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 Dennis Day Show

2 MP3 CDs - 58 episodes

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dennis day 2
Situation Comedy (1946 - 51)

dennis dayBilled "America's Favorite Irish Tenor", Dennis Day born Owen Patrick McNulty was the second child to Irish immigrants in New York City. Dennis Day He attended Manhattan College and sang in the glee club.  Dennis Day planned on attending law school and began moonlighting as a singer to make ends meet when he caught the attention of Jack Benny's wife Mary Livingstone. 

In 1939, he got the chance of a lifetime to perform on the Jack Benny Show.  He was introduces as the young and naïve soda-jerk at the Willoughby store Dennis Day and kept that character throughout his career.    His catch phrase on the Jack Benny Show was "Gee, Mr. Benny!"

Dennis Day took a hiatus from show business to serve in the US Navy from 1944 until 1946.  When he returned from military service, he continued to work on Jack Benny Show and also starred in his own show, A Day in the Life of Dennis Day.  That show broadcast between 1946 and 1951 which are included in this collection.  His problems revolved around his girlfriend, Mildred Anderson was first played by Sharon Douglas and later by Barbara Eiler. One of the most popular tenors on the radio, Dennis Day worked with Jack Benny until 1974.

In 1954, he had another briefly lived show called The Dennis Day Show.  For other spin-offs from the Jack Benny Show, please see Phil Harris and Alice Faye and Mel Blanc.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 29 shows - total playtime 14 hours 27 minutes

Dennis Day 460418 000 Audition
Dennis Day 461114 007 Writes A Radio Script
Dennis Day 461225 013 Boy Who Sang For A King
Dennis Day 470101 014 Is Guest Speaker At Ladies Aid Meeting
Dennis Day 470122 016 Is Mistaken For A Missing Heir First Song Mcnamaras Band
Dennis Day 470212 019 Becomes Irresistible To Women
Dennis Day 470226 021 Asks For A Raise And Is Let Go
Dennis Day 470305 022 Is Mistaken For A Bank Robber
Dennis Day 470319 024 Andersons Anniversary
Dennis Day 470326 025 Andersons Want To Buy A New House
Dennis Day 470409 027 Wants To Invest In Drug Store
Dennis Day 470416 028 Goes To A Marriage Counselor
Dennis Day 470423 029 Helps Mr Anderson Write A Story
Dennis Day 470827 039 Becomes A Drama Critic
Dennis Day 470903 040 Runs For Mayor
Dennis Day 470924 043 Impersonates A Big Railroad Boss
Dennis Day 471001 044 Tries To Enlist Support For A New Jail
Dennis Day 471015 046 Mrs Anderson Opens A Dress Shop
Dennis Day 471022 047 Gets A Second Job Selling Insurance
Dennis Day 471203 053 Tries To Get A Job As Society Editor
Dennis Day 471210 054 Helps Mr Willoughby Obtain A Bank Loan
Dennis Day 471217 055 Helps Mrs Anderson Bcm President Ladies Club
Dennis Day 480114 059 Helps Mr Anderson Steal His Own Painting
Dennis Day 480121 060 Tries To Get A Job With Post Office
Dennis Day 480128 061 Does A Radio Show
Dennis Day 480317 068 Enters Mr Anderson In Baby Picture Contest
Dennis Day 480324 069 Tries To Save Weaverville From A Land Grab
Dennis Day 480407 071 And Mildred Try Keep Radio Station On Air
Dennis Day 480421 073 Is Misquoted In Newspaper


Volume 2: 29 shows - total playtime 14 hours 1 minute

Dennis Day 480505 075 Actor
Dennis Day 480616 081 Bill Calhoun An Old Shipmate Visits
Dennis Day 480623 082 Bets On Horses By Mistake
Dennis Day 480630 083 Donates For A New Gym
Dennis Day 480918 087 And Mr Anderson Go Out On Town
Dennis Day 480925 088 Gives Up His Room For A New Boarder
Dennis Day 481002 089 Tries To Prevent A Boy From Running Away
Dennis Day 481009 090 Tries To Get Football Plays
Dennis Day 481016 091 Sells Mrs Anderson Some Worthless Oil Property
Dennis Day 481023 092 Thinks Mildred Has A New Boyfriend
Dennis Day 481030 093 Is Accused Of Stealing Mrs Andersons Earrings
Dennis Day 481113 095 Writes An Advise Column
Dennis Day 481204 098 Helps Mr Anderson Get Fan Letters
Dennis Day 490101 102 Stable Boy At Mayfair Riding Acadamy
Dennis Day 490108 103 Gets A Job As City Manager
Dennis Day 490115 104 Mrs Anderson Cancels Invitation To Her Party
Dennis Day 490129 106 Helps Mrs Anderson Correct A Black Mark She Got In College
Dennis Day 490212 108 And Mildred Plan To Elope
Dennis Day 490219 109 Is Mistakenly Identified First Song Manhattan Men
Dennis Day 490319 113 Is Asked To Pretend To Be A Beneficiary Of An Insurance Policy
Dennis Day 490326 114 Weaverville Art Contest
Dennis Day 490409 116 Scoutmaster
Dennis Day 490416 117 And Mrs Anderson Both Run For Political Office
Dennis Day 490423 118 Helps Mrs Anderson Get A Part In A Play
Dennis Day 490430 119 Contest
Dennis Day 490514 121 Room Rent Due
Dennis Day 490611 125 Finds Morgan Treasure
Dennis Day 490625 127 Crook Shakes Down Gikoby
Dennis Day 490827 128 And Mildred Have A Falling Out



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