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 Avalon Hour

2 MP3 CDs - 58 episodes

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"Moody Brothers"
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Comedy and Variety Program (1938-1940)

Red Skelton"Why not always travel on with Avalon? Avalon Time is best known as Red Skelton's first regular comedy program. Sponsored by Avalon Cigarettes ("without question Avalon's are the cigarette to buy today), Avalon Time was primarily a western music program when Red first came on the scene. But oh boy did he change thing--a laugh a minute, the old boy.

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So get ready to bust a gut, and prepare yourself for the only man who thinks there are two sides to every question (his side and the wrong side), the only man in radio who has ears like steam shovels (they clean up all the dirt), the only man who gives pep talks to chickens on how to lay bigger and better eggs, the only man who thinks he can be a great swimming instructor because in vaudeville he played all the dives in Tanktown, that red-headed ragamuffin, Red Skelton!

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 30 recordings - total playtime 13 hours 47 minutes

Avalon Time 390107 01 First Broadcast
Avalon Time 390121 03 Dinner With Edna
Avalon Time 390218 07 Edna Stillwell Joins Cast
Avalon Time 390225 08 Talks About San Francisco
Avalon Time 390304 09 Horses And Racing
Avalon Time 390311 10 Income Tax Problems
Avalon Time 390318 11 Thousand Dollars
Avalon Time 390325 12 Marco Polo Skelton
Avalon Time 390401 13 April Fools Day
Avalon Time 390408 14 Skeltons Flea Circus
Avalon Time 390415 15 Skelton Discovers America
Avalon Time 390422 16 Robin Hood
Avalon Time 390429 17 Night Watchman In Bank
Avalon Time 390506 18 Napolean Bonapart Skelton
Avalon Time 390513 19 Purchase Of Manhattan
Avalon Time 390527 21 Ednas Birthday Party
Avalon Time 390603 22 East Coast Broadcast
Avalon Time 390610 23 Dinner At Restrauant
Avalon Time 390617 24 At University
Avalon Time 390624 25 Policemans Ball
Avalon Time 390701 26 To Vacation Or Not To Vacation
Avalon Time 390708 27 Forth Of July Picnic
Avalon Time 390722 29 Hotel
Avalon Time 390729 30 Dangerous Dan Mcgrew
Avalon Time 390805 31 Trip To Mount Baldy
Avalon Time 390812 32 Moody Brothers
Avalon Time 390819 33 At Movies
Avalon Time 390826 34 High School Dance Baby Sitting
Avalon Time 390902 35 Killer Hitchhikers
Avalon Time 390909 36 Nagging Wife

Volume 2: 28 recordings - total playtime 13 hours 47 minutes

Avalon Time 390916 37 Dinner With Edna
Avalon Time 390923 38 Asking For Raise
Avalon Time 390927 39 Meeting Inlaws
Avalon Time 391004 40 Young Couple On Pay Day
Avalon Time 391011 41 Richard B Gilbert
Avalon Time 391018 42 Expecting Father
Avalon Time 391025 43 New Publicity Agent
Avalon Time 391101 44 Lady Barber
Avalon Time 391108 45 Trouble With Landlady
Avalon Time 391206 49 Newlyweds On Their Honeymoon
Avalon Time 391213 50 Catering
Avalon Time 391220 51 Househusband
Avalon Time Boy Calls On Girl Fixing Dinner
Avalon Time Dog Catcher
Avalon Time Easter And Spring Cleaning
Avalon Time Fashion
Avalon Time Fathers Day And Hotels
Avalon Time Fights and Golf, The
Avalon Time Fun At Circus
Avalon Time Hallowen Party Lady Barber
Avalon Time Horse Races
Avalon Time Newleyweds And Relatives
Avalon Time Red Wants To Break Contract With Wr
Avalon Time Sailing And Ships
Avalon Time School For Bathtub Singers
Avalon Time Sleeping Sickness
Avalon Time Trouble With Landlady
Avalon Time Weather



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