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 Boris Karloff Collection

1 MP3 CD - 71 episodes


"Cat Wife Starring Boris Karloff"
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Boris Karloff
(1887 - 1969)

Boris Karloff at the microphoneThe life of Boris Karloff, born William Henry Pratt, was predetermined for him he was a child. Having seven brothers and one sister, and growing up in a very diplomatic family, little William was thrust into King's College and expected to pursue the family trade. With his school interests dwindling and his love for drama growing, little William dropped out of school and decided to become an actor. After his family gave William the boot, Vancouver had the privilege of hosting little Williams' next few years. During these years, William failed in his endeavors of being a real estate agent and as a farmhand. It was during these times when he reevaluated his reasons for leaving London that he came upon an ad in the newspaper that stated that a theatrical agent, stationed in Seattle, was looking for some actors. That was, as they say, THAT! William packed his bags, and left for the States. When put in front of the agent, William lied about all his theatrical experience in order to get roles. It was during this time that William came up with the stage name Boris Karloff, which was a hybrid of a Russian last name of his mother's

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A few years later, while situated in a theatre in North Dakota where he played up to 105 roles in a 53-week run, Karloff came to the realization that playing character roles and heavies were the only roles that he could get, mainly due to his persona and his bowed legs, which gave off a

It was during this time, when Karloff was in Los Angeles for a small role that he got, that James Whale gazed upon Karloff while he was eating, and was drawn to Karloff's unusually large and misshapen head--Hollywood had its FRANKENSTEIN! While filming the movie, the studio wanted to keep Karloff's identity secret. Boris KarloffEven during the credits, "The Monster" was accredited to "?." When the movie broke out, 44-year old Karloff stole the show from Colin Clive, the movie's lead role. Karloff went on to create more scares throughout the 1930s. When Hollywood's Monster craze died out, Karloff returned to the stage. It was in 1956 that Karloff received a Tony nomination for his role in "The Lark."

Interesting note: Karloff is the great-grandnephew of Anna Leonowens, who is the real life inspiration for the widely read book, and subsequent movie, "Anna and the King."

Boris Karloff's first role on the silver screen was as a $5-a-day extra as a Mexican soldier in the 1919 silent film, His Magistry the American.

This collection embodies his many guest appearances and roles in various old time radio programs including Bergen & McCarthy, Creeps by Night, Duffy's Tavern, Inner Sanctum, Information Please, Jack Benny Program, Lights Out, Martin and Lewis, NBC University Theater, Suspense, Theater Guild on the Air and many others.

See also Peter Lorre Collection, Orson Welles, Bela Lugosi, and Vincent Price Collection and the Boogeymen in Comedy: Screamstars Playing for Laughs Collection.

Boris Karloff 1929

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

71 shows - total playtime 24 hours 6 minutes

Best Plays
Best Plays 520706 05 Arsenic And Old Lace

Bill Stern
Bill Stern Guest Boris Karloff

Charlie McCarthy
Bm451028 Court Case With Edgar Bergen

Creeps by Night
Creeps By Night 440502 Final Reckoning
Creeps By Night The Hunt

Duffy's Tavern
Duffy Boris Karloff In A Play To Buy War Bonds

Fred Allen
Fred 451108 Boris Karloff Renting A Room

Helen Hayes Theater
Helen Hayes 451208 Angel Street

Information Please
Info Please 410124 Boris Karloff Louis E Lawes
Info Please 420220 J.carradine Boris Karloffmissing End
Info Please 430517 Jan Struther Boris Karloff

Inner Sanctum
Inner Sanctum 410525 Death Is A Joker
Inner Sanctum 410803 The Telltale Heart
Inner Sanctum 420503 Study For Murder
Inner Sanctum 451023 The Corridor Of Doom
Inner Sanctum 451106 Wailing Wall
Inner Sanctum 520622 Birdsong For A Murderer
Inner Sanctum 520712 Death For Sale With Karloff

Jack Benny
Jb470119 I Was Condemned

Jimmy Durante
Durange 471210 011 Karloff (poor Sound)

Kraft Music Hall
Kraft Music Hall 471225 With Boris Karloff

Lights Out
Lights Out 380323 The Dream
Lights Out 380406 Cat Wife
Lights Out 470716 Death Robbery

Martin & Lewis
Martlin Lewis 520418 Guest Boris Karloff

Boris Karloff And Friends
Boris Karloff Budapest Sound Clip
Boris Karloff Clasp Sound Clip Clasp
Boris Karloff Grinch Stole Christmas
Boris Karloff Movie Promo The Haunted Strangler
Boris Karloff Rip Van Winkle
Boris Karloff Seuss You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
Boris Karloff Sleepy Hollow
Boris Karloff Suess Trim Up The Tree
Boris Karloff The Monster Mash
Boris Karloff The Vampire's Grave
Boris Karloff Thumbelina

NBC University Theater
Nbc Univ 481017 History Of Mr Polly

Bing Crosby 471029 Boris Karloff

Readers Digest
Reader's Digest 571200 Special Message To Station Owners
Reader's Digest 571216 Chung Ling Soo
Reader's Digest 571217 Shakespeare's Hom
Reader's Digest 571218 Story Of Wood
Reader's Digest 571219 Dr Harvey Cushing
Reader's Digest 571220 The White House
Reader's Digest 580110 266 Aunt Chloes Reward
Reader's Digest 580111 267 How Smart Is A Fish
Reader's Digest 580112 268 Laughter Is Best Medicine
Reader's Digest 580113 269 Napoleon
Reader's Digest 580114 270 Teacher's Tricks

Request Performance
Request Performance 460203 18 Bet Frank Morgan Boris Karloff Roy Rogers

Screen Guild Theater
Sgt 461125 323 Arsenic And Old Lace

Sealtest 481028 07 Happy Halloween
Sealtest 490623 39 The Stranger Arrives

Shell Chateau
Shell Chateau 350831 Karloff Georga Weathern

Spike Jones
Spike Jones 490409 Boris Karloff

Spns127 450125 Drury's Bones Boris Karloff

Tales Frightened
01 The Vampire Sleeps Boris Karloff
02 Mirror Of Death Boris Karloff
03 Never Kick A Black Cat Boris Karloff
04 The Ladder Boris Karloff
05 Nightmare Boris Karloff
06 Voice From The Grave Boris Karloff

The Raven
The Raven Bela Lugosi & Boris Karloff 1935 1 Of 3
The Raven Bela Lugosi & Boris Karloff 1935 2 Of 3
The Raven Bela Lugosi & Boris Karloff 1935 3 Of 3

Theater Guild on The Air
Tga 451111 10 Emperor Joneswhere The Cross Is Made
Tga 501224 55 David Copperfield

Time To Smile
Its Time To Smile 411217 055 Guest Boris Karloff

Treasure Chest
Boris Karloff's Treasure Chest 501001 Casey At The Bat
Boris Karloff's Treasure Chest 501126 Johnny Appleseed



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