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 Avengers - SA

1 MP3 CD - 108 episodes


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South African Radio Serial adaptations from the TV Series of the same name

Donald Monat as John Steed & Diane Appleby as Emma Peel

The Avengers burst in the door of spy and super-hero adventure drama on South African radio in 1971, starring Donald Monat as John Steed, and Diane Appleby as the wonderful Emma Peel. It was based on the fine TV series, which was very popular from the start in the UK, and is an excellent example of radio's adaptation of the television medium...as it had done with movies all along.Part pop art, part super hero, and part adventure serial... This radio show has all of the excitement and intelligence of the original television hit. Donald Monat has said, "I guess I was aiming to interpret the script in the spirit of the TV series, but in my own way - as my voice is quite different to Patrick's." Patrick McNee played Steed on the original television show, and the radio format, as national TV wasn't available in South Africa until '76, was the way it was popularized there. It was produced as usually six fifteen-minute serial episodes (with space for commercials), very unlike the hour TV show with the entire adventure. The "cliff hanging" segments keep the action moving and always leading up to a thrill to be continued. The quality of production sounds great. The radio stars even caught the fever and appeared to sign autographs as Steed and Peel to promote the show!

Exactly as the television show did, it features outlandish, quirky villains, mad scientists, secret organizations and off-the-wall situations. Each adventure presents the Avengers with a Gordian knot of plot twists that they almost always manage to fray with aplomb. (Part James Bond, part Wonder Woman...why not?) A quick scan of the stories give the flavor: "From Venus with Love" is a fine example, featuring a very odd organization with a hidden agenda. Another excellent adventure is "Super Secret Cypher Snatch" the title alone titillates! "Not to be Sneezed At..." are the Avengers.

Such madcap multi-parted adventures with two perfectly adept and adroit Avengers is a great radio example of why the pictures in the mind are the most exciting. As for the lovely Emma Peel, you may substitute the television vision of Diana Rigg if you desire.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

108 shows - total playtime 25 hours 49 minutes
Avengers - 01 Clean Getaway 1o6
Avengers - 02 Clean Getaway 2o6
Avengers - 03 Clean Getaway 3o6
Avengers - 04 Clean Getaway 4o6
Avengers - 05 Clean Getaway 5o6
Avengers - 06 Clean Getaway 6o6
Avengers - 07 Deadly Gift aka Cybernauts 1o6
Avengers - 08 Deadly Gift aka Cybernauts 2o6
Avengers - 09 Deadly Gift aka Cybernauts 3o6
Avengers - 10 Deadly Gift aka Cybernauts 4o6
Avengers - 11 Deadly Gift aka Cybernauts 5o6
Avengers - 12 Deadly Gift aka Cybernauts 606
Avengers - 13 Dial a Deadly Number 1o6
Avengers - 14 Dial a Deadly Number 2o6
Avengers - 15 Dial a Deadly Number 3o6
Avengers - 16 Dial a Deadly Number 4o6
Avengers - 17 Dial a Deadly Number 5o6
Avengers - 18 Dial a Deadly Number 6o6
Avengers - 21 The Fantasy Game 1o7
Avengers - 22 The Fantasy Game 2o7
Avengers - 23 The Fantasy Game 3o7
Avengers - 24 The Fantasy Game 4o7
Avengers - 25 The Fantasy Game 5o7
Avengers - 26 The Fantasy Game 6o7
Avengers - 27 The Fantasy Game 7o7
Avengers - 28 From Venus w Love 1o6
Avengers - 29 From Venus w Love 2o6
Avengers - 30 From Venus w Love 3o6
Avengers - 31 From Venus w Love 4o6
Avengers - 32 From Venus w Love 5o6
Avengers - 33 From Venus w Love 6o6
Avengers - 34 The Joker 1o6
Avengers - 35 The Joker 2o6
Avengers - 36 The Joker 3o6
Avengers - 37 The Joker 4o6
Avengers - 38 The Joker 5o6
Avengers - 39 The Joker 6o6
Avengers - 40 Love All 1o6
Avengers - 41 Love All 2o6
Avengers - 42 Love All 3o6
Avengers - 43 Love All 4o6
Avengers - 44 Love All 5o6
Avengers - 45 Love All 6o6
Avengers - 46 The Morning After 1o6
Avengers - 47 The Morning After 2o6
Avengers - 48 The Morning After 3o6
Avengers - 49 The Morning After 4o6
Avengers - 50 The Morning After 5o6
Avengers - 51 The Morning After 6o6
Avengers - 52 Quick Quick Slow Death 1o6
Avengers - 53 Quick Quick Slow Death 2o6
Avengers - 54 Quick Quick Slow Death 3o6
Avengers - 55 Quick Quick Slow Death 4o6
Avengers - 56 Quick Quick Slow Death 5o6
Avengers - 57 Quick Quick Slow Death 6o6
Avengers - 58 Stop Me If You've Heard This 1 1o6
Avengers - 59 Stop Me If You've Heard This 1 2o6
Avengers - 60 Stop Me If You've Heard This 1 3o6
Avengers - 61 Stop Me If You've Heard This 1 4o6
Avengers - 62 Stop Me If You've Heard This 1 5o6
Avengers - 63 Stop Me If You've Heard This 1 6o6
Avengers - 64 Super Secret Cypher Snatch 1o6
Avengers - 65 Super Secret Cypher Snatch 2o6
Avengers - 66 Super Secret Cypher Snatch 3o6
Avengers - 67 Super Secret Cypher Snatch 4o6
Avengers - 68 Super Secret Cypher Snatch 5o6
Avengers - 69 Super Secret Cypher Snatch 6o6
Avengers - 70 Too Many Ole's 1o6
Avengers - 71 Too Many Ole's 2o6
Avengers - 72 Too Many Ole's 3o6
Avengers - 73 Too Many Ole's 4o6
Avengers - 74 Too Many Ole's 5o6
Avengers - 75 Too Many Ole's 6o6
Avengers - 76 Train of Events 1o6
Avengers - 77 Train of Events 2o6
Avengers - 78 Train of Events 3o6
Avengers - 79 Train of Events 4o6
Avengers - 80 Train of Events 5o6
Avengers - 81 Train of Events 6o6
Avengers - A Grave of Charge 1
Avengers - A Grave of Charge 2
Avengers - A Grave of Charge 3
Avengers - A Grave of Charge 4
Avengers - A Grave of Charge 5
Avengers - A Grave of Charge 6
Avengers - Escape In Time 2
Avengers - Escape In Time1
Avengers - Escape In Time3
Avengers - Not to Be Sneezed At 1o7
Avengers - Not to Be Sneezed At 2o7
Avengers - Not to Be Sneezed At 3o7
Avengers - Not to Be Sneezed At 4o7
Avengers - Not to Be Sneezed At 5o7
Avengers - Not to Be Sneezed At 6o7
Avengers - Not to Be Sneezed At 7o7
Avengers - Poor George 1o7
Avengers - Poor George 2o7
Avengers - Poor George 3o7
Avengers - Poor George 4o7
Avengers - Poor George 5o7
Avengers - Poor George 6o7
Avengers - Poor George 7o7
Avengers - Straight From The Shoulder 1o6
Avengers - Straight From The Shoulder 2o6
Avengers - Straight From The Shoulder 3o6
Avengers - Straight From The Shoulder 4o6
Avengers - Straight From The Shoulder 5o6
Avengers - Straight From The Shoulder 6o6


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