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 Christmas Collection

8 MP3 CDs - 672 episodes

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"Fibber McGee & Molly: Mailing Christmas Packages"
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Text on OTRCAT.com ©2001-2014 OTRCAT INC All Rights Reserved-Reproduction is prohibited.

Ho Ho Ho and a barrel of snow! Santa has his sack just packed full of old time radio shows. And if you are good, Santa will play them non-stop for over 670 hours. This enjoyable eight-CD set contains 670+ episodes of all kinds of Christmas shows including comedy, westerns, drama, and detective shows just smacking of holiday cheer. So grab the nearest Christmas tree, light the fire, and sink those pearlies into that scrumptious fruitcake, because Santa has been good to you this year!

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.


Volume 1 - 114 shows - total playtime 49 hours 37 minutes

Aldrich Family 481223 Christmas Program
Amos Andy 441224 Annual Christmas Show
Amos Andy 501224 Christmas Show
Archie Andrews 471213 Christmas Shopping
Bing Crosby Christmas
Bob Hope Christmas Show Storyof Bingsy Bobsy
Burns Allen 461226 Christmas Presents
Burns Allen 471218 Gracies Last Minute Christmas Gift
Duffys 441222 Christmas Program With Monty Woolley
Duffys 451221 The Cast Does A Christmas Carol
Duffys 481222 Miracle On Third Avenue With Jeff Chandler
Duffys 481223 Archie Is In Bad Spirits
Duffys 481229 Christmas Cards With Dorothy Shay
Duffys 501222 Charles Coburn Plays Santa Claus
Fibber 351209 Christmas Shopping
Fibber 351230 New Year Celebration
Fibber 381220 Christmas Shopping For Nephew
Fibber 391219 Uncle Sycamore Package Arrives
Fibber 401210 Mailing Christmas Packages
Fibber 401224 Radio Phonograph
Fibber 401231 Fibber Finds Watch
Fibber 411209 Forty Percent Off
Fibber 411216 Cuts Christmas Tree
Fibber 411223 Fibber Christmas Presents
Fibber 421215 Misplaces Christmas Money
Fibber 421222 Listening To Christmas Carols
Fibber 431221 Looking For A Xmas Tree
Fibber 431228 Fresh Start For New Years
Fibber 441219 Early Christmas Presents
Fibber 441226 Mc Gee Controls His Temper
Fibber 451218 White Christmas Trees
Fibber 451225 Doc Gift To Mcgee
Fibber 461217 Sunlamp
Fibber 461224 Night Before Christmas
Fibber 471216 Aunt Sarah S Fruitcake
Fibber 471223 A Lost Key Ring
Fibber 471230 Ten Dollar Gift Certificate
Fibber 481207 Early Christmas Shopping
Fibber 481221 Christmas Card From Elizabeth
Fibber 491206 Making Christmas Cards
Fibber 491220 Fibber Mc Gee&molly
Fibber 511225 The Spirit Of Giving
Fibber 521216 Exchanging Christmas Gift From Wallace Wimple
Fibber 521223 Surprise Christmas Party For Doc Gamble
Fibber 521230 New Year S Dance At The Country Club
Fibber 531216 Christmas Shopping
Fibber 531221 Mailing Aunt Sarah S Gift
Fibber 531222 Haggling Over A Christmas Tree
Fibber 531223 Doc Helps Decorate The Mc Gees Christmas Tree
Fibber 531224 Laura The Lopsided Pine Tree
Fibber 531225 Spending Christmas At Home
Fibber 531228 Planning Elks Club New Year S Party
Fibber 531229 Exchanging Gifts At The Bonton

Fibber New Year Day Visiting 1152
Freburg Christmas Dragnet Pt 1
Freburg Christmas Dragnet Pt 2
Fred Allen 371222 Santa Claus Sits Downwith Jack Benny
Jack Benny 391217 East Coast Christmas Shopping
Jack Benny 431219 Don Moonlighting As Santa Claus
Jack Benny 521214 Christmas Gopher Trap For Don
Life Of Riley 441224 Roswell For Christmas
Mel Blanc 461210 Christmas Present
Mel Blanc 461217 Christmas Shopping
Mel Blanc 461224 Mel Plays Santa
My Friend Irma 471222 Christmas Party
My Little Margie Christmas
Our Miss Brooks 491218 Aletter To Santa
Our Miss Brooks 491225 Magic Christmas Tree
Our Miss Brooks 501231 Returning Christmas Presents
Ozzie Harriet 481219 Christmas Gifts
Phil Harris 481219 Visit From Santa With Jack Benny
Phil Harris 481226 Broken Christmas Gift
Phil Harris 491225 Christmas
Red Skelton Christmas Comes But Oncea Year Song
Vic Sade 391121 Smelly Clark Solicits Christmas Gifts
Vic Sade 431126 Christmas Present

Calling All Detectives 481224
Cavalcade Of America 421221 A Child Is Born
Challenge Of The Yukon 451218 Christmas Presents
Challenge Of The Yukon 481222 Man With The Red Coat
Crime Photographer 461219 Christmas Shopping
Dragnet 501221 22 Rifle for Christmas
Dragnet 531222 Big Little Jesus
Escape 471224 Back For Christmas
Fat Man Murder Sends A Christmas Card
Gunsmoke 551225 Twelfth Night
Let George Do It 510129 Christmas In January
Lights Out 371222 Christmas Story
Lux Radio Theater 470310 Its Awonderful Life
Lux Radio Theater 481220 Miracle On 34 Th Street
Mysterious Traveler 511225 Christmas Story
Mysterious Traveler 511225 Christmas
Nero Wolfe Slaughtered Santas
One Mans Family 491225 Touch Of Chrsitmas Spirit
One Mans Family 501225 Christmas At The Barbours
Rocky Fortune 531222 Plot To Murder Santa
Scarlet Queen 471224 15 Th Llama-Wise Guy From The East
Sherlock Holmes 550313 The Blue Carbuncle
Six Shooter 531220 Western Chrismas Carol
Suspense 431223 Back For Christmaspeter Lorre
Suspense 531221 The Night Before Christmas
Suspense 591220 Akorean Christmas Carol
Texas Rangers 501224 Christmas Present
This Is Your Fbi 481224 Return Of St Nick
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 561223 Missingmouse
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 571222 Carmen Kringle
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 591213 Sudden Wealth
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 591220 Red Mystery

Volume 2 - 79 shows - total playtime 32 hours 24 minutes

Christmas Carol (8)
Blondie 391225 Scrooge
Campbell Playhouse 391224 Christmas Carol Part 1
Campbell Playhouse 391224 Christmas Carol Part 2
Globe Theatre 441223 Christmas Carol
Lber A Christmas Carol
May 421224 Christmas Carol
Richard Diamond 491224 Christmas Carol

Cinnamon Bear, 1937 (26)
Cinnamon Bear 001 Paddy O Cinnamon
Cinnamon Bear 002 Weary Willie
Cinnamon Bear 003 Crazy Quilt Dragon
Cinnamon Bear 004 The Inkaboos
Cinnamon Bear 005 Weasley The Wailing Whale
Cinnamon Bear 006 Samuel Seal
Cinnamon Bear 007 Presto The Magician
Cinnamon Bear 008 Candy Pirates
Cinnamon Bear 009 Rolypoly Policeman
Cinnamon Bear 010 Professor Whiz
Cinnamon Bear 011 Fee Foo The Gentle Giant
Cinnamon Bear 012 Rhyming Rabbit
Cinnamon Bear 013 The Wintergreen Witch
Cinnamon Bear 014 Queen Melissa
Cinnamon Bear 015 Snaper Stick The Crocodile
Cinnamon Bear 016 Oliver Ostrich
Cinnamon Bear 017 Muddlers
Cinnamon Bear 018 Cocklebur Cowboys
Cinnamon Bear 019 Wooden Indian
Cinnamon Bear 020 Flying Hat
Cinnamon Bear 021 Snowman
Cinnamon Bear 022 Santa Claus
Cinnamon Bear 023 The Bad Dolls
Cinnamon Bear 024 The Parade
Cinnamon Bear 025 Captain Tintop
Cinnamon Bear 026 North Pole

Great Gildersleeve (12)
Gildy 411214 Great Gildersleeve Iron Reindeer
Gildy 411221 Mcgees Christmas Gift
Gildy 481201 Leroy S Holiday Job
Gildy 481208 Disappearing Gifts
Gildy 481215 Economy For Christmas
Gildy 491214 Gg Why The Chimes Rang
Gildy 511219 Christmas Present For Paula
Gildy 511226 Opening Last Christmas Presents
Gildy 521224 Gildersleeve Christmas Party
Gildy 521224 Lonely Christmas
Gildy 531223 Needy Children S Christmas Party
Gildy 531230 New Year S Eve With Irene

Misc (14)
1933 American Weeklyfront Page Drama Christmas Eve Ghost
391221 Visit From St Nick
421226 Radio Doctor Advice For Xmas
431224 FDR Fireside Chat
4312xx Passing Parade Story Christmas Seals
Auld Lang Syne Kfipromo W Howard Culver
Bill Stern 4612xx Newsreel
Christmas Story KFI W Howard Culver
Grand Central Station Christmas Pgm
How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Kraft Music Hall 471225 With Boris Karloff
Quiz Kids 481219 Christmas Special
Truth Or Consequences 471220 Christmas Show
Words At War 441226 Xmas

Movies (10)
371220 Song Of Songs
481220 Miracle On 34 Th Street
Campbell Playhouse 122439 A Christmas Carol
Lux 381226 Snow White
Lux 391225 Pinocchio
Lux 411222 Remember The Night
Lux 501225 Wizard Of Oz w Jgarland
NBC Theater 490508 It A Wonderful Life
Screen Guild Players 430111 Holiday Inn
Stars Over Hollywood 531212 Time For Christmas

Tales (9)
Cornet Little Theater 431219 Gift Of The Magi
Hallmark Playhouse 461219 Room For Stranger
Hallmark Playhouse 470320 Gift Of The Magi
Hallmark Playhouse 491222 Silent Night
Tarzan 511220 Congo Christmas

Volume 3 - 88 shows - total playtime 43 hours 57 minutes

Adventure (25)
Damon Runyan 490313 Dancing Dans Christmas
Dark Fantasy 411226 The House Of Bread
Gunsmoke 521220 Christmas Story
Johnny Dollar 551219 288 The Nick Shurn Matter Pt1
Johnny Dollar 551220 289 The Nick Shurn Matter Pt2
Johnny Dollar 551221 290 The Nick Shurn Matter Pt3
Johnny Dollar 551222 291 The Nick Shurn Matter Pt4
Johnny Dollar 551223 292 The Nick Shurn Matter Pt5
Let George Do It 511225 Christmas Letter
Nick Carter 431225 Christmas Adventure
Richard Diamond 511221 Christmas Carol
Sealed Test Variety 481223 Christmas Show
Sherlock 451224 Night Before Xmas
Sherlock 471221 Christmas Bride
Suspense 481223 Back For Christmas
Suspense 501221 Christmas For Carole Dennis Day
Suspense 511224 Night Before Christmas Greer Garson
Suspense 561223 Back For Christmas Poor
Suspense 581221 Out For Christmas
Terry & The Pirates 411225 Christmas Presents Exchanged
Terry & The Pirates 461225 Christmas Show In Rhyme
Texas Rangers 511223 Christmas Payoff
Whistler 441225 Christmas Bonus
Whistler 481226 Delayed Christmas Present
Whistler 491225 Letter From Cynthia

Comedy (44)
Aldrich Family Selling Christmas Cards
Amos Andy 471223 Christmas Show
Amos Andy 541219 Christmas Show Andy As Santa
Bergen McCarthy 441224 Twas Night Before Christmas
441220 Xmas Show
Father Knows Best 501221 Christmas Program
Gildersleeve 421220 Christmas
Gildersleeve 441224 Christmas Eve Program
Gildersleeve 451223 Christmas At Home
Gildersleeve 461225 Christmas Caroling At Home
Gildersleeve 471210 Christmas Shopping
Gildersleeve 471224 Christmas Stray Puppy
Gildersleeve 481222 Family Christmas
Gildersleeve 511212 Leroy Sells Christmas Trees
Gildersleeve 531202 Gildy Raises Christmas Money
Honest Harold 501220 Children Christmas Party
Jack Benny 361220 Old Fashioned Christmas Party
Jack Benny 371212 Christmas Shopping
Jack Benny 381211 Christmas Shopping In New York

Jack Benny 381225 Jacks Christmas Open House
Jack Benny 391224 Christmas Open House At Jacks House
Jack Benny 401222 Christmas Shopping
Jack Benny 411228 Talks About Christmas Party He Gave
Jack Benny 431226 Christmas At Jacks House
Jack Benny 461208 Jack Buys Don Shoe Laces For Christmas
Jack Benny 461222 Party At Birmingham General Hospital
Jack Benny 471221 Last Moment Christmas Shopping
Jack Benny 481219 Buys Wallet For Don As Christmas Gift Jack Benny 491218 Mary Buys Jack A Pencil Sharpener
Jack Benny 501217 Jack Buys Don Golf Tees For Christmas
Jack Benny 511202 Jack Buys Don Cuff Links For Christmas
Jack Benny 511223 Christmas Tree Decoration
Jack Benny 521221 Setting Up Christmas Tree
Jack Benny 531213 Christmas Show From Palm Springs
Jack Benny 531220 Cactus Christmas Tree
Jack Benny 541205 Christmas Shopping
Jack Benny 541226 Day After Christmas Dennis Cold
Life with Luigi 491220 Pasquale Takes Xmas Money
P.Harris-A.Faye 491211 Dishwasher Or Mink
P.Harris-A.Faye 491218 Cutting Christmas Tree For Town
P.Harris-A.Faye 531225 French Refugee Kids Christmas
Red Skelton 451225 Christmas Trees
Red Skelton 461226 Christmas Stories
Red Skelton 511219 A Christmas Story

Variety (19)
Bing Crosby 461225 Christmas Show
Command Perf 421224 1942 Christmas Special
Command Perf 431225 1943 Christmas Special
Command Perf 441225 1944 Christmas Special
Command Perf 451225 1945 Christmas Special
Command Perf 481225 1948 Christmas Special Part 3
Command Perf 481225 1948 Christmas Special Part 4
Dinah Shore - Bristol Myers 421225 Merry American Christmas
Orson Welles 4112xx Theatre Christmas Show
Radio City Playhouse 491225 Twas Night Before Christmas
Ripley's One Min 043 Floating Christmas Present
Wartime 421226 Desert Christmas
Wartime 431225 Bob Hope The Christmas Package

Volume 4 - 100 shows - total playtime 34 hours 52 minutes

Take It From Here Xmas With The Glums
1st Nighter 480101 1603 The One In The Middle
1st Nighter 481223 Little Town Of Bethlehem
1st Nighter 521223 Oh, Little Town Of Bethle
Radio Doctor 421226Advice For Xmas
4412xx Third Christmas Kay Kyser Dorothy Lamour
521225 Roy Rogers Night Before The Night Before Christmas
5712uu Boriskarloff Special Xmas Messagetostationowners
A&c 441221 Christmas Show St
A&c 451220 Christmas Show
Aa411224 Annual Christmas Show
Aa441222 Annual Christmas Show
Aa541219 Christmas Show Andy As Santa
Adeste Fideles
Aldrich Family Sellingchristmascards
Allstarw 471220 0072 The Wordssigns Follow
American Weekly 331221 Christmas Eve Ghost
Amos & Andy 461224 121 Andy Plays Santa
Archie Andrews 491217 Xmas Shopping At Stacy's Dept
Authors Playhouse 411221 109 Christmas By Injunction
Bergen Mccarthy 541226 Hoppy
Beulah 531224 A Santa Suit For Mr Henderson
Big Town 481221 15 Prelude To Christmas
Bing Crosby 421224 Jack Carson
Bing Crosby 431230 With Cass Daley
Bing Crosby 441214 Holiday Inn Christmas Program
Bing Crosby 441221 Christmas Program
Bing Crosby 471224 Philco Christmas Show
Bing Crosby 471231 Danny Thomas
Bing Crosby 501220 Christmas Program
Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 491222 Al Jolson
Blondie 481215 Christmas Dilemma
Bm441224 'twas The Night Before Christmas
Bob & Ray 481225 Unknown Title
Bob & Ray 481227
Bob & Ray 491221
Bob & Ray 491222
Bob & Ray 591225 A Little Rock Music
Bob Hope 391212 Taking Peter To Toyland
Bob Hope 441200 Christmas 3
Bob Hope 451218 Christmas Show Sf
Bob Hope 481207 Xmas Shopping Doris Day & Bing

Bob Hope 541223 Xmas Long Beach Veterans Hospital
Boston Blackie 481222 Rings For Santa
Brdwy Is My Beat 491224 015 Nick Norman, Santa Claus
Brdwy Is My Beat 511222 092 B Malpaugh And The Scimitar
Bristol Myers 421225 E39 A Merry American Christmas
Burkiss 08 Plan Christmas Schedules
Burkiss 25 Not To Be Opened Until Christmas
Burns & Allen 470109 Last Years Christmas Bills
Burns & Allen 471225 Gracie Sick
Burnsallen 361223 Gracieschristmascarol
Burnsallen 371223 Christmaswithgeorgegracie
Burnsallen 401223 Christmasshow
Burnsallen 411216 The Post Office
Burnsallen 411223 Santaandthewickedwitch
Burnsallen 421222 Santaandthewickedpirate
Burnsallen 431221 Playingsantaclaus
Burnsallen Santa's Workshop
California Caravan 471221 When Santa Claus Came To Simpsons Bar
Campbell Playhouse 381223 03 Poor Christmas Carol
Casey 461219 Christmas Shopping
Casey 471225 Santa Clause Of Bum Blvd
Cavalcade Of America 361209 060 Story Of Christmas Seals
Cavalcade Of America 411222 258 The Green Pastures
Cavalcade Of America 441225 415 America For Christmas
Cbsrw 561223 47 Allis Bright
Charlie Chan Fiery Santa Claus 049
Charlie Chan The Man Who Murdered Santa Claus
Charlotte Greenwood 441224 Stranded On Christmas Eve
Charlotte Greenwood 451223 Helps A Sailor On Christmas Eve
Chesterfield 371224 Time Hal Kemp Alice Faye Xmas Show
Chirstmas Program A Christmas Carol W Ronald Colman
Bing Crosby Christmas Songs
FDR 431224 Fireside Chat
FDR 411224 Christmas Br

Volume 5- 77 shows - total playtime 39 hours 10 minutes

Christmas Marilyn Maxwell Silver Bells
Christmas Reunion 431225 Part 1
Christmas Reunion 431225 Part 2
Christmas Reunion 431225 Part 3
Christmas Reunion 431225 Part 4
Christmas Reunion 431225 Part 5
Christmas Reunion 431225 Part 6
Christmas Seals Show 5xxxxx W Frank Sinatra
Churchill 411224 White House Christma
Clitheroe Kid 641227 0811 Double Trouble Xmas
Columbia Workshop 401222 2059 Plot To Overthrow Christm
Coty 491223 0721 The Sergeants' Present
Cp421224 000 Christmas Special
Cp431225 1943 Christmas Special
Cp441225 000 Christmas Special
Cp451225 000 Christmas Special
Cp481225 000 Christmas Special Part 3
Cp481225 000 Christmas Special Part 4
Damon Runyan Theater 490313 Dancing Dans Christmas
Damon Runyan Theater 491225 Dream Sweet Rose
Dennis Day Christmas Is For The Family
Doris Day Show 531223 Here Comes Santa Claus
Dr Sixgun 541219 17 A Pony For Christmas
Dragnet 490728 E008 Big Missing
Dragnet Christmas Parody Freberg
Durante 441222 Christmas Show
Durante 471224 W Margaret O'brien
Durante 481224 Problems With Christmas Dinner
421223 With Ida Lupino
521225 Christmas Special
Edgar Bergen 481219 499 Christmas Show W Mario Lanza
Edgar Bergen 551218 Candy Bergen Xmas
Edgar Bergen 551225 Christmas Show
Escape 471224 020 Back For Christmas
Escape 501224 138 The Cave
F D R 401224 Fdr 0030 Lighting The Christmas Tree
Falcon 501224 17 Unwelcome Christmas Gift
Family Hour Of Stars 481219 Lullaby Of Christmas

Father Knows Best 521225 Kids Look For Dads Xmas Present
Father Knows Best 531224 183 Stranded By A Snowstorm
Fm531120 Christmas Fund
Fm540205 Disposing Of The Christmas Tree
Fm551222 Opening Doc's Christmas Cards
Fred 421220 Risa Stevens Santa Claus Sits Down
Fred Allen 321225 Mammoth Department Store
Fred Allen 391227 Dr Allen Clinic
Fred Allen 471228 Fred Tries To Sue To Return His Cukoo Clock
Front Page Drama 331221 The Christmas Eve GhostGlenn Miller 441224 Glenn Miller Lost
Good News 381222 052 Christmas Show
Goon 551115 S06e09 The International Christmas Pudding
Goon 560110 S06e17 Raidofthe International Xmas Pudding
Goon 561224 S07esp Operation Christmas Duff
Goon 591224 S10e01 A Christmas Carol
Grand Central Station 491224 Miracle For Christmas
Grand Central Station Traditional Christmas Program
Great Gildersleeve 421220 Christmas
Great Gildersleeve 461218 Leroy Wants A Motor Scooter
Great Gildersleeve 471210 Christmas Shopping
Great Gildersleeve 501220 Why The Chimes Rang
Great Gildersleeve 531216 Gildy & Hooker Renew Friendship
Hallmark Playhouse 481223 027 Story Of Silent Night
Hallmark Playhouse 521214 191 Home For Christmas
Hancock's Half Hour 561223 Hancocks Happy Christmas
Hancock's Half Hour 581225 Bill And Father Christmas
Hancock's Half Hour 591222 The Christmas Club
Happy Gang Christmas Show
Harry Lime 510921 008 Roguesholiday
Have Gun Will Travel 581221 E005 Hanging Cross
Have Gun Will Travel 591220 E057 Ranch Carnival

Volume 6 - 72 shows - total playtime 36 hours 8 minutes

Henry Hall Dance Band Show 3612xx Christmas Show
Henry Morgan 461225 Christmas Story
Henry Morgan Show 471224 61 Morgan's Christmas
Honest Harold 501220 Children S Christmas Party
I'm Walking Backwards For Christmas
Info Please 441225 F Allen J Wallace St Alban S Ny Nvl Hosp
Isirta 681226 000 Xmas Special Dick & His Wonderful Ha
Jack Benny 361227 Buck Benny Rides Again And Again
Jack Benny 410105 1214 Christmas Gift Exchg
Jack Benny 441224 Trimming A Tree
Jack Benny 451223 1713 The English
Jack Benny 491225 Rochester Is Shocked By An Electric Alarm Clock
Jack Benny 501224 Beavers Come Over To Jacks For Christmas
Jack Benny 521207 2413 Happy Time
Jack Benny 541219 2613 Christmas At Palm Springs
Jack Benny 561200 Jack Benny Christmas Special
Jack Haley 381222 Ep11 Christmas Party
Jb371222 Fred Allen Xmas
Judy Canova 451222 Exclusive Brentwood Society Christmas Party
Judy Canova 461221 Quiet Christmas Party
Kaltenmeyer's Kindergardenchristmas (excerpt)
Keyboard Melodies Wgn Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Let George 501225 Santa Claus On Glass
Lets Pretend 421226 House Of The World Xmas Special
Lets Pretend 490416 Snowdrop And The Seven Dwarves
Lets Pretend 521213 Snow Queen
Lets Pretend 521220 'twas The Night Before Christmas
Lets Pretend 540605 Beauty & Beast
Lfmgf 711224 S1 Xmassp Milkman's Speech
Life Of Riley 441217 049 The Christmas Present
Life Of Riley 461224 First Xmas
Life Of Riley 471220 180 First Christmas In Store W
Life Of Riley 471227 181 The Special Christmas Present
Life Of Riley 481224 225 Christmas Bonuses From Mr Steve
Life Of Riley 491223 259 The Christmas Club

Lifewiththelions 531217 Christmas Shopping
Lifewiththelions 531224 Twas The Night Before Christmas
Lifewiththelions 561223 And A Merry Christmas To All
Lorne Greene 1954 T'was The Night Before Christ
Lorne Greene Yymmdd The Gift Of The Magi
Lr 481224 1711 Xmas Comes To Sandy
Lux 450917 494 Christmas Holiday
Lux 471222 596 Miracle On 34th Street
Lux450618 Canterville Ghost
Lux461202 549 Meet Me In St Louis
Lux470310 563 It's A Wonderful Life
Lux511210 The Lemon Drop Kid
Lux530511 829 The Bishop's Wife (cary Grant)
Marriage 531220 E12 Liz Gets A Christmas Job
Mayor 421224 213 A Christmas Carol(otrcat.com)
Mayor 480121 Burning Christmas Tree
Melody Ranch 481200 Christmasparty
Melody Ranch 481221 Here Comes Santa Claus
Milton Berle 471223 42 Salute To Christmas
Mpres 491225 E131 The Man At The Gate Of The World
Msa Lets Sing Trim The Christmas Tree
My Favorite Husband 491216 067 George's Christmas Presents
My Favorite Husband 491223 068 The Sleigh Ride
My Favorite Husband 501216 110 Christmas Cards
My Favorite Husband 501223 111 The Christmas Stag
My Friend Irma 481220 089 Irma's Christmas Party
My Little Margie 521221 012 Timmys Christmas
Nightbeat 511221 073 Five Days Off For Christmas
Nightwatch 540524 E06 Santa Baby
Nutcracker Suite 381219 Wgn Wolinsoule
Omb 501224 The Magic Christmas Tree
Orson Welles 411222 Theatre Christmas Show
Our Miss Brooks 501217 110 A Suit For Charity
Our Miss Brooks 531220 228 Christmas Gift Mixup
Our Miss Brooks 551218 320 Christmas Clothing Drive
Ozzie Harriet 481212 Stop Worrying

Volume 7 - 57 shows - total playtime 24 hours 15 minutes

Ph481226 Broken Christmas Gift
Ph521221 Alice Volunteers Phil To Play Santa
Phil Harris 471221 A48 Visit From Santa
Proctor&gamble 461225 Christmasdayinamerica
Proudly We Hail 511223 E168 Christmas Story
Quiz Kids 481205 442 Santa Claus.
Radio City Playhouse 481220 Three Men
Rail Road Hour 501225 A Christmas Show
Railroad Hour 521222 221 Christmas Party
Rangerbill Christmas At Knotty Pine
Rangerbill Christmas Program With Bill Pearce
Rd491224 E36 A Christmas Carol
Rd511221 E116 A Christmas Carol
Red Ryder 481223 Christmas Program
Redsk 511219 A Christmas Story
Redsk 511226 Day After Christmas, The
Rocky Fortune 531222 Plot To Murder Santa
Rogers Of The Gazette 531209 22 Pastel Christmas Trees
Rogers Of The Gazette 531223 23 A White Christmas In Ill
Rr 411224 E16 Christmas At San Gabriel
Saint 491225 Nineteen Santa Clauses
Saint 501224 Christmas Eve Problems
Screen Directors Playhouse 490508 E018 It's A Wonderful Life
Screen Directors Playhouse 491223 E048 Miracle On 34th Street
Serenade In Blue 531213 146 Jingle Bells
Serenade In Blue 531227 148 Frosty The Snowman
Serenade In Blue 560129 257 Frosty The Snowman
Sherlock Holmes 451224 198 The Night Before Christmas

Sherlock Holmes 471221 13 Adventure Of Christmas Bride
Superman Light Up The Tree, Mr. President
Superman The Christmas Carol Caper
Susp 571222 730 Dog Star
Texaco 391220 Santa Clausgoose Hangs High
The Joan Davis Show 451224 Christmas Party
The Prisoner Of Christmas Island
Theat Of Rom 451225 078 The Messiah
This Is My Best 441219 16 Plot To Overthrow Christmas
Tifh 581218 1204 293 Christmas Raffle
Tifh 581225 1205 294 Christmas Hide And Seek
Tifh 591224 1310 315 Christmas Party
Tifh Christmas Night
Treasury Star Parade 42 Modern Scrooge
Twenty Questions 511222 Santa Claus
Txrangers 501224 Christmas Presents
Txrangers 511223 Christmas Payoff
V&s 411212 34 Xmas Gifts
V&s 421027 Suggestion Box, Boss' Present
Vs420806 Xmas Cards Cod
Whistler 471224 292 Decision
Whistler 471224 E295 Decision
Whistler 501224 E450 Three Wise Guys
Whistler 511223 E502 Christmas Gift
Whistler 521221 551 Christmas Bonus
Your Tune For The Day Jolly Old St Nicholas
Your Tune For The Day Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer
Your Tune For The Day Up On The House Top
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar 491224 031 How I Played Santa

Volume 8 - 84 shows - total playtime 35 hours 23 minutes

1945 In Review 451225
A Christmas Carol 39xxxx basil Rathbone
A Christmas for Eve 481224
Across the Dial 531225 in Philadelphia
Al Pearce Christmas 391220
All Star Western Theater 461222 Dennis Moore
Amos and Andy 411224 Christmas Eve 1941
Andrew sisters 451219 (012) Ray Noble
Anthology 541219 (42) Poetry for Christmas
Shortwave 311224 Christmas Carol

Beulah 451224 Honorary Santa
Big Show 501224 (08) Guests Jimmy Durante, Ed Wynn, Margaret O'Brien
Biggest Heart 501222 Santa Robinoff's Christmas Party
Charlie McCarthy Show 441224 Night Before Christmas
Chiquita (afrs) 46xxxx Xmas (spanish)
Christmas Dinner
Christmas Hate 42
Christmas Music 521225
Christmas Packages 39
Christmas Panorama 50 Spirit Of Christmas Part 1
Christmas Panoramaspirit Of Christmas 50 Part 2
Christmas Week From Hollywood 39xxxx Hardy Family, Christmas Greetings
Cricket on the Hearth 451224
Damon Runyon 43 Theatre Palm Beach Santa Claus
Day After 501223 the Christmas Party
Dinah Shore 431223 'Exactly Like You'
Doctor Pepper 441215 (456) 'Jingle Bells'
Duffy 471224 Miracle in Manhattan
351222 Christmas Program
Elgin Christmas 481225 2 Hours of Stars Pt 1
Elgin Christmas 481225 2 Hours of Stars Pt 2
Elgin Christmas 481225 2 Hours of Stars Pt 3
Elgin Christmas 481225 2 Hours of Stars Pt 4
Fred Waring 440000 Music for the Holidays (AFRS)
Fred Waring 481222 A Christmas Song Medley
Gene Autry's Melody Ranch 551221 Christmas Party
God With Us (Christmas Story)
Grand Old Opry 50 1054 21st Christmas Show
Guy Lumbardo 461219 Favorite Christmas Tunes
Hollywood Players 461225 (17) All Through the House
Hollywood Radio Theater 441222 Santa Claus Jones
Hotpoint Holiday Hour 491225 The Man Who Came To Dinner

Illbeseeingyou 451224 0508
Incident In Bethlehem 531227 (270)
Irish Food For Xmas 450000
Jack Carson Show 461225 Christmas Preparations
James Melton's Christmas Show 441224
Kate Smith Hour 441224 Guest Jackie Gleason
Listeners Playhouse 401221 (26) Christmas Eve at Crumps
Louella Parsons 491225 Alan Ladd
Matinee theatre 441224 (10) A Stable in Bethlehem Pennsylvania
McCackie Mansion 471224 Christmas Edition
Mildred Bailey 441222 Christmas Show (AFRS)
Moonlight Serenade 411224 Glenn Miller Christmas Show
Mr Pickwick's Christmas 440509 Charles Laughton
Mr Rabbit's Christmas
Music from Hollywood 371224 Christmas Eve Show
Mutual Network 381211 Christmas Visit To Doll Factory
Nbc news 441225
New Worlds A Comin 441224 27 Christmas Program
No Room at the Inn 531224
Ozzie & Harriet 531225 (15) The Lost Christmas Gift
Paul Whiteman341220 Christmas Show
Quiz Kids 481212 Reason To Prove Santa Claus Real
Readers Digest 471225 Only Wise Man
richer By One 551224 Christmas
Santa Claus Comes to the Brier Patch 40
Savings Bond Xmas Special 471221 (039) Greer Garson
Sealtest Variety Theater 481223 Christmas Show
Snake's Christmas Gift
Texaco Star's Inn 381221 Song of Christmas
Textron Theater 451222 Helen Hayes A Child is Born
The Boy Who Sang for a King 461225
Wm Conrad For The Air Force 450000 Timmy Discovers Christmas



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