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1 MP3 CD - 91 episodes


"Elmer Davis & News: Voice of Pity no longer exists in Europe"
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Historical News Reports and Speeches (1940)

German troops in WarsawBlitzkrieg is a military tactic loosely translated as "Flash war or "Lightning War which employs an offensive high-tech bombardment followed by swift ground forces in vehicles attacking with speed before an enemy can engage in defensive measures.  The Germans first wrote about this method in military Journal "Deutsche Wehr" in 1935 but it was developed as early as the end of WWI conjunction with the Soviet Union.  This war making policy depended on shocking the enemy to reduce their communications, morale, logistics and general infrastructure. 

In general, this warfare method increased civilian causalities and used to cause panic among the general population.  This modern use of warfare developed by the German Heinz Wilhelm Guderian was first used by German volunteers to assist the fascist Franco regime in the Spanish Civil war most notably in the bombing of the Spanish town of Guernica and the atrocious aftermath depicted in Pablo Picasso’s Guernica painting.  Guderian once wrote that "Success must be exploited without respite and with every ounce of strength, even by night. The defeated enemy must be given no peace."

Blitzkrieg is often used synonymously in America with the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 after a Time Magazine article written on September Warsaw remains 25, 1939 dubbed the invasion as "no war of occupation, but a war of quick penetration and obliteration—Blitzkrieg, lightning war.  This invasion occurred a week after the signing of the secret Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact which insured that both Germany and the Soviet Union would occupy the entirety of Poland.  The German forces invaded Poland from the north, south, and west forcing them to withdraw east where the Soviet Forces invaded.  The Germans utilized modern warfare machinery like aircraft in the Luftwaffe which targeted civilians, transportation, and infrastructure.

Polish soldiers and nationals fled to neutral Romania and in one month German and Soviet troops completely occupied Poland with the cost of about 150,000 Polish civilians; 680,000 Polish Prisoners of War; and 5,000 German Troops.  The invasion of Poland led to Britain and France to declare war on Germany on September 3, 1939 which commenced WWII

This collection includes news reports and speeches on the german invasion across Europe as the atrocities unfolded.

For more WWII radio shows, see also Adolf Hitler recordings.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

91 recordings - total playtime 9 hours 30 minutes

Blitzkreig 400118 C Today In Europe
Blitzkreig 400120 B Winston Churchill House Of Many Mansions
Blitzkreig 4001xx n Alf Landon Speaks Against Lendlease
Blitzkreig 400216 Rsh Lord Haw Haw The Altmark Incident
Blitzkreig 400223 B Winston Churchill The Navy Is Here
Blitzkreig 400227 Rsh Lord Haw Haw British Minister Of Misinformation
Blitzkreig 400330 B Winston Churchill A Sterner War
Blitzkreig 4003xx Bd Thomas Mann Deutsche Hörer! Warnung Vor Hitler Und Seinem 'Brandstifterregime'
Blitzkreig 400403 Ptt French Premier Paul Reynaud Appeals For Us Aid
Blitzkreig 400409 B Alvar Liddell On Invasion Of Denmark & Norway
Blitzkreig 400409 Rsh Lord Haw Haw Denmark & Norway Part 1
Blitzkreig 400409 Rsh Lord Haw Haw Denmark & Norway Part 2
Blitzkreig 400413 Rsh Lord Haw Haw Russofinnish War Concluded
Blitzkreig 400416 Rsh Lord Haw Haw Scandinavian Update, 'Schmidt & Smith'
Blitzkreig 400427 Rrg Foreign Minister Joachim Von Ribbentrop On Allied Aggression
Blitzkreig 400508 c Murrow On Nonconfidence Debate In Commons
Blitzkreig 400510 Avro Proclamation Of Queen Wilhelmina On The Attack On Holland
Blitzkreig 400510 B Chamberlain Resigns As Prime Minister
Blitzkreig 400510 Ptt Hubert Pierlot Dénonce L'Invasion De La Belgique
Blitzkreig 400511 c Elmer Davis Reports On First Day Of Blitzkrieg
Blitzkreig 400513 B Bernard Stubbs On The Bef Advance Into Belgium
Blitzkreig 400513 B Winston Churchill The New Administration
Blitzkreig 400514 B German Advance On Antwerp
Blitzkreig 400514 B Sec State Anthony Eden Calls For Local Defense Volunteers
Blitzkreig 400519 B Winston Churchill First Speech As Prime Minister
Blitzkreig 400526 Rrg British Troops In Full Retreat
Blitzkreig 400528 B Winston Churchill On Capitulation Of Belgium
Blitzkreig 400528 Rsh Lord Haw Haw Holland & Belgium Invaded
Blitzkreig 400531 B Bernard Stubbs On Evacuated Troops From Dunkirk
Blitzkreig 400531 B Bernard Stubbs On Evacuated Troops In London
Blitzkreig 400604 B Winston Churchill We Shall Never Surrender
Blitzkreig 400605 B Jb Priestly On Dunkirk
Blitzkreig 400610 Eiar Benito Mussolini Italy Declares War On Allies (English Translation)
Blitzkreig 400610 Eiar Benito Mussolini La Dichiarazione Di Guerra
Blitzkreig 400613 Ptt Paul Reynaud à Tours La France Ne Peut Pas Mourir
Blitzkreig 400614 c Rebroadcasts Nazi Announcement
Blitzkreig 400614 Last Marseillaise Broadcast As Paris Falls
Blitzkreig 400614 Rrg Nazi Radio Announces Fall Of Paris
Blitzkreig 400617 B Winston Churchill Their Finest Hour
Blitzkreig 400617 C Princess Juliana Of The Netherlands On Asylum In Canada
Blitzkreig 400619 c Elmer Davis And The News
Blitzkreig 400620 c Elmer Davis And The News
Blitzkreig 400621 Can Eric Sevareid On The Fall Of Paris
Blitzkreig 400621 Can William C Kirker On French Armistace At Compiegne
Blitzkreig 400621 Can Wm Shirer Coverage Of French Surrender
Blitzkreig 400621 Rsh Lord Haw Haw The Fall Of France
Blitzkreig 400622 B Charles Degaulle à La Résistance Contre L'Occupant Allemand
Blitzkreig 400622 Conversation Téléphonique Entre Le Général Huntziger Et Le Général Weygand
Blitzkreig 400628 Rsh Lord Haw Haw British Invasion Looms
Blitzkreig 400704 Mbs Arthur Mann In London
Blitzkreig 400714 B Charles Gardner On Convoy Attack & Dogfight
Blitzkreig 400714 B Charles Gardner Reports More On Dogfight
Blitzkreig 400714 B Winston Churchill War Of The Unknown Warrior
Blitzkreig 400723 c European News
Blitzkreig 400727 c European News
Blitzkreig 400729 B Secretary Of War Anthony Eden On The Battle Of Britain
Blitzkreig 400814 c European News
Blitzkreig 400816 c European News
Blitzkreig 400820 B Winston Churchill The First Year
Blitzkreig 400824 c Special Broadcast London After Dark
Blitzkreig 400829 c European News
Blitzkreig 400902 c European News
Blitzkreig 400908 B A Londoner On Shelters And The Blitz
Blitzkreig 400911 B Winston Churchill The Crux Of The Whole War
Blitzkreig 400915 B Alvar Liddell Reports 175 German Aircraft Destroyed
Blitzkreig 400915 B Robin Duff Covers Convoy Attack Off Dover
Blitzkreig 400917 B Winston Churchill House Of Commons Secret Session
Blitzkreig 400920 c Edward Murrow On London Rooftop During Blitz
Blitzkreig 400920 c European News
Blitzkreig 400923 J Edgar Hoover On The Opponents Of War Preparedness
Blitzkreig 401005 B Robin Duff In Air Raid Shelter
Blitzkreig 401013 B Princess Elizabeth & Margaret Speak To Evacuated Children
Blitzkreig 401015 B Blitz Emergency Services
Blitzkreig 401021 B Winston Churchill Pledge To Free France
Blitzkreig 401021 Bf Winston Churchill To France (En Français, Pt1)
Blitzkreig 401021 Bf Winston Churchill To France (En Français, Pt2)
Blitzkreig 401026 Secretary Of State Cordell Hull On The Need For Strong National Defense
Blitzkreig 401027 Mbs Ny World'S Fair Closing
Blitzkreig 401030 Rdn Maréchal Pétain Collaboration Francoallemande
Blitzkreig 401115 B Coventry Loudspeaker Announcement
Blitzkreig 401115 B Very Reverend Rt Howard Coventry Cathedral Destroyed
Blitzkreig 401118 Eiar Benito Mussolini L'Attecco Alla Grecia
Blitzkreig 401118 Rrg Baldur Von Schirach, Chef Der Hitlerjugend
Blitzkreig 401220 B Robin Duff Sees London Burning
Blitzkreig 401223 B Winston Churchill Address To Italy
Blitzkreig 401231 B Herbert Morrison Minister For Home Security
Blitzkreig 40xxxx B Girl Tells Of Bomb Shelters
Blitzkreig 40xxxx B It'S That Man Again Tommy Handley
Blitzkreig 40xxxx Bd Lilli Marleen
Blitzkreig 40xxxx Rrg Adolf Hitler If Our Will Is Strong Enough



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