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"Jake Is Upset"
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Gertrude Goldberg

Situation Comedy (1929 - 49)

The Goldbergs AdThe Goldbergs, who lived at 1030 East Tremont Avenue in the Bronx, appeared on radio from 1929 to 1946 and on television from 1949 to 1956. The show followed the daily life and struggles of a Jewish family living in a tenement in in the Bronx and, later, living in a more suburban area.

Gertrude BergGertrude Berg, who also developed and wrote the show, starred as Molly Goldberg, the stereotypical matriarch of the family.Though she played a stereotype, that doesn't mean that her stereotype was a bad thing. One Jewish pundit said that the series did more "to set us Jews right with the 'goyim' than all the sermons ever preached by the Rabbis."

Originally, the show was a 15 minute weekly in 1929 expanding to a 15 minute daily in 1931 and later to 30 minutes. The show was a cross between a soap opera, because it had continuing stories, and a comedy. It was the second longest running radio show after Amos and Andy. Please note many of these rare Goldbergs recordings having an unfortunately 'hissing' sound.

See also: Eternal Light and Mama Bloom's Brood

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1 - 145 shows - total playtime 24 hours 20 minutes

Goldberg0000 351113 Madame Shuman Heink
Goldberg0000 380318 Audition - Money For Seeds
Goldberg0000 380318 Rehersal
Goldberg0000 380405 Rosalie Ill
Goldberg0000 380413 Opening Day Of Mill
Goldberg0000 380712 Joyce Senator's Daughter (Hayride)
Goldberg0000 380726 Rehersal
Goldberg0000 380726 Sammy Runs Away With Joyce
Goldberg0000 390612 (Fifth Wheel) Mary Washes Baby
Goldberg0849 401220 Seymour Meets His Cousin
Goldberg0878 Sammy Goes To South Carolina
Goldberg0879 Mollie Worries About Sammy
Goldberg0936 Sammy Leaves Sylvia
Goldberg0937 Sylvia Learns Sammy Is Gone
Goldberg0938 Mr. Allyson Learns Sammy Gone
Goldberg0939 The Goldbergs Arrive
Goldberg0940 Molly Becomes Suspicious
Goldberg0941 Leah Confronts Her Father
Goldberg0942 Sylvia Continues Lying
Goldberg0943 Goldbergs Visit The Store
Goldberg0944 Photo Album Memories
Goldberg0945 Phone Call From Ed
Goldberg0946 Molly Suspicious After Phone Call
Goldberg0947 Molly Discovers The Truth
Goldberg0948 Sammy Is Back
Goldberg0949 Sylvia Pleads With Sammy
Goldberg0950 Sammy Walks With Molly
Goldberg0951 The Intrigue Continues
Goldberg0952 Molly Makes A Call
Goldberg0953 Ed Will Tell All
Goldberg0954 Sammy Confesses All To Jake
Goldberg0955 Ed And Leah Refuse To Tell
Goldberg0956 Jake And Molly Know Truth
Goldberg0957 Sammy Faces Mr. Allyson
Goldberg0958 Sammy Faces Sylvia
Goldberg0959 Molly, Rosalie, Jake Talk
Goldberg0960 Sylvia And Molly Face Each Other
Goldberg0961 Sammy And Sylvia Talk
Goldberg0962 Molly Chastises Mr. Allyson
Goldberg0963 Leah Comes To Call
Goldberg0964 Molly Upset Waiting
Goldberg0965 Sylvia Crashes Car
Goldberg0966 Family Learns Of Crash
Goldberg0967 At The Hospital
Goldberg0968 Worried Thoughts
Goldberg0969 Sammy Expresses Love
Goldberg0970 Molly Talks To Sylvia
Goldberg0971 Arranging Trip Home
Goldberg0972 Family Differs On Sylvia
Goldberg0973 Allyson Talks To His Children
Goldberg0974 Doctor's Warning
Goldberg0975 Back Home In Lastenberry
Goldberg0976 Sammy Is Despondent
Goldberg0983 Molly's Question
Goldberg0984 Sylvia Is Not Well
Goldberg0985 Sammy Upset With Dr. Cater
Goldberg0986 Dr. Cater Explains
Goldberg0987 Mr. Allyson Coming
Goldberg0989 Dr. Cater's Father
Goldberg0991 Allyson And Dr. Cater Argue
Goldberg0992 Sammy And Sylvia Talk
Goldberg0993 Sylvia Won't Leave
Goldberg0994 Dr. Cater And His Father
Goldberg0995 Sammy Confronts Cater And Sylvia
Goldberg0996 Sammy And Dr. Cater Talk
Goldberg0997 Picnic Plans
Goldberg0998 Sylvia Loves Dr. Cater
Goldberg0999 Sammy And Cater Discuss Sylvia
Goldberg1000 Sylvia Needs A Father
Goldberg1001 Breakfast With The Goldbergs
Goldberg1002 Sylvia's Past
Goldberg1008 Woman In Mr. Allyson's Past
Goldberg1009 Esther Miller Is Expected
Goldberg1010 Mr. Allyson's Cold Feet
Goldberg1011 Esther Miller Arrives
Goldberg1012 Sylvia Doesn't Tell
Goldberg1013 Esther And Allyson Meet
Goldberg1014 Sylvia's Tantrum
Goldberg1015 After Dinner Confrontation
Goldberg1016 Molly The Matchmaker
Goldberg1017 Molly Shares Her Plans
Goldberg1018 Mr. Allyson And Esther Are Leaving
Goldberg1019 Dr. Cater Talks To Sylvia
Goldberg1019 Molly Shares Her Wisdom
Goldberg1020 The Reverend Arrives
Goldberg1025 Leah's Stroke
Goldberg1026 Sylvia Goes Home
Goldberg1027 Mr. Allyson Hears About Leah
Goldberg1029 Seymour Invites Rosie To A Movie
Goldberg1031 Seymour Loves Rosie
Goldberg1032 Is Seymour Eligible
Goldberg1033 Jakes Wants Pancakes
Goldberg1034 Beauty Parlor On Wheels
Goldberg1035 A Noise In The Night
Goldberg1036 Woman And Boy Hiding In Barn
Goldberg1037 Strangers Allowed To Stay The Night
Goldberg1038 41-09-04 Molly Talks To Jake
Goldberg1039 Mr. Boughton Left A Note
Goldberg1040 41-09-08 Mr. Boughton Explains
Goldberg1041 41-09-09 Dr. Cater Speaks To Boy
Goldberg1042 41-09-10 Newspaper Ad
Goldberg1043 41-09-11 Birdie The Hairdresser
Goldberg1044 41-09-12 David Has A Temperature
Goldberg1045 41-09-13 Ad Brings Results
Goldberg104x 41-10-02 Mr. Way Complains
Goldberg104x 41-10-03 Mr. Way's Thoughts
Goldberg105x 41-10-06 Goldbergs Can Stay
Goldberg105x 41-10-07 Back Taxes
Goldberg105x 41-10-08 A Solution
Goldberg105x 41-10-10 Goldbergs On A Walk
Goldberg105x 41-10-11 Dr. Cater Talks To Orianne
Goldberg105x 41-10-14 Jake Is Upset
Goldberg105x 41-10-15 Molly Helps Orianne
Goldberg105x 41-10-16 Molly Invested In Chicken Business
Goldberg106x 41-10-17 Orianne And Parter In Chicken Business
Goldberg106x 41-10-18 Goldbergs Play Cards
Goldberg106x 41-10-21 Dr. Cater And His Father Talk
Goldberg106x 41-10-22 A Little Prejudice Surfaces
Goldberg106x 41-10-23 Bertie To Teach Molly To Drive
Goldberg106x 41-10-24 Molly Hits A Tree
Goldberg106x 41-10-27 Molly Recuperates
Goldberg106x 41-10-28 Bertha And Mr. Way
Goldberg106x 41-10-29 Mrs. Nolan's $1000
Goldberg107x 41-10-30 Where Is Mr. Way
Goldberg107x 41-11-02 Molly Milks A Cow
Goldberg107x 41-11-03 Dr. Cater And Sammy Talk
Goldberg107x 41-11-04 Molly Attends A Meeting
Goldberg107x 41-11-05 Call Off Meeting
Goldberg107x 41-11-06 Molly Attends Meeting
Goldberg107x 41-11-09 Waiting For Family
Goldberg107x 41-11-10 Orianne Refuses To Marry
Goldberg107x 41-11-11 Rosalie Given What For
Goldberg107x 41-11-12 Phone Call From Jake
Goldberg107x 41-11-13 Wrong Idea
Goldberg108x 41-11-14 Goldbergs Go Bowling
Goldberg108x 41-11-17 Red Cross Night
Goldberg108x 41-11-18 Mrs. Way In Town
Goldberg108x 41-11-19 Jake Is Sore
Goldberg108x 41-11-21 Mrs. Way Calls
Goldberg108x 41-11-23 Thanksgiving Dinner
Goldberg108x 41-11-24 Molly Dictates A Letter
Goldberg108x 41-11-25 Mrs. Way In Parlor
Goldberg108x 41-11-26 Mr. And Mrs. Way Confront
Goldberg108x 41-11-27 Arianne Not Well
Goldberg109x 41-11-28 Jake Is Perturbed

Volume 2 - 104 shows - total playtime 22 hours 37 minutes

Goldberg109x 411203 Molly Warns Orianne
Goldberg109x 411204 Dr. Cater Sees Mrs. Way
Goldberg109x 411205 Orianne Struggles With Feelings
Goldberg109x 411208 Jake Expresses Love
Goldberg109x 411209 Molly's Inspiration
Goldberg109x 411210 Goldbergs Go To Movies
Goldberg109x 411211 To The Movies
Goldberg109x 411212 In Car Talking
Goldberg110x 411215 Goldbergs Eating Lunch
Goldberg110x 411216 Parol Officer
Goldberg110x 411217 To Help Mr. Way
Goldberg110x 411218 Orianne Must Not Marry
Goldberg110x 411219 Walking Down Road
Goldberg110x 411222 Mrs. Way Refuses
Goldberg110x 411223 Jakes Yells At Molly
Goldberg1117 41xxxx Preparing To See Mrs. Way
Goldberg1118 41xxxx Still Can't Help
Goldberg1119 41xxxx A Revolt Brewing
Goldberg1120 41xxxx Way Confronts Molly
Goldberg1121 41xxxx Stop Try To Fix World
Goldberg1122 Mrs. Way Coming Over
Goldberg1123 How Long Can Mess Continue
Goldberg1124 Still At Goldberg Home
Goldberg1125 Through With Orianne
Goldberg1126 Molly Admits Being Wrong
Goldberg1127 Stay For Coffee
Goldberg1128 Upset Over Seymour's Enlisting
Goldberg1129 Letter To Mrs. Bloom
Goldberg1130 Way Will Not Leave Orianne
Goldberg1131 Mr. And Mrs. Way Talk
Goldberg1132 Mr. Way To Receive A Pardon
Goldberg1133 Fatherly Talk With Mr. Way
Goldberg1134 Molly Is Sewing Buttons
Goldberg1135 Sammy's Latitude
Goldberg1136 Another Talk
Goldberg1137 Way And Orianne Talk
Goldberg1138 Orianne Makes Her Decision
Goldberg1139 Normalcy Returns
Goldberg1140 Molly And David Talk With Cater
Goldberg1141 Jake And Molly Play Cards
Goldberg1142 Dr. Cater Sr. Calls
Goldberg1143 Jake Wants Molly To Go To Movies
Goldberg1144 Seymour Talks To Molly
Goldberg1145 Molly Thinks Whats Going On
Goldberg1146 Jake's Secret Springs Leak
Goldberg1146 Keeping Molly From Secret
Goldberg1147 Jakes Sends An Sos
Goldberg1148 Dr. Cater Comes
Goldberg1149 Orianne Leaving In Morning
Goldberg1150 Orianne Leaves Heartbroken
Goldberg1151 Train Leaves Station
Goldberg1152 Orianne Makes Train With David
Goldberg1153 Dr. Cater Proposes On Train
Goldberg1154 Will There Be A Wedding
Goldberg1155 Sammy Meets Man On Train
Goldberg1156 A Non Event
Goldberg1157 Everyone Knows The Good News
Goldberg1158 Mr. And Mrs. Cater To Marry
Goldberg1159 Orianne Can't Wear White
Goldberg1160 Rosie And Her Brother Argue
Goldberg1163 Goldbergs Go To The Cater House
Goldberg1164 Rosalie On Phone With Walter
Goldberg1167 Goldberg Home Upside Down
Goldberg1168 Rosalie In Love
Goldberg1169 Rosalie Going To Dance
Goldberg1170 Goldbergs Don't Want Rosie Hurt
Goldberg1171 Rosalie To Florida
Goldberg1172 Rosalie Not Going To Florida
Goldberg1173 Sammy And Walter Talk
Goldberg1174 Rosie Leaving For Florida
Goldberg1175 Sammy And Seymour Talk
Goldberg1176 Molly In New York
Goldberg1177 Rosalie Wants To Come Home
Goldberg1178 Seymour Calls His Mother
Goldberg1179 Molly Tries To Understand
Goldberg1180 Molly Gets Involved
Goldberg1181 Molly Has To Decide About Sammy
Goldberg1182 Molly Meets Walter's Mother
Goldberg1183 Indication Of Mrs. Jerome
Goldberg1184 Dinner Begins
Goldberg1185 Rosie Still In Florida
Goldberg11xx 420413 Jake Called On
Goldberg11xx 420414 Molly In New York
Goldberg11xx 420415 Jakes Quiets Down
Goldberg11xx 420416 Mr. Jerome's Attitude
Goldberg11xx 420419 Rosalie Back Home
Goldberg11xx 420420 Jake's Warning
Goldberg11xx 420421 A Stern Lecture
Goldberg11xx 420422 A Little Talking
Goldberg11xx 420423 A Decisive Step
Goldberg11xx 420424 Dr. Cater And Jake Talk
Goldberg11xx 420427 Change Of Tactics
Goldberg11xx 420428 Intervention
Goldberg11xx 420429 Jake's Maneuver
Goldberg11xx 420430 The Twilight
Goldberg11xx 420501 Ultimatum Exchange
Goldberg12xx 420504 Trump Card
Goldberg12xx 420506 Bertha
Goldberg12xx 420507 Bicarbonate
Goldberg12xx 420508 The Other Girl
Goldberg12xx 420509 New Situation
Goldberg12xx 420511 Letters Compared
Goldberg12xx 420512 Secret Letter
Goldberg12xx 420513 Walter Explains


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