 Kick Me
Guns 531205 ep085 Lamb
Guns 531212 ep086 Cast
Guns 531219 ep087 Big Girl Lost
Guns 531226 ep088 Guitar
Guns 540102 ep089 Stage Holdup
Guns 540109 ep090 Jokes On Us
Guns 540116 ep091 Bear
Guns 540123 ep092 Nina
Guns 540130 ep093 Gunsmuggler
Guns 540206 ep094 Big Broad
Guns 540213 ep095 Killer
Guns 540220 ep096 Last Fling
Guns 540227 ep097 Bad Boy
Guns 540306 ep098 Gentleman
Guns 540313 ep099 Confederate Money
Guns 540320 ep100 Old Friend
Guns 540327 ep101 Blood Money
Guns 540403 ep102 Mr. And Mrs. Amber
Guns 540410 ep103 Greater Love
Guns 540417 ep104 What Whisky Drummer Heard
Guns 540424 ep105 Murder Warrant
Guns 540501 ep106 Cara
Guns 540504 AUD Coverup
Guns 540505 AUD Going Bad
Guns 540508 ep107 Constable
Guns 540515 ep108 Indian Horse
Guns 540522 ep109 Monopoly
Guns 540529 ep110 Feud
Guns 540605 ep111 Blacksmith
Guns 540612 ep112 Cover Up
Guns 540619 ep113 Going Bad
Guns 540626 ep114 Claustrophobia
Guns 540703 ep115 Word Of Honor
Guns 540705 ep116 Hack Prine
Guns 540712 ep117 Texas Cowboys
Guns 540719 ep118 Queue
Guns 540726 ep119 Matt For Murder
Guns 540802 ep120 No Indians
Guns 540809 ep121 Joe Phy
Guns 540816 ep122 Mavis Mccloud
Guns 540823 ep123 Young Man With A Gun
Guns 540830 ep124 Obie Tater
Guns 540906 ep125 Promise Aka Handcuffs
Guns 540913 ep126 Dooley Surrenders
Guns 540920 ep127 F. U.
Guns 540927 ep128 Helping Hand
Guns 541002 ep129 Matt Gets It
Guns 541009 ep130 Love Of A Good Woman
Guns 541016 ep131 Kitty Caught
Guns 541023 ep132 Ma Tennis
Guns 541030 ep133 Patsy
Guns 541106 ep134 Smoking Out Beedles
Guns 541113 ep135 Wrong Man
Guns 541120 ep136 How To Kill A Woman
Guns 541127 ep137 Cooter
Guns 541204 ep138 Cholera
Guns 541211 ep139 Bone Hunters
Guns 541218 ep140 Magnus
Guns 541225 ep141 Kitty Lost
Guns 550101 ep142 Bottle Man
Guns 550108 ep143 Robin Hood
Guns 550115 ep144 Chesters Murder
Guns 550122 ep145 Sins Of Fathers
Guns 550129 ep146 Young Love
Guns 550205 ep147 Cheyennes
Guns 550212 ep148 Chesters Hanging
Guns 550219 ep149 Poor Pearl
Guns 550226 ep150 Crackup
Guns 550305 ep151 Kites Reward
Guns 550312 ep152 Trial
Guns 550319 ep153 Mistake
Guns 550326 ep154 Horse Deal
Guns 550402 ep155 Bloody Hands
Guns 550409 ep156 Skid Row
Guns 550416 ep157 Gypsum Hills Feud
Guns 550423 ep158 Born To Hang
Guns 550430 ep159 Reward For Matt

Volume 3 - 80 shows - total playtime 34 hours 52 minutes

Guns 550507 ep160 Potato Road
Guns 550514 ep161 Robber Bridegroom
Guns 550521 ep162 Liar From Blackhawk
Guns 550528 ep163 Cow Doctor
Guns 550604 ep164 Jealousy
Guns 550611 ep165 Trust
Guns 550618 ep166 Reed Survives
Guns 550625 ep167 Army Trial
Guns 550702 ep168 General Parsley Smith
Guns 550709 ep169 Uncle Oliver
Guns 550716 ep170 Twenty Twenty
Guns 550723 ep171 Ben Tollivers Stud
Guns 550730 ep172 Tap Day For Kitty
Guns 550806 ep173 Innocent Broad
Guns 550813 ep174 Johnny Red
Guns 550820 ep175 Indian Scout
Guns 550827 ep176 Doc Quits
Guns 550903 ep177 Change Of Heart
Guns 550910 ep178 Alarm At Pleasant Valley
Guns 550917 ep179 Thoroughbreds
Guns 550924 ep180 Indian White
Guns 551001 ep181 Barton Boy
Guns 551008 ep182 Good Girl Bad Company
Guns 551009 ep183 Coward
Guns 551016 ep184 Trouble In Kansas
Guns 551023 ep185 Brush At Elkader
Guns 551030 ep186 Choice
Guns 551106 ep187 Second Choice
Guns 551113 ep188 Preacher
Guns 551120 ep189 Dutch George
Guns 551127 ep190 Amys Good Deed
Guns 551204 ep191 Sunny Afternoon
Guns 551211 ep192 Land Deal
Guns 551218 ep193 Scared Kid
Guns 551225 ep194 Twelfth Night
Guns 560101 ep195 Puckets New Year
Guns 560108 ep196 Docs Revenge
Guns 560115 ep197 How To Cure A Friend
Guns 560122 ep198 Romeo
Guns 560129 ep199 Bureaucrat
Guns 560205 ep200 Legal Revenge
Guns 560212 ep201 Kittys Outlaw
Guns 560215 AUD New Hotel
Guns 560219 ep202 New Hotel
Guns 560226 ep203 Who Lives By Sword
Guns 560304 ep204 Hunter
Guns 560311 ep205 Bringing Down Father
Guns 560318 ep206 Man Who Would Be Marshal
Guns 560325 ep207 Hanging Man
Guns 560401 ep208 How To Sell A Ranch
Guns 560408 ep209 Widows Mite
Guns 560415 ep210 Executioner
Guns 560422 ep211 Indian Crazy
Guns 560429 ep212 Docs Reward
Guns 560506 ep213 Photographer
Guns 560513 ep214 Cows And Cribs
Guns 560520 ep215 Buffalo Man
Guns 560527 ep216 Man Hunter
Guns 560603 ep217 Pacifist
Guns 560610 ep218 Daddyo
Guns 560617 ep219 Cheap Labor
Guns 560624 ep220 Sunday Supplement
Guns 560701 ep221 Gun For Chester
Guns 560708 ep222 Passive Resistance
Guns 560715 ep223 Letter Of Law
Guns 560722 ep224 Lynching Man
Guns 560729 ep225 Lost Rifle
Guns 560805 ep226 Sweet And Sour
Guns 560812 ep227 Snakebite
Guns 560819 ep228 Annie Oakley
Guns 560826 ep229 No Sale
Guns 560902 ep230 Old Pal
Guns 560909 ep231 Belles Back
Guns 560916 ep232 Thick N Thin
Guns 560923 ep233 Box O Rocks
Guns 560930 ep234 Brothers
Guns 561007 ep235 Gambler
Guns 561014 ep236 Gunshot Wound
Guns 561021 ep237 Til Death Do Us
Guns 561028 ep238 Dirty Bills Girl

Volume 4 - 80 shows - total playtime 30 hours 39 minutes

Guns 561110 ep239 Crowbait Bob
Guns 561111 ep240 Pretty Mama
Guns 561118 ep241 Brother Whelp
Guns 561125 ep242 Tail To Wind
Guns 561202 ep243 Speak To Me Fair
Guns 561209 ep244 Braggarts Boy
Guns 561216 ep245 Cherry Red
Guns 561223 ep246 Beekers Barn
Guns 561230 ep247 Hound Dog
Guns 570106 ep248 Devils Hindmost
Guns 570113 ep249 Ozymandias
Guns 570120 ep250 Categorical Imperative
Guns 570127 ep251 Woman Called Mary
Guns 570203 ep252 Cold Fire
Guns 570210 ep253 Hellbent Harriet
Guns 570217 ep254 Doubtful Zone
Guns 570224 ep255 Impact
Guns 570303 ep256 Colleen So Green
Guns 570310 ep257 Grebb Hassle
Guns 570317 ep258 Spring Freshet
Guns 570324 ep259 Saddle Sore Sal
Guns 570331 ep260 Chicken Smith
Guns 570407 ep261 Rock Bottom
Guns 570414 ep262 Saludos
Guns 570421 ep263 Bear Trap
Guns 570428 ep264 Medicine Man
Guns 570505 ep265 How To Kill A Friend
Guns 570512 ep266 Sheep Dog
Guns 570519 ep267 One Night Stand
Guns 570526 ep268 Pal
Guns 570602 ep269 Ben Tollivers Stud
Guns 570609 ep270 Dodge Podge
Guns 570616 ep271 Summer Night
Guns 570623 ep272 Home Surgery
Guns 570630 ep273 Buffalo Hunter
Guns 570707 ep274 Word Of Honor
Guns 570714 ep275 Bloody Hands
Guns 570721 ep276 Kitty Caught
Guns 570728 ep277 Cow Doctor
Guns 570804 ep278 Big Hands
Guns 570811 ep279 Jayhawkers
Guns 570818 ep280 Peace Officer
Guns 570825 ep281 Grass
Guns 570901 ep282 Jobes Son
Guns 570908 ep283 Looney Mccluny
Guns 570915 ep284 Child Labor
Guns 570922 ep285 Custer
Guns 570929 ep286 Another Mans Poison
Guns 571006 ep287 Rooks
Guns 571013 ep288 Margin
Guns 571020 ep289 Professor Lute Bone
Guns 571027 ep290 Man And Boy
Guns 571103 ep291 Bull
Guns 571110 ep292 Gun Shy
Guns 571117 ep293 Queue
Guns 571124 ep294 Odd Man Out
Guns 571201 ep295 Juds Woman
Guns 571208 ep296 Long As I Live
Guns 571215 ep297 Ugly
Guns 571228 ep298 Twelfth Night
Guns 571229 ep299 They Go
Guns 580105 ep300 Puckets New Year
Guns 580112 ep301 Second Son
Guns 580119 ep302 Moo Moo Raid
Guns 580126 ep303 One For Lee
Guns 580202 ep304 Kittys Killing
Guns 580209 ep305 Jokes On Us
Guns 580216 ep306 Brugers Folly
Guns 580223 ep307 Surgery
Guns 580302 ep308 Guitar
Guns 580309 ep309 Laughing Gas
Guns 580316 ep310 Real Sent Sonny
Guns 580323 ep311 Indian
Guns 580330 ep312 Why Not
Guns 580406 ep313 Yorky
Guns 580413 ep314 Livvies Loss
Guns 580420 ep315 Partners
Guns 580427 ep316 Squaw
Guns 580510 ep317 How To Die For Nothing
Guns 580511 ep318 Little Bird

Volume 5 - 80 shows - total playtime 32 hours 28 minutes

Guns 580518 ep319 Stallion
Guns 580525 ep320 Blue Horse
Guns 580601 ep321 Quarter Horse
Guns 580608 ep322 Hot Horse Hyatt
Guns 580615 ep323 Old Flame
Guns 580622 ep324 Target
Guns 580629 ep325 What Whisky Drummer Heard
Guns 580706 ep326 Chesters Choice
Guns 580713 ep327 Proving Kid
Guns 580720 ep328 Marshal Proudfoot
Guns 580727 ep329 Cast
Guns 580803 ep330 Miguels Daughter
Guns 580810 ep331 House Aint A Home
Guns 580817 ep332 Piano
Guns 580824 ep333 Blacksmith
Guns 580831 ep334 I Thee Wed
Guns 580907 ep335 Tried It Didnt Like It
Guns 580914 ep336 False Witness
Guns 580921 ep337 Big Girl Lost
Guns 580928 ep338 Kittys Rebellion
Guns 581005 ep339 Tag Youre It
Guns 581012 ep340 Docs Showdown
Guns 581019 ep341 Kick Me
Guns 581026 ep342 Tragedian
Guns 581102 ep343 Old Mans Gold
Guns 581109 ep344 Target Chester
Guns 581116 ep345 Brush At Elkader
Guns 581123 ep346 Correspondent
Guns 581130 ep347 Burning Wagon
Guns 581207 ep348 Grass Asp
Guns 581214 ep349 Kittys Injury
Guns 581221 ep350 They Go
Guns 581228 ep351 Choice
Guns 590104 ep352 Coward
Guns 590111 ep353 Wolfer
Guns 590118 ep354 Kangaroo
Guns 590125 ep355 Boots
Guns 590201 ep356 Bobsy Twins
Guns 590208 ep357 Groats Grudge
Guns 590215 ep358 Body Snatch
Guns 590222 ep359 Sarahs Search
Guns 590301 ep360 Big Tom
Guns 590308 ep361 Maw Hawkins
Guns 590315 ep362 Incident At Indian Ford
Guns 590322 ep363 Trial
Guns 590329 ep364 Lauries Suitor
Guns 590405 ep365 Trappers Revenge
Guns 590412 ep366 Chesters Mistake
Guns 590419 ep367 Third Son
Guns 590426 ep368 Badge
Guns 590503 ep369 Unwanted Deputy
Guns 590510 ep370 Dowagers Visit
Guns 590517 ep371 Scared Boy
Guns 590524 ep372 Wagon Show
Guns 590531 ep373 Deserter
Guns 590607 ep374 Docs Indians
Guns 590614 ep375 Kittys Kidnap
Guns 590621 ep376 Carmen
Guns 590628 ep377 Jailbait Janet
Guns 590705 ep378 Emmas Departure
Guns 590712 ep379 Friends Payoff
Guns 590719 ep380 Second Arrest
Guns 590726 ep381 Old Beller
Guns 590802 ep382 Ball Nine Take Your Base
Guns 590809 ep383 Mavis Mccloud
Guns 590816 ep384 Pokey Pete
Guns 590823 ep385 Reed Survives
Guns 590830 ep386 Shooting Stopover
Guns 590906 ep387 Matts Decision
Guns 590913 ep388 Johnny Red
Guns 590920 ep389 Gentlemens Disagreement
Guns 590927 ep390 Personal Justice
Guns 591004 ep391 Hinkado
Guns 591011 ep392 Kittys Quandary
Guns 591018 ep393 Mortgage
Guns 591025 ep394 Old Gunfighter
Guns 591101 ep395 Westbound
Guns 591108 ep396 Cavalcade
Guns 591115 ep397 Square Triangle
Guns 591122 ep398 Paid Killer

Volume 6 - 80 shows - total playtime 33 hours 55 minutes

Guns 591129 ep399 Hard Lesson
Guns 591206 ep400 Big Chugg Wilson
Guns 591213 ep401 Don Mateo
Guns 591220 ep402 Beekers Barn
Guns 591227 ep403 Puckets New Year
Guns 600103 ep404 Trojan War
Guns 600110 ep405 Lukes Law
Guns 600117 ep406 Fiery Arrest
Guns 600124 ep407 Bless Me Till I Die
Guns 600131 ep408 Chesters Dilemma
Guns 600207 ep409 Delias Father
Guns 600214 ep410 Distant Drummer
Guns 600221 ep411 Mr And Mrs Amber
Guns 600228 ep412 Prescribed Killing
Guns 600306 ep413 Blood Money
Guns 600313 ep414 Unloaded Gun
Guns 600320 ep415 Constable
Guns 600327 ep416 Indian Baby
Guns 600403 ep417 Greater Love
Guns 600410 ep418 Daves Lesson
Guns 600417 ep419 Solomon River
Guns 600424 ep420 Stage Snatch
Guns 600501 ep421 Nettie Sitton
Guns 600508 ep422 Wrong Man
Guns 600515 ep423 Tall Trapper
Guns 600522 ep424 Marryin Bertha
Guns 600529 ep425 Bad Seed
Guns 600605 ep426 Fabulous Silver Extender
Guns 600612 ep427 Kitty Accused
Guns 600626 ep429 Line Trouble
Guns 600703 ep430 Little Girl
Guns 600710 ep431 Reluctant Violence
Guns 600717 ep432 Bustedup Guns
Guns 600724 ep433 Imposter
Guns 600731 ep434 Stage Smash
Guns 600807 ep435 Old Fool
Guns 600814 ep436 Noose
Guns 600821 ep437 Dangerous Bath
Guns 600828 ep438 Tumbleweed
Guns 600904 ep439 Peace Officer
Guns 600911 ep440 About Chester
Guns 600918 ep441 Two Mothers
Guns 600925 ep442 Doc Judge
Guns 601002 ep443 Big Itch
Guns 601009 ep444 Born To Hang
Guns 601016 ep445 Crackup
Guns 601023 ep446 Newsmaam
Guns 601030 ep447 Never Pester Chester
Guns 601106 ep448 Jedros Woman
Guns 601113 ep449 Big Con
Guns 601120 ep450 Professor
Guns 601127 ep451 Dirt
Guns 601204 ep452 Kittys Good Neighboring
Guns 601211 ep453 Cook
Guns 601218 ep454 Heros Departure
Guns 601225 ep455 Minnie
Guns 610101 ep456 Spring Term
Guns 610108 ep457 Old Faces
Guns 610115 ep458 Wake
Guns 610122 ep459 Hard Virtue
Guns 610129 ep460 Harriet
Guns 610205 ep461 Love Of Money
Guns 610212 ep462 Daddyo
Guns 610219 ep463 Kitty Love
Guns 610226 ep464 Joe Sleet
Guns 610305 ep465 Melinda Miles
Guns 610312 ep466 Sweet And Sour
Guns 610319 ep467 Joe Phy
Guns 610326 ep468 No Indians
Guns 610402 ep469 Chesters Inheritance
Guns 610409 ep470 Hangmans Mistake
Guns 610416 ep471 Cooter
Guns 610423 ep472 Father And Son
Guns 610430 ep473 Exurbanites
Guns 610507 ep474 Mas Justice
Guns 610514 ep475 Lady Killer
Guns 610521 ep476 Chesters Rendezvous
Guns 610528 ep477 Sodbuster
Guns 610604 ep478 Cows And Cribs
Guns 610611 ep479 Docs Visitor
Guns 610618 ep480 Letter Of Law

Volume 7 - 29 shows - total playtime 12 hours 10 minutes

Guns Andy Gilman
Guns Bannocks Circus
Guns Ben Argo
Guns Billy Crail
Guns Dolly Varden
Guns Gort And Arlow
Guns Hannibal
Guns Harry Pope
Guns Hemaral Ticks And Ben Siple
Guns Hod Logan
Guns Laura Taggart
Guns Lee Dargan
Guns Lucy Middlecamp Sick
Guns Lynched
Guns Matlock Helps Matt Dillon
Guns Matt Silberts
Guns Mr. Mayhue
Guns Pasada
Guns Pete Balden
Guns Pueblo Gang
Guns Sally Bogan Lightly
Guns Sandy King
Guns Stobo And Trevit
Guns Tad Harley
Guns Tad Meddotus
Guns Teeters And Gridler
Guns Tom Cook
Guns Trooper Speare
Guns Vance Tover



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