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 CBS European News Am Edition

2 MP3 CDs - 66 episodes

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"Nazi Parachutists and
Bad Weather Forces Germany to Reduce Air Raids
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Nazi Bomber over LondonThe 1940’s was a landmark decade for news stories.Just following the political climate in the nation and the world war that was going on, there was something to always relate to the American public.Policies, battles, celebrity commentary; all of these played into the daily existence. Neville ChamberlainOne of the most intense and dangerous places on earth to be during this era was Europe. For the top of the day and beginning the work day news was the CBS European News AM Edition.The top-rated network of its day was where millions were tuning into on  daily basis to find out the latest from the battlefront or who was making the daily headlines.Take for instance...

Britain at War with Germany
On March 3, 1939, CBS announced that Prime Minister of Britain, Neville Chamberlain, made a speech telling his countrymen that England was at war with Germany. The news continued to share how Parliament was in session and the air-raid sirens were at full blast.

“London is at war and the air raids sirens at full alarm”. These words gave a simple, but accurate percussion of what was happening in England. The news was announcing that Londoners were taking things in stride, in spite of the new declaration.

164th Anniversary of American Independence
On July 4th 1940 , the program shared what was happening in Europe in the war as America was celebrating its 164 Anniversary. The British navy is fighting off the coast of Africa. The news event went on to showcase the meeting of British naval forces with the French navy.As Germany was in the opening days of their march on Europe,the French government was under an armistice with Germany. Britain and Germany were heading for intense conflicts. Also news from Balkans as Romania was setting up a new government.

Building BomberAxis Power Agreements with Russia
Allied forces were reporting arranging agreements with Russia and Hungary. The news report continued on about air battles occurring over Europe between Britain and Germany. This was all a precedent before the German air strikes would eventually hit London and the British Isles.

The News Reports coming from Europe during these days were direct journalistic reports with the facts of the war that was looming and eventually would become a reality. The radio audience needed to know what the situation was like and how it would affect American involvement. Whispers of war were becoming more “vocal”. Europe news reports brought the reality of conflict a major part of the American public.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 33 shows - total playtime 7 hours 42 minutes

CBS European News 390903 Britain At War With Germany
CBS European News 400701 Diplomats Ordered Out
CBS European News 400702 Upcut English Citizens Apply For Us Visas
CBS European News 400703 Worst Raids Yet On Britain
CBS European News 400704 164 th Anniv. Of Us Independence
CBS European News 400705 France About To Break With Britain
CBS European News 400706 Hitler Returns To Berlin
CBS European News 400708 More German Raids On Britain
CBS European News 400709 French Govt Meets In Vichy
CBS European News 400710Struggle For Mastery Of Mediterranean Underway
CBS European News 400711 Axis Power Agreements With Russia
CBS European News 400712 British And Italian Ships Continue Battle
CBS European News 400713 More German And British Air Raids
CBS European News 400715 Democratic National Convention Opens
CBS European News 400716 2 nd Day Of Dem. Convention
CBS European News 400717 Dem. Conv. Ready To Renominated Fdr
CBS European News 400718 Democrats Renominate Roosevelt
CBS European News 400720 British Answer Surrender Warning
CBS European News 400722 British Lose Destroyer And Sub
CBS European News 400724 Nazi Press Threatens Invasion Is Near
CBS European News 400725 Germans Use Spoils Of War On England
CBS European News 400726 Italian Bombers Hit Gibraltar
CBS European News 400727 Intense German Air Raids
CBS European News 400729 German Invasion Of Britain Near
CBS European News 400730 Air Raids On Britain Continue
CBS European News 400731 Britain Begins Blockade Of Germany And Italy
CBS European News 400801 New Air Raid
CBS European News 400802 Germans Drop Propangda Leaflets
CBS European News 400803 Britishjapanese Relations Strained
CBS European News 400805 Tides Are Right ForNazi Invasion
CBS European News 400806 British Expecting Big Air Raids
CBS European News 400808 Intense Bombings By Raf In France
CBS European News 400809 Germany Reports Sinking 20 British Ships Upcut

Volume 2: 33 shows - total playtime 7 hours 50 minutes

CBS European News 400810 Germany Stages Daring Daytime Raids
CBS European News 400812 More Than 100 British And German Planes
CBS European News 400813 Air War Is Fiercest Yet
CBS European News 400815 Bad Weather Forces Germany To Reduce Air Raids
CBS European News 400817 German Planes Flying Inland
CBS European News 400818 Italy Claims Victory In Somaliland
CBS European News 400819 All Of England NowDefense Area
CBS European News 400820 German Planes Swarm Over England
CBS European News 400821 New Air Raids Over England
CBS European News 400822 Very Little Air Activity Against England Today-Pr Snd
CBS European News 400823 Nightime Blitzkreig Opens On London
CBS European News 400824 German Bombing Of Southern England
CBS European News 400826 British Air Raid On Berlin
CBS European News 400827 Britain Experiences Heaviest Air Raids Of War
CBS European News 400830 Romania Accepts Axis Terms Over Hungary Poor
CBS European News 400831 Air Raids On London And Berlin-Pr Snd
CBS European News 400903 Two Air Raids On London
CBS European News 400904 London And Berlin Raided-Pr Snd
CBS European News 400905 King Of Romania Abducates-Pr Snd
CBS European News 400906 New King Of Romania-Pr Snd
CBS European News 400907 No Aerial Activity Reported-Pr Snd
CBS European News 400909 Long Raid On London-Pr Snd
CBS European News 400914 Military Activity In North Africa-Pr Snd
CBS European News 400915 Two Air Raids On Berlinpoor Sound
CBS European News 400916 Funeral Services Today For Speaker Bankhead
CBS European News 400917 German Bombing In Londonpoor Sound
CBS European News 400918 More Air Raids In Londonpoor Sound
CBS European News 400919 Govt Has Mailed Registration Forms-Pr Snd
CBS European News 400921 No News From California Copper Heir Kidnapper
CBS European News 400923 Japanese Soldiers In French Indochinapoor
CBS European News 400924 More German Raids On Englandpoor Sound
CBS European News 400925 German Planes Bombed London All Nightpoor Sound
CBS European News 400928 Japan Takes Antiamerican Attitude



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