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Edward Rennie : OTR in Iraq
Old Time Radio Memory:

I'm in Iraq , north of Baghdad, and there is no TV (satellite TV if you can find it) and only one US radio station (Armed Forces Radio) and that doesn't play any "easy listening" music" or anything to stimulate the mind. So it is great to be able to listen to "theatre of the mind" CD's while I am over here.

We had 3 soldiers killed last week at the PX when a rocket struck in the parking lot, so we are back to wearing helmet and body-armor whenever we go outdoors. It really does get hot here....+110 degrees during the day...and summer has just begun. The body armor really holds the heat in. Thank goodness we have air-conditioning to give us a break when we need it. I live in a trailer but we still have many of our troops in tents.

Here is a photo of me doing Civil Affairs work concerning damage our maneuver units did to some crops when they were on patrol.

There are only so many things to do when you are not working and Old Time Radio is a welcome diversion.

-Ed Rennie


See also: Jonathan Boswell


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