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 Connie Boswell Collection

1 MP3 CD - 31 episodes


"Connie Boswell on Kraft Music Hall"
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Connee BoswellFemale radio jazz singer

Bing Crosby and the Boswell Sisters
Bing Crosby and the Boswell Sisters

Born and raised in the Jazz-filled New Orleans streets, Connie Boswell, and her two other sisters, Martha and Vet, learned to pluck and toot almost every instrument used in popular and vocal Jazz.Boswell SistersThe Boswell sisters even appeared with the New Orleans Philharmonic at a very young age, but their main focus was vocally. It was in 1925 when they cut their own record, and soon after, started to tour the United States, appearing on radio. Here and there on their busy trek across the country, they found time to record albums, which built up their popularity to such a point, that they were even getting respectful gestures from Jazz giants, such as Benny Goodman and Eddie Lang.

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Connie was the ring leader of the trio, usually devising innovative charts of Jazz that were chock full unexpected changes in tempo, rhythm, and key. This left the audience's thirst for Jazz quenched, but only to the point where, on their ride home, they would want more! Connie was so into her music that some believed that she was a direct descendant of Jazz itself, the Jazz Queen herself. In 1936, all the sisters got married, and Vet and Martha retired. Connie, on the other hand, even though she cut solo albums while with the group, directed her entire focus on her solo career. This collection represents some of her guest appearances in various old time old time radio shows including Bing Crosby, Command Performance, Good News, Kraft Music Hall, Mail Call, and Screen Guild Theater.

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31 shows - total playtime 34 hours 40 minutes

Bing Crosby (2)
Bing 470604 (034) Fred Allen ans Connie Boswell
Bing 521127 (08) Guest Connie Boswell

Command Performance (1)
420329 Command Performance 005 GJessel, CBoswell, OLevant

Good News (21)
Good News 380324 e021 Connie Boswell Fanny Brice
Good News 380331 e022 Connie Boswell Louis B Mayer eLondon
Good News 390615 e77 Connie Boswell Guest Meredith Willson
Good News 391102 Connie Boswell Guest Billy Halop
Good News 391109 Guest Walter Huston Connie Boswell
Good News 391109 Walter Huston Connie Boswell
Good News 391116 Guest Marlene Dietrich connie Boswell
Good News 391123 Connie Boswell Guests Walter Huston and Raymond Walburn
Good News 391130 Connie Boswell Guest Faye Wray
Good News 391207 Connie Boswell Lou Holz
Good News 391214 Fanny Sings Connie Boswell Allan Jones and Mary Martin
Good News 391221 Connie Boswell Guest Jessica Dragonette
Good News 391228 Connie Boswell Guest Lucille Ball
Good News 400104 Connie Boswell Guests Ann Sothern and William Gargan
Good News 400111 Connie Boswell Guest Hattie McDaniel
Good News 400118 Connie Boswell Guest Lola Lane
Good News 400125 Connie Boswell Guest Alice Faye
Good News 400201 Connie Boswell Guests Alan Marshall and William Gargan
Good News 400208 Connie Boswell Guests Ronald Colman and Ida Lapino
Good News 400215 Connie Boswell Guest Virginia Bruce
Good News 400222 Connie BoswellGuest Warren Williams

Kraft Music Hall (8)
KMH 410306 Lionel Barrymore Connie Boswell
KMH 410501 Guest Pat O'Brien Connie Boswell
KMH 410529 Guest Frank McHue Connie Boswell
KMH 410605 Guest William Boyd Connie Boswell
KMH 410612 Guest Ethel Waters Connie Boswell
KMH 410619 Guest Bert Lahr Connie Boswell
KMH 410626 Guest Charles Boyer Connie Boswell
KMH 411002 Guest Jerry Lester Connie Boswell

Mail Call (1)
440216 (078) Bing Crosby, Connie Boswell

Screen Guild Theater (1)
Screen Guild Theater 391008 025 Variety



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