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 Gang Busters

3 MP3 CDs - 114 episodes

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"Quincy Killers"
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Factual crime drama (1935 - 57)

Phillip Lord in GangbustersThis "best remembered" of all the crime stoppers shows was billed as "the only national program that brings you authentic police case histories." Phillips H. Lord, already in radio, was looking for a new show concept.

Gangbusters AdHe hit upon the angle doing a crime show, like the gangster films of the early 1930s, but making it the real thing, about the real criminals and cops and the FBI.A cross between the newspapers and the movies…what an idea! He went right to Washington, and got the tacit approval of J. Edgar Hoover himself to develop a show that used only closed cases (thus getting a good outcome) and had a solid law-enforcement slant.

Lord wrote his first episode right in the Justice Building in Washington.The show began on NBC as "The G-Men," with Chevrolet as sponsor.

Changing to Gangbusters the show came on strong right from the start and was a radio sensation. The pace was fast, the action was real and sometimes violent, the crimes and criminals were acted doing what was written about in the papers.

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GangbustersWorking his way through the major crimes and criminals, Lord turned to accounts of lesser known, but often more interesting true crime cases.The sound effects were great, and the hard-hitting tales were told with all the thrills of a good gangster movie.It followed that, like the notices in the Post Office, he could relay real wanted poster information on the show as well. During Gangbusters, alerts were broadcast for real criminals wanted by the police or FBI, and teasers called "Crime Buster Clues" were given as teasers to keep the audience ready for more!

Gangbuster BadgeAlso in the true crime vein on old time radio is Mr. District Attorney and This .

Later Dragnet, Crime Does Not Pay, and Tales of the Texas Rangers, took the idea on as well. Dragnet is a fine show, and stayed as close to the real cases as any "true crime" old time radio show ever did.

Tales of the Texas Rangers was the modern western version of Dragnet, and is a solid, well done crime show. Less factual, but still exciting, are I Was a Communist for the FBI, and The FBI in Peace and War.

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Col. Norman Schwarzkopf
Volume 1: 45 shows - total playtime 20 hours 30 minutes
Gang Busters 370526 0070 Jake And Ralph Fleagle
Gang Busters 370602 0071 Blood Oath Gang
Gang Busters 370630 0076 Akron Cop Killers
Gang Busters 371013 0090 Safe Crackers And Vault Makers
Gang Busters 401101 0210 Dwight Beard Pt 2
Gang Busters 401122 28&29 213214 Blonde Tigress Pt 1 And 2
Gang Busters 410328 0231 Nickle And Dime Bandits
Gang Busters 410404 0232 Missing Corpse Aka Mrs Gangbusters
Gang Busters 420320 0256 Earl Joiner
Gang Busters 421023 0284 Ghostly Prisoners
Gang Busters 421030 0285 Wolverine
Gang Busters 430205 0299 Toni Jo
Gang Busters 440609 0369 Unknown Killer
Gang Busters 440714 0374 Costumed Killer
Gang Busters 450915 0399 Harry Red Bever
Gang Busters 450922 0400 Red Evening Dress
Gang Busters 450929 0401 John K Giles-John Giles Escp Artist
Gang Busters 451027 0405 Bielanski & Tillotson
Gang Busters 451124 0409 Matthew Cazzara
Gang Busters 451208 0411 Blackie Thompson Same As 400224
Gang Busters 451215 0412 Miran Thompson
Gang Busters 451222 0413 Al Simeone
Gang Busters 451229 0414 King Of Big Thicket
Gang Busters 460105 0415 Rumbolt Vault Robbery-$3 Million
Gang Busters 460112 0416 TeXas Killer
Gang Busters 460126 0418 Damiani & Krause Part 1
Gang Busters 460202 0419 Damiani & Krause Part 2
Gang Busters 460316 0425 Death Mask Killer
Gang Busters 460323 0426 Joe Mccann West Side Syndicate Pt1
Gang Busters 460511 0433 Alcatraz Prison Riot
Gang Busters 461207 0463 Oklahoma Kid
Gang Busters 461214 0464 Illusive Burgler Part 1
Gang Busters 461221 0465 Special Broadcast Lewis J Valentine
Gang Busters 470104 0467 Illusive Burgler Part 2
Gang Busters 470503 0484 Russo Gang Aka Safecrackers
Gang Busters 470524 0487 Crime Teacher
Gang Busters 471004 0497 Kidnapped Paymaster
Gang Busters 471011 0498 Bugs Moran Part 1
Gang Busters 471018 0499 Notorious Gang Leader Pt 1
Gang Busters 471018 0499 Notorious Gang Leader Pt 2
Gang Busters 471025 0500 Bugs Moran Part 3
Gang Busters 471108 0502 Jersey Butcher Bandits
Gang Busters 471206 0506 Supersonic Safecrackers
Gang Busters 471213 0507 New Jersey Counterfeiters
Gang Busters 471220 0508 Tennessee Valley Killer
Volume 2: 45 shows - total playtime 18 hours 57 minutes
Gang Busters 471227 0509 Triple Threat Bandit
Gang Busters 480124 0513 Joe Fletcher
Gang Busters 480131 0514 Oliver Brothers
Gang Busters 480221 0512 Grzelak & Constantine
Gang Busters 480228 0518 John Frederick Benson-Dakota Badman
Gang Busters 480313 0520 Mound City Safecrackers
Gang Busters 480320 0521 Broadway Bandits
Gang Busters 480327 0522 Cumberland Safecracker
Gang Busters 480403 0523 New York Narcotics King
Gang Busters 480410 0524 High School Hotshots
Gang Busters 480424 0526 Quincy Killers
Gang Busters 480612 0533 Park Avenue Pilferers
Gang Busters 480619 0534 Craig And Motes-Tennessee Trigermen
Gang Busters 480724 0539 Mysterious Rooming House
Gang Busters 480731 0540 Carnival Caper
Gang Busters 480807 0541 Golf Course Murder
Gang Busters 480828 0544 Cowboy Killers
Gang Busters 480904 0545 Collector Who Robbed Supermarkets
Gang Busters 480925 0548 Cincinnati Narcotics Ring
Gang Busters 481002 0549 Chicago Tunnel Gang
Gang Busters 481009 0550 Incorrigible Killer
Gang Busters 481023 0552 Twenty Four Hour Twins
Gang Busters 481127 0557 Greedy Gunman
Gang Busters 481211 0559 Thornberry Brothers
Gang Busters 481218 0560 Appointment With Death
Gang Busters 490108 0562 Surprised Safecrackers
Gang Busters 490115 0563 Masquerading Gunmen Pt 1
Gang Busters 490129 0565 Counterfeit Combine
Gang Busters 490507 0579 New Jersey Yegg Man
Gang Busters 490604 0583 Date With Death
Gang Busters 490611 0584 Sledgehammer Handicap
Gang Busters 490618 0585 Bandit Brothers
Gang Busters 490702 0587 Metropolitian Motor Mob
Gang Busters 490910 0597 Red Hot Readers
Gang Busters 491022 0603 Elusive Leader
Gang Busters 491126 0608 Hue And Cry
Gang Busters 500107 0614 Golden Touch
Gang Busters 500121 0616 Four Feathers
Gang Busters 500610 0636 Inside Track
Gang Busters 500923 0651 Medos Carter Henderson
Gang Busters 50XXXX XXXX Hirtchhiker Killers In Navada
Gang Busters 520816 0750 John Economos Nicky Small
Gang Busters 530613 0793 Fred Whittaker Pt 1
Gang Busters 530808 0801 Twenty Years
Gang Busters 530926 0808 Welltraveled Ring
Volume 3: 24 shows - total playtime 11 hours 7 minutes
Gang Busters 530616 XXXX Carlos LaJoya
Gang Busters 531003 0809 Reesewrenreid Case
Gang Busters 531010 0810 Smoke Ring
Gang Busters 540705 XXXX Winter Chase Surface Noise
Gang Busters 540712 XXXX Battle On Staircase
Gang Busters 540719 XXXX Manhattan Rampage
Gang Busters 540726 XXXX Kansas Collectors
Gang Busters 540802 XXXX Kewpie Doll Champ Noise 1st Min
Gang Busters 540809 XXXX Half Lemon
Gang Busters 541127 0867 Amateur Horseplayer
Gang Busters 550205 0877 Lost Gun Aka Danville Bank Job
Gang Busters 550319 XXXX Herold Coband & Edward Rave
Gang Busters 550402 0885 Mistreated Lady
Gang Busters 550430 0889 Missing Detective-5 Days of Danger
Gang Busters 550514 0891 Tapped Telehone-Wire Tap Gus Sickel
Gang Busters 551228 910 Torture Trio
Gang Busters 55XXXX XXXX Costume Ring
Gang Busters 55XXXX XXXX Safe Cracking Combine
Gang Busters 580406 XXXX Tennessee Triggermen
Gang Busters XXXXXX XXXX Basket Weaving Burglar
Gang Busters XXXXXX XXXX Brothers In Banditry
Gang Busters XXXXXX XXXX Frank Lustin
Gang Busters XXXXXX XXXX Lewis Fierst
Gang Busters XXXXXX XXXX Three Safecrackers


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