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 Dinah Shore Collection

2 MP3 CDs - 167 episodes

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"Dinah Shore - Birdseye withGroucho Marx The Hypochondriac"
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Dinah Shore

Comedy and Musical Variety Programs (1940s and 1950)

Dinah ShoreBest remembered for her sensuous recordings, Shore was one of the most popular recording stars of the forties. While at Vanderbilt University, Shore sang on Nashville radio and took the name Dinah after using 'Dinah' as her signature tune. In 1937 she traveled to New York and sang on radio before joining Xavier Cugat as guest vocalist.

She made her recording debut with Cugat ('The Breeze and I' 1940) but her big break came later that year when she became a regular on old time radio shows. Her first hit was 'Yes My Darling Daughter' (1940),which was an adaptation of a traditional Russian melody. The song that established Shore was Harold Arlen's and Johnny Mercer's film theme, 'Blues In the Night'. This led to her appearing in several movies, including 'Up in Arms,' in which she sang Arlen's 'Now I Know' and 'I'll Walk Alone' and the Jerome Kern biopic 'Till the Clouds Roll By,' in which she sang the oft-recorded 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.'

When her film career ended Shore returned to radio and joined Columbia. Her hits of the forties included 'The Gypsy', Al Jolson's 'Anniversary Song,' the Oscar winning 'Buttons and Bows' (1948) from the Bob Hope film, 'Paleface', and Sammy Fain's 'Dear Hearts and Gentle People'.

Dinah ShoreIn the fifties, as her hits declined with the advent of rock'n'roll, Shore established herself as a television star with a long-running show, in the mold of Perry Como's. In the sixties she recorded only intermittently and in the seventies became a television chat-show hostess.

This collection includes many of Dinah's guest appearances on shows, from her early years with with Chamber Music Society of the Lower Basin in the 1940s to her cameo on the last episode of Amos and Andy.

This collection also highlights many of her shows from her glory years on the radio, in addition to her numerous appearances on Bing Crosby's program, Command Performance, and Paul Whiteman. As well, there are many episodes of her own show from 1941 through 1955, through its many incarnations with Bristol Myers, Birdseye Foods, and Ford Motor Company.

Making full use of her name of fame, her theme song throughout is none other than 'Dinah.' During these years the show was alternately called Songs by Dinah Shore, The Dinah Shore Program (where Groucho Marx often appeared), In Person Dinah Shore, The Birdseye Open House, and The Ford Show.

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Disk One: The Dinah Shore Show
108 shows - total playtime 41 hours 4 minutes

Dinah Shore 411102 01 Bristol Myers B M Guest
Dinah Shore 411116 03 Bristol Myers B M This CanT Be Love
Dinah Shore 411123 04 Bristol Myers B M Somebody Loves Me
Dinah Shore 411130 05 Bristol Myers B M Blue Skies
Dinah Shore 411207 06 Bristol Myers B M What Do You Think I Am
Dinah Shore 411221 08 Bristol Myers B M A Merry American Christmas
Dinah Shore 411228 09 Bristol Myers B M ElmerS Tune
Dinah Shore 420424 26 Bristol Myers Blue Skies
Dinah Shore 420612 MUM 07 'Not Mine'
Dinah Shore 420619 MUM E08 Three Little Sisters
Dinah Shore 420626 MUM 09 'Yankee Doodle Dandy'
Dinah Shore 420703 MUM 10 'Three Little Sisters'
Dinah Shore 420710 MUM 11 'Who Wouldn'T Love You'
Dinah Shore 420717 MUM 12 'Met Him On A Monday'
Dinah Shore 420724 MUM 13 'Bicycle Built For Two' No Openin
Dinah Shore 420731 MUM 14 'Sunday'
Dinah Shore 420828 MUM 18 'Jingle, Jangle, Jingle'
Dinah Shore 420904 MUM 19 'Who Wouldn'T Love You'
Dinah Shore 420911 MUM 20 'Kalamazoo'
Dinah Shore 420925 MUM 21 'Blue Skies'
Dinah Shore 421211 37 In Person 'A Touch Of Texas'
Dinah Shore 421218 38 In Person 'Hip, Hip Hooray'
Dinah Shore 421225 39 In Person 'A Merry American Christmas'
Dinah Shore 430101 40 In Person 'A Touch Of Texas'
Dinah Shore 430108 41 In Person 'I'M On The Road To Morocco'
Dinah Shore 430115 42 In Person 'Hip, Hip Hooray'
Dinah Shore 430122 43 In Person 'I Want To Go Back To West Virgini
Dinah Shore 430205 45 In Person 'For Me And My Gal'
Dinah Shore 430212 46 In Person 'This Happygolucky Day' Cut Ope
Dinah Shore 430219 47 In Person 'When Johnny Comes Marching Home'
Dinah Shore 430319 51 In Person 'Hit The Road To Dreamland'
Dinah Shore 431007 Birdseye Guest Donald O'Connor
Dinah Shore 431014 Birdseye Guest Phil Silvers
Dinah Shore 431021 Birdseye Guest Phil Silvers
Dinah Shore 431202 Birdseye My Heart
Dinah Shore 431209 Birdseye For The First Time
Dinah Shore 431223 Birdseye Exactly Like You
Dinah Shore 431230 Birdseye My Heart
Dinah Shore 440217 Birdseye Speak Low
Dinah Shore 440224 Birdseye W Ginny Simms
Dinah Shore 440309 Birdseye They Ask About You
Dinah Shore 440323 Birdseye Take It Easy
Dinah Shore 440511 Birdseye W Orson Welles
Dinah Shore 440518 Birdseye W Herbert Marshall
Dinah Shore 440525 Birdseye W John Garfield
Dinah Shore 440608 Birdseye W Kenny Baker War News
Dinah Shore 440615 Birdseye W Phil Harris
Dinah Shore 440629 Birdseye W Charles Laughton
Dinah Shore 441012 Birdseye Spoof On Gaslight W Groucho
Dinah Shore 450125 Birdseye W Akim Tamiroff
Dinah Shore 450315 Birdseye W Groucho Marx
Dinah Shore 450419 Birdseye Ginny Simms Subs For Dinah Shore
Dinah Shore 450503 Birdseye W Fibber & Molly
Dinah Shore 450510 Birdseye Guest Frank Sinatra
Dinah Shore 450517 Birdseye Thorndykes W Groucho
Dinah Shore 450524 Birdseye W Turhan Bey
Dinah Shore 450531 Birdseye W Alan Ladd
Dinah Shore 450906 Birdseye Hotel Manager W Groucho
Dinah Shore 450913 Birdseye W Frank Morgan
Dinah Shore 450920 Birdseye W Joseph Cotten
Dinah Shore 450927 Birdseye W Cesar Romero
Dinah Shore 451004 Birdseye W Jerry Colonna
Dinah Shore 451018 Birdseye W Jack Carson
Dinah Shore 451025 Birdseye W Hedda Hopper
Dinah Shore 451101 Birdseye W Rudy Vallee
Dinah Shore 451108 Birdseye Groucho Invites Dinah For Dinner
Dinah Shore 451122 Birdseye Groucho Brings A Live Turkey
Dinah Shore 451227 Birdseye Returning Presents W Groucho
Dinah Shore 460103 Birdseye W Charles Laughton
Dinah Shore 460110 Birdseye Donald D Tycoon W Groucho
Dinah Shore 460221 Birdseye Information Please Spoof W G
Dinah Shore 460228 Birdseye W Ozzie & Harriet Nelson
Dinah Shore 460314 Birdseye Groucho The Hypochondriac
Dinah Shore 460321 Birdseye East Coast W Joan Davis
Dinah Shore 460328 Birdseye W Andy Russell
Dinah Shore 460425 Birdseye Groucho, Marilyn Maxwell
Dinah Shore 460509 Birdseye W Peter Lorre
Dinah Shore 460516 Birdseye W Groucho Marx
Dinah Shore 460523 Birdseye W Richard Green (Noise)
Dinah Shore 461016 Ford Show Guest Lilly Ponds
Dinah Shore 461106 Ford Show Guest William Bendix
Dinah Shore 461127 Ford Show Guest Dennis Day
Dinah Shore 461204 Ford Show W Gene Kelly
Dinah Shore 461211 Ford Show
Dinah Shore 461218 Ford Show Phil Harris
Dinah Shore 470101 Ford Show W Garry Moore
Dinah Shore 470212 Ford Show W Johnny Mercer
Dinah Shore 470319 Ford Show W Ralph Edwards
Dinah Shore 470326 Ford Show W Norris Goff & Chet Lauck Lum And A
Dinah Shore 470402 Ford Show W Carmen Miranda
Dinah Shore 5403xx Chevrolet 1954 Academy Award Songs
Dinah Shore 5403xx Chevrolet Academy Award Songs
Dinah Shore 541013 Chevrolet Mr.sandman
Dinah Shore 541015 Chevrolet This Old House
Dinah Shore 541215 Chevrolet Buttom Up Your Overcoat
Dinah Shore 54xxxx Chevrolet Love Songs
Dinah Shore 550209 Chevrolet Mr.sandman
Dinah Shore 550216 Chevrolet I Had A Guy
Dinah Shore 550225 Chevrolet Got The Sun In The Morning
Dinah Shore 550304 Chevrolet Hold My Hand
Dinah Shore 550309 Chevrolet Tweedley Dee
Dinah Shore 550311 Chevrolet Talk To Me Baby
Dinah Shore 550316 Chevrolet Life Could Be A Dream
Dinah Shore 550323 Chevrolet Tweedley Dee
Dinah Shore 550325 Chevrolet A Secret, A Secret
Dinah Shore 55xxxx Auction Sales
Dinah Shore 55xxxx Chevrolet Auction Sales
Dinah Shore Afrs 29 1st Song San Fernando Valley

Disk Two: Guest Appearances
59 shows - total playtime 27 hours 24 minutes

AFRS Thanksgiving Show 441123 Lionel Barrymore Dinah Shore
Al Jolson 481216 49 Kraft Mh W Dinah Shore
Amos Andy 601125 Last Episode
Bill Stern 460809 e353 Dinah Shore
Bing Crosby 471015 Dinah Shore
Bing Crosby 481015 Dinah Shore
Bing Crosby 490302 094 Philco Rt W Burl Ives & Dinah Sho
Bing Crosby 521113 (06) Guests Dinah Shore, Joe Venuti
Bing Crosby 521120 (07) Guests Dinah Shore, Joe Venuti
Bing Crosby 541015 Philco Rt W Dinah Shore
Bob Hope 480406 W Dinah Shore
Burns Allen 440613 Kansas City War Bond Drive Dinah Shore
CMLBS 400714 Jelly Roll Morton
CMLBS 400804 Lead Belly
CMLBS 400819 Lionel Hampton Quartet
Command Perf 420308 001 Danny Kaye Dinah Shore
Command Perf 421013 036 Bing Crosby Mary Martin Dinah Shore
Command Perf 431030 091 Dinah
Command Perf 431204 095 Dinah Shore Fats Waller
Command Perf 431218 097 Dinah Shore, Bing Cros
Command Perf 440201 104 Bing Crosby, Dinah Sho
Command Perf 440527 121 Dinah Shore Dick Haymes Virginia OBrien
Command Perf 441007 141 DShore Tatum C
Command Perf 450322 167 Dinah Shore Lina Romay Judy Canova
Command Perf 451004 194 Dinah Shore
Duffys 431214 Archies Song Joan Davis Newlywed Dinah
21.ecpbrs Wdinah Shore
410604 guests Al Jolson and Dinah Shore
421125 Jack Benny Dinah Shore
DINAHS 1ST Yes My Darling Daughter (excerpt)
Ford Show 461009 W D Shore& Peter Lind Hayes
Groucho & Dinah Shore Peasy Weasy, Laryngitis Joke
Hit Parade Dinah 470215
Jack Benny 501119 Jack, Dinah in London
kraft music hall 481216 dinah shore
Mail Call 441214 (125) Dinah Shore
Mail Call 450215 (132) Dinah Shore, Dorothy Lamour, King Cole Trio
Martin & Lewis 511005 038 W Dinah Shore
Paul Whiteman 430613 02 Presents Dinah Shore & Burns, Allen
Paul Whiteman 430620 03 Presents Dinah Sk
Paul Whiteman 430627 04 Presents Dinah Vm
Paul Whiteman 430704 05 Presents Dinah Shore
Paul Whiteman 430711 06 Presents Dinah Bb
Paul Whiteman 430718 07 Presents Dinah Jt
Paul Whiteman 430725 08 Presents Dinah O
Paul Whiteman 430801 09 Presents Dinah La
Paul Whiteman 430815 11 Presents Dinah Du
Paul Whiteman 430822 12 Presents Dinah Fr
Paul Whiteman 430829 13 Presents Dinah Ar
Philco 471015 53 Kokomo Indiana [Dinah Shore]
Philco 490302 125 Sunflower [Dinah Shore, Burl Ives]
RecollectAt30 570306 37 Dinah Shore's Debut
Showtime AFRS 150 Diana Shore, Rudy Vallee, Les Paul
Shriner Special 47 Bob Hope, S Jones, D Shore
Treasury Star Parade 062 Dinah Shore & Ilka Chase
Treasury Star Parade 42 122 W John Nesbit And Dinah Shore
VFW Jubilee 1949 Features Bing Crosby and Dinah Shore
Your Hit Parade 430000 Medley Ross, Simms, Dinah
Your Hit Parade 470125 Dinah Shore
Your Hit Parade 470215 Dinah ShoreAndy Russell



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