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 Down Allens Alley (Fred Allen)

1 MP3 CD - 75 episodes


"How Egg Surplus Affects You"
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Allens Alley Cast: Fred Allen, Kenny Delmar, Minerva Pious, Peter Donald, Parker Fennelly.

Fred AllenAllen's Alley first aired Dec 6th, 1942 and was a reoccurring sketch on The Fred Allen Show lampooning small town America.  The sketch began with a monologue by Fred Allen and a conversation with his wife and fellow comedian Portland Hoffa.  The duo was then whisked away to Allen's Alley where the met a colorful array of characters.

The characters on Allen's Allen were based on exaggerated stereotypes of small town Americans and were incredibly funny. Colorful characters include New England farmer Titus Moody (catch phrase "Howdy Bub"), Brooklyn housewife Pansy Nussbaum, irate Irishman Ajax Cassidy, and most famously of all Southern Senator Beauregard Claghorn who coined the catch phrase "That's a joke, son."

Kenny Delmar based the character Senator Beauregard Claghorn on a real Texan that he met while hitchhiking.  The man had a bellowing voice and repeated everything he said twice.  This character was so popular that Delmar made two recordings as Senator Beauregard Claghorn.  The Senator's traits and likeness were taken by Warner Bros to create the animated rooster, Foghorn J Leghorn. 

Allen's Alley starred Fred Allen and an ensemble cast of comedians including Portland Hoffa, Kenny Delmar, Minerva Pious, Peter Donald, and Parker Fennelly. Also included in the collection is a selection of Jack Benny Shows which feature take-off sketches of "Benny's Boulevard."

See also: Fred Allen Collection and Fred Allen-Jack Benny Feud Collection.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

75 Shows: total playtime 36 hours, 23 minutes

Bergen and McCarthy Show
Bergen Mccarthy 461113 C&s Anniversary

Fred Allen Show
Fred 401009 Excerpt From Show
Fred 421206 10 Allens Alley Begins
Fred 421220 12 Rise Stevens
Fred 430131 18 How Do You Feel About Dining Out
Fred 430207 19 Phantom Of Opera
Fred 430228 22 Shot In Penthouse
Fred 430404 27 Guest Jimmy Durante
Fred 430516 33 Are You Raising Chickens
Fred 430523 34 What Are You Doing About National Poetry Week
Fred 431212 40 Fred Tries To Get Lauritz Melchior A Job On Radio
Fred 440102 43 Loan Sharks
Fred 440109 44 Fred Gets Hit On Head By A Barrel From A Brewery Truck
Fred 440319 54 Are You Keeping A Victory Garden This Year
Fred 440326 55 Benny Goodman Is Breaking Up His Band
Fred 440402 56 How Has Egg Surplus Affected You
Fred 440409 57 Have You Eaten In A Restaurant Lately
Fred 440423 59 North Dakota
Fred 440604 65 Killers
Fred 440611 66 South Dakota
Fred 451021 Hillbilly
Fred 451028 Charlie Mccarthy Sues Fred For Slander
Fred 451104 Lost Memory
Fred 451111 Mob Buster
Fred 451118 Karloff Renting A House
Fred 451125 Brooklyn Pinafore
Fred 451216 Laurentz Melchoir Could Also Be 470202
Fred 451230 Radio Shows In Russia
Fred 460106 Take It Or Leave It
Fred 460203 Picadilly Take Off On Oklahoma
Fred 460224 Hillbilly Drama
Fred 460416 Leo Durocher Brooklyn Pinafore
Fred 460421
Fred 460512 Cairo
Fred 461027 Breakfast Show
Fred 470615 Renting Room
Fred 471019 Perfect Crime
Fred 471026 Haley And Allen Show
Fred 471214 New Years Eve Plans
Fred 471228 Fred Tries To Sue To Return His Cukoo Clock
Fred 480104 Psycopathic Spectacular
Fred 480328 Husband And Wife Radio Show
Fred 480411 One Long Pan Skit
Fred 480418 Author Meets His Match
Fred 480425 Scalping Baseball Tickets
Fred 480502 Jp Morgan Court Of Human Relations
Fred 480509 Break Contestant
Fred 480523 Fred Wants To Do Bings Life Story
Fred 480606 Quiz Program And Soap Opera
Fred 480615 With Ozzie And Harriet
Fred 480627 Stop Music
Fred 481111 Sam Shovel With Arthur Treacher
Fred 481128 George Tries To Get In Roxy Theater Free
Fred 481205 Tv Commercials
Fred 481226 Maine Murder Trial
Fred 490130 F.allen On American Comedydissertation On Comedy
Fred 490206 Planning A Tv Show Guest Bert Lahr
Fred 490320 Mob Buster Guest Victor Moore
Fred 490424 One Long Pan Guest Basil Rathbone
Fred 490522 Babysitting Guest Col. Stoopnagle
Fred 490626 Final Show Guests Jack Benny & Henry Morgan
Fred Allen 470202 Getting Lauritz A Radio Job
Fred Allen 470316 101 Picadilly
Fred Allen 470323 102 Suing Fred Over Copyrights
Fred Allen 470525 111 Gimmick With A Microphone

Jack Benny Show
Jack Benny 441029 1605 Allens Alle
Jack Benny 441105 1606 Guest Show
Jack Benny 450114 1616 Mrs Nussbaums Restaurant
Jack Benny 450121 1617 Jacks Visit
Jack Benny 450128 1618 From Mitchel
Jack Benny 450204 1619 From St Alba
Jack Benny 460317 1725 Dennis Retur
Jack Benny 470525 1835 Allens Alle
Jack Benny 480208 1919 Nightmare Al
Jack Benny 480627 1939 From New York



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