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 Get Rich Quick Schemes

2 MP3 CDs - 96 episodes

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"Fatal Fraud"
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Make Money At Home

There are some terrific ways to get rich in a short time. Money will practically fall out of the sky if you know how to be in the right place at the right time. And if the characters from Old Time Radio have anything to teach us, there is bound be someone nearby to help us find that right place. Usually, if anyone actually sees a profit, it is the other guy...

Fred MacMurrayThe thing with Get Rich Quick Schemes is that they are often unscrupulous, tasteless,immoral, illegal, or worse.

Get Rich Quick Schemes on the Radio could be seen as cautionary tales, the lesson being that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Luckily, for the sake of our entertainment, our Heroes don't seem to learn the lesson.

One of our favorite Get Rich Quick artists is Kingfish from Amos 'n' Andy, whether he is helping his friends with a male escort service that ropes Andy into an engagement or helping to redirect funds from an investment company gone bad, Kingfish always has more ideas than solutions.

WinkOn the “George and the Chorus Girl” episode of Fred MacMurray and Irene Dunne's Bright Star, it seems as though everyone has something they want, but are not always prepared to tell the truth to get it.

In “Indian Chief Poisoned, Dr. Sixgun finds himself between a land-grabbing wagon train guide and the Indians trying to hold onto what little they have.

The I Love A Mystery gang are awaiting delivery of a custom built plane in San Diego when they encounter a pretty girl who is sure that any man she gets close to will wind up dead. When Jack, Doc, and Reggie show up again on I Love Adventure, the Old Men of 10 Gramercy Park sent them to French Indochina after a Pearl of Great Price.

By now we realize the only sure way to get rich is with lots of planning and hard work. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the mistakes on the radio!

See also: Easy Money and Hello Sucker

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 49 shows - total playtime 23 hours 7 minutes

Amos & Andy 440310 024 Sign On Dotted Line
Amos & Andy 440317 025 Double Indemity Insurance Fraud
Amos & Andy 441124 047 Spot Removal Formula
Amos & Andy 441201 048 Inkflow Pens.mp3
Amos & Andy 450105 053 Andy Witness
Amos & Andy 450302 061 Andy Pays His Taxes 1o2
Amos & Andy 450309 062 Andy Pays His Taxes 2o2
Amos & Andy 450601 Engaged To Hattie Mcdaniel
Amos & Andy 481010 Kingfish Marriage Broker
Amos & Andy 500430 243 Andys Inheritance 1o3
Amos & Andy 500507 Andys Inheritance Part 2
Amos & Andy 500514 Andys Inheritance Part 3
Amos N Andy 441110 045 Employment Agency
Amos N Andy 441208 049 Kingfish And Brazillian Brass Mine
Big Story 471001 E027 Tcot Counterfeit Coins
Big Story 480526 Lottery
Big Story 500111 E146 Gambling, Divorce And Murder
Big Town 490308 E470 Crooked Eye
Bright Star 521204 07 George & Chorus Girl
CALV 411020 249 All That Money Can Buy
Chase 520601 06 Easy Riches, Sudden Death
Chase 520629 10 Stephan Monica & 1 Million Dollars
Counterspy 460727 Stolen Car Racket Rehearsal
Danger Dr Danfield 460908 04 Norman Miles
Dr Christian 380227 017 Milk Racket Part 1
Dr Christian 380306 018 Milk Racket Part 2
Dr Sixgun 540902 01 Indian Chief Poisoned
Duffys Tavern 460510 Pierre Talking Dog
Easy Money 541003 01 Football Pool Racket Premiere
Escape 129 500630 Bloodbath
Escape 470721 003 Diamond As Big As Ritz
Escape 480919 066 Man Who Could Work Miracles
Escape 490921 077 Fortune Of Vargas
Escape 491227 103 Seeds Of Greed
Escape 500124 107 Treasure Inc
Escape 500310 113 Port Royal
Escape 500428 120 Something For Nothing
Escape 530426 193 Derelict
Green Hornet 360310 Money Talks Too Loud
Green Hornet 380505 235 Political Racket
Green Hornet 390928 0381 Gas Station Protection Racket
Green Hornet 391017 388 Sales Tax Racket
Green Hornet 391031 390 Parking Lot Racket
Green Hornet 391209 293 Fake Accident Racket
Green Hornet 391216 Ryders Writer Racket 061
Green Hornet 391221 Waiters Union Racket 062
Green Hornet 400101 Ligetts Citizenship Racket 040
Green Hornet 410830 Racket On Rivergambling Racket
Hall Of Fantasy 530720 E35 Treasure Of Kublai Khan

Volume 2: 47 shows - total playtime 20 hours 52 minutes

I L M 491212 01 Million Dollar Curse
I L M 491213 02 Million Dollar Curse
I L M 491214 03 Million Dollar Curse
I L M 491215 04 Million Dollar Curse
I L M 491216 05 Million Dollar Curse
I L M 491219 06 Million Dollar Curse
I L M 491220 07 Million Dollar Curse
I L M 491221 08 Million Dollar Curse
I L M 491222 09 Million Dollar Curse
I L M 491226 11 Million Dollar Curse
I L M 491227 12 Million Dollar Curse
I L M 491228 13 Million Dollar Curse
I L M 491229 14 Million Dollar Curse
I L M 491230 15 Million Dollar Curse
I Love Adventure 480516 04 Pearl Of Great Price
I Love Adventure 480523 05 Hundred Million Dollar Manhunt
Jack Benny 510325 Sunset Blvd Skit
Jack Benny 531018 2506 Wings Of Hawk
Let George Do It 520428 Operation Europa
Lr 460329 1282 Bankers Swan Song
Lux 370222 121 Captain Blood
Lux 490418 655 Treasure Of Sierra Madre
Lux 510129 731 Treasure Island
Lux 510917 756 Sunset Boulevard
Mercury Theater 380718 E002 Treasure Island
Philo Vance 490719 054 Racket Murder
Suspense 470410 240 Community Property
Suspense 520602 476 Good And Faithful Servant
Theater Five 650413 182 Lion Who Wasnt There
This Is My Best 450403 31 Diamond As Big As Ritz
Tiyfbi 470404 105 Used Baby Racket
Tiyfbi 490211 202 Motherinlaw Racket
Tiyfbi 490318 207 Baby Rental Racket
Whistler 420905 017 House Of Greed
Whistler 430221 041 Fools Gold
Whistler 441218 134 Windfall
Whistler 441225 Christmas Bonus
Whistler 450101 136 Two For Money
Whistler 451217 186 Lucky Night
Whistler 490515 e366 Golden Opportunity
Whistler 490522 e367 Fatal Fraud
Whistler 490605 e369 Letter To Melanie
Whistler 500514 415 Blue Alibi
Whistler 501001 435 Dear Diary
X Minus 1 570912 111 Old Die Rich
You Are There 470811 05 Drake Defeats Spanish Armada
YTJD 611231 772 One Too Many



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