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 Forbidden Cargo

1 MP3 CD - 32 episodes


"Opium Dens"
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Cargo Boat 1954
Forbidden CargoThe series would always start off with the phrase, "By ship, by plane, by road, by human carriers...” would catch the listener’s attention from the outset of the program. Every episode was a different adventure of smuggling or transporting, usually in a discrete manner, something from one country to another. Why was it so mysterious? Because the cargo was usually something that was not supposed to leave the country.

Each exciting episode would portray a different item of ill-gotten gain being smuggled out of a country. It did not matter if the contraband was diamonds, narcotics, art...or human...each program had some nefarious entity moving the cargo by whatever means necessary. In the episode, Three Ring Circus, the commodity being removed was diamonds and the story focused on the police attempts to apprehend the criminals that were smuggling these precious jewels.  

Sometimes the smuggling might be done in response to a government action. Suprised CowIn Gastronomic Smuggler, the Italian peasant farmers  were having their livestock destroyed by the local authority,because disease was found in their cattle. Cesare is one of these poor wretches and he, and his wife Gina, are recruited to go to Australia. The tension mounts as he learns how to perform his new "career” and their efforts to escape being apprehended. With their move they try to smuggle some of their surviving animals with them so they have money to start with.

Each week, the listener was held captive by a new adventure and not really knowing whether to root for the smuggler or the law. The story would unfold from a different perspective or potential calamity and the audience would clench their teeth with excited anticipation. Each smuggler portrayed in the program would  invite a jeer or a  hearty "hurrah” from the radio public. No two crimes were ever the same and the end result might not be the expected end. But one thing never smuggled from the listener of Forbidden Cargo...was their attention.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.


32 shows - total playtime 14 hours 35 minutes

01 Forbidden Cargo 541011 Burning Fortunes
02 Forbidden Cargo 541018 Running Wetbacks
03 Forbidden Cargo 541025 Behind the Gold Curtain
04 Forbidden Cargo 541101 News Flash
05 Forbidden Cargo 541108 Narcotics Intelligence Bureau
06 Forbidden Cargo 541115 The Black Book
07 Forbidden Cargo 550103 Three Ring Circus
08 Forbidden Cargo 550110 Skyscraper Smuggling
09 Forbidden Cargo 550117 Japanese Silk
10 Forbidden Cargo 550124 A Thousand Nightmares
11 Forbidden Cargo 550131 Yellow Madness
12 Forbidden Cargo 550207 Opium Dens
13 Forbidden Cargo 550228 Narcotics Rat Race
14 Forbidden Cargo 550307 Time Flies
15 Forbidden Cargo 550425 Gastronomic Smuggler
16 Forbidden Cargo 550502 Operation Nicotine
17 Forbidden Cargo 550509 Top Secret Labels
18 Forbidden Cargo 550516 Horse Dopers
19 Forbidden Cargo 550523 Jump the Bodies
20 Forbidden Cargo 550530 Dream Canisters
21 Forbidden Cargo 550606 The Illegal Sovereign
22 Forbidden Cargo 550613 The Brothers of Judas
25 Forbidden Cargo 550718 Loligob Tea Parties
26 Forbidden Cargo 550725 Black Ice
27 Forbidden Cargo 550801 Bodies To Burn
28 Forbidden Cargo 550808 The Man With the Haunted Eyes
29 Forbidden Cargo 550815 High Perfume
30 Forbidden Cargo 550822 Salted Sweepstakes
31 Forbidden Cargo 550829 Smuggled Bodies
32 Forbidden Cargo 550905 The MPCI
33 Forbidden Cargo 550912 The Diamond Fence
34 Forbidden Cargo 550919 Steel Death



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