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 Christmas Mystery

1 MP3 CD - 22 episodes


"Three Wise Guys"
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Scared of SantaChristmas itself is filled with mystery. Most of the mysteries have happy and wonderful ends, but then again, some of these mysteries don't come from the usual Christmas sources. Not all surround the Holy birth, or even about the guy in the red suit. Some Christmas mysteries come from the minds the evil geniuses that created some of radios best thrillers.

We have included Christmas related episodes from Suspense and Escape, one of the longest running and most thrilling of all radio series. A few of the other episodes included in the collection:

In The American Weekly Magazine insert to the Hearst Newspapers, "The Christmas Ghost", superstitious sailors, Parson dies afloat, and promises to come back on the next Christmas eve... does he?

Scott Bishop's Dark Fantasy "House of Bread" A man in Los Angeles hears a voice, the voice of a man called Word, who tell him he must seek the House of Bread. With his wife he travels East in his quest, across continents and oceans. In Hebrew, "Beth" means house, and the word for bread is "lehem".

The Whistler. "Three Wise Guys", a trio of hoods set out from a bar on Broadway to retrieve the loot that one of the company has hidden under the floor of a barn in Pennsylvania. Arch ObolerWhen they get to the barn, they find a young woman about to give birth, although her husband, Joseph, is in jail, having taken the rap for the robbery that the loot came from.

The Whistler. "Christmas Bonus", Mike had some bad breaks when he was younger, and he did time, but now he has gone straight and gotten married to a wonderful girl and found a good job. But it all falls apart when there is a theft at the store on Christmas Eve...

The Whistler. "Delayed Christmas Present" A pretty American girl is hiding from her past, hiding from her past as a night club singer in Panama City

Lights Out! It is Christmas of 1918 in France after the Great War is over. Three officers find themselves on a leave-train, an ANZAC, a Frenchman, and a Black American. But have they met before? Many years ago, under a star in the East?

The Mysterious Traveler. Down on his luck, Steve helps young Paul who grew up in Alaska drive across the country to see his dying Grandfather. When Paul dies in an accident, he takes the young man's identity to fool the old man. Can he maintain the disguise?

Who says the Mysteries of the Season shouldn't make your hair stand on end? See also: Christmas in Suspense!

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

22 recordings - total playtime 10 hours 1 minutes

American Weekly 331221 Christmas Eve Ghost
Dark Fantasy 411226 06 House Of Bread
Dark Fantasy 411226 The House Of Bread
Escape 471224 020 Back For Christmas
Escape 471224 Back For Christmas
Escape 501224 138 The Cave
Lights Out 371222 Uninhabited (Christmas Story 1918)
Mysterious Traveler 511225 Christmas Story
Suspense 431223 071 Back for Christmas
Suspense 481223 320 Holiday Story
Suspense 531221 531 'Twas Night Before Christmas
Suspense 551220 629 Cave
Suspense 581221 782 Out for Christmas
Suspense 591220 832 A Korean Christmas Carol
Suspense 611217 905 Yuletide Miracle
Whistler 441225 Christmas Bonus
Whistler 471224 292 Decision
Whistler 481226 Delayed Christmas Present
Whistler 491225 Letter From Cynthia
Whistler 501224 Three Wise Guys
Whistler 511223 Christmas Gift
Whistler 521221 Christmas Bonus



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