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 Dale Evans Collection

1 MP3 CD - 38 episodes


"Dale Evans appears on Bergen and McCcarthy"
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Dale EvansDale Evans was born with the less than charming name of Frances Octavia Smith on Halloween Night 1912 (October 31, 1912) in a small Texas town.   The young Francis was raised in Texas and Arkansas and was married at the age of 14, divorced and a single mom by the age 17.  She moved to Memphis, Tennessee to seek a singing career and worked minor parts on radio calling herself Frances Fox.  Remarried and on the move, this time she landed in Louisville, Kentucky and became a popular local radio singer.  It was in Louisville where she changed her name to Dale Evans. 

Dale EvansHer star burned bright as Dale Evans and her husband moved to Chicago to see more radio fame.  It was here that the little songbird caught the attention of Hollywood producers.  Producers assumed that the little gal from Texas would naturally love riding horses; however, she was terrified and all she could do was "hold on and hope."  She later got riding lessons and revamped her onscreen image to reflect a cowgirl persona. 

She signed with Fox pictures and starred next to the Singing Cowboy, Roy Rogers first in The Cowboy and the Seņorita.  Dale Evans and Roy ROgersThe two sparked on screen, but did not become romantically involved until the death of Roy Rogers's wife; Dale Evans divorced soon there after.  The King of the Cowboys and Queen of the West were born. 

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans married and because an unstoppable force in the singing cowboy genre.  They made 28 movies together and recorded over 300 songs.  Both talented singers, they joined their horses Trigger his Golden Palomino, and Buttermilk as well as the Wonderdog Bullet his German Shepherd Dog, in the fantastic Roy Rogers Show.   The couple marketed their image on Lunch Boxes, dolls, song books, and even a Fast Food Restaurant Chain. 

Not just a beautiful face, Dale Evans wrote a number of spiritual self-help books after the loss of three of her children. She was also the author the iconic song "Happy Trails" and a number of spirituals.  This collection includes some of Dale Evans early work on the Bergen and McCarthy show and well as a sampling of her performances on the Roy Rogers Radio show

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

38 recordings - total playtime 7 hours 5 minutes

All Star Western Theater
Allstarw 460908 0005 Dude Ranch Serenade
Allstarw 470503 0039 The Deacon
Allstarw 470816 0054 Heaven Is A Star

Bergen and McCarthy
Bergen Mccarthy 420906 Charles Ruggles
Bergen Mccarthy 421108 262 W.c. Fields
Bergen Mccarthy 430404 283 W Bill Thompson & Mary Bolen
Bergen Mccarthy 430411 Martha Raye & Bill Thompson
Bergen Mccarthy 430418 Ronald Coleman
Bergen Mccarthy 430425 A Spoof
Bergen Mccarthy 430502 Barbara Stanwyck Acts As Charlies A
Bergen Mccarthy 430523 Guest Charles Boyer
Bergen Mccarthy 430530 Guest Walter Pidgeon
Bergen Mccarthy 430912 Humphrey Bogart

Bing Crosby
Bing Crosby 440120 W Dale Evans

Bob Hope
Bob Hope 520610 San Diego Nas Dale Evans & Roy Rogers

Command Performance
Cpusa 440708 128 Claudette Colbert J Durante B Hutton

Hedda Hopper
Hedda Hoppers Hollywd 510401 Amoorehead Dschary Skaye

Keep in Touch
Keep In Touchdale Evans Mono

Kraft Music Hall
Kmh 490317 Roy Rogers & Dale Evans

Martin and Lewis
Martin & Lewis 511228 Dale Evans

National Boys Club Week
National Boys Club Week Roy Rogers And Gang Excerpt

Radio Hall of Fame
Hall Of Fame 450114 Bill Goodwin Mcg. Marx Dale Evans

Roy Rogers Show
Roy Rogers 480328 Aud Case Of The Mysterious Puppet
Roy Rogers 480824 Mystery Of The Circle Efirst Show
Roy Rogers 510304 Wagon Raiders
Roy Rogers 511012 402 Ed Baileys Bad Luck
Roy Rogers 511019 403 Night Riders
Roy Rogers 511026 404 Prospecting Friends
Roy Rogers 520208 419 Loco Weed
Roy Rogers 520904 02 Diamond Smuggling
Roy Rogers 521113 12 Lefty Roberts
Roy Rogers 521204 15 The Last Coach
Roy Rogers 521225 18 Night Before The Night Before Christmas
Roy Rogers 530108 20 The Key
Roy Rogers 530115 21 Gold Mine Spread
Roy Rogers 530122 22 Cash & Carry Rodeo
Roy Rogers 530219 26 Happy Birthday Sheriff
Roy Rogers 530326 31 Rabies



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